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Brain Training for Dogs Review 2022: Does It Work? Is it Worth the Money?

Adrienne faricelli dog training program - brain training for dogs review - is it worth your money is it a scam (1)
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    Finally, I found a fantastic dog training program for my beloved dog – Selma!

    Right after I brought Selma home (my belgian malinois), I was frustrated like hell.

    GOSH….!! What a frantic dog she was!

    Selma constantly barked unnecessarily and chewed up on my furniture.

    Freaked out with his grumpy attitude, I was having second thoughts about my adoption decision, but the doggie-love I have in my veins – didn’t let me give up.

    So, I made up my mind to go the extra mile and try my hands on the brain training for dogs by Adrienne Farricelli.

    And guess what? It worked wonders for my furry. The results were awe-inspiring.

    Therefore, I decided to plump Adrienne Faricelli’s program and give it a shout-out by writing a brain training for dogs review based on my personal experience.

    If you, too, are struggling with your dog’s behavioral problems and want a way out, believe me, there is.

    No matter how badass your dog is and how deep-rooted his bad habits are, Adrienne Farricelli’s dog training course can help.

    If that excites you, stick around because I will reveal every detail about brain training for dogs program.

    What is Brain Training for Dogs Training?

    brain-training-for-dogs-review (1) (1)

    Brain Training for dogs is a JACKPOT in the dog training world. It’s a mental engagement program that brings out the hidden intelligence of your dog. In simple words, it’s a one-stop solution to your dog’s all behavioral problems.

    How does training work?

    In my opinion, this dog brain training is more like plant grooming in gardening (as it’s my second most favorite thing besides petting Selma).

    The way a gardener trims off the deadheads and refines a plant, this brain training works the same.

    It removes the deadheads in your doggo’s brain. Slowly and gradually!

    And voila! Your once upon a hyper pet turns out to be the best companion ever.

    About the Author: Adrienne Faricelli’s Training Philosophy

    FAQ - Frequently asked questions (1)

    Adrienne Faricelli, the author of Brain Training for Dogs and a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer, has a pretty straightforward philosophy.

    She believes every dog – without any exception – has a hidden intelligence inside.

    All we need to do is make some effort (or maybe a little more..) to unleash the decent buddy inside them.

    She, with her 10-year dog training experience, formulated this easy-to-follow Brain Training program.

    The training modules and videos are loaded with interactive activities that assist you in precisely locate the stimulant behind your doggo’s ill behavior, and eliminate it.

    Moreover, she is a strong advocate of using MODERN techniques to bring out the best in your dog instead of taking over some outdated methods again and again.

    The science behind her training system is modernistic.

    She helps you correct your dog’s filthy habits based on the idea of ‘Neuroplasticity’ of human brains.

    The famous idea was researched and founded in Harvard and many leading universities.

    If we explain the theory of ‘Neuroplasticity’ in simple words, it means our brains are like soft plastic. Malleable and consistently evolving!

    Doggie brains are no different. We can also mold their little brains to whatever level of obedience we want.

    Brain training for dogs sample Videos

    How I came across this program?

    Brain Training for Dogs Review 2022: Does It Work? Is it Worth the Money? 1
    This is me and Selma, the terrible :)

    It was when I was totally baffled by Selma’s rude manners.

    But the good thing was I was NOT ready to back out.

    The only thing that was always on my mind was finding ways to stop Selma’s lousy behavior.

    I was stalking the internet like crazy and was asking fellow dog owners for help on different dog forums.

    One day, a dog enthusiast who previously had experienced the mood swings of his pet told me how irritated he was before taking the course.

    But now, he was enjoying a good relationship with his dog.

    He recommended Adrienne Faricelli’s brain training for dogs.

    Still, there was one thing I was confused about.

    With zero understanding of such online training programs, I scratched my head and wondered, will it work?

    To help myself get out of this hesitation, I conducted thorough research of this training program.

    It was a hectic task, but a cup of sweet-smelling coffee made it way easier.

    Go, grab the opportunity – this is what my inner voice said – when I read the multiple glowing reviews!

    I am a person who strongly believes in his guts.

    So, I signed up for the course at once, and the rest is nothing but a happy experience. 

    Who will be benefited from this dog training program?

    Adrienne faricelli dog training program - brain training for dogs review - is it worth your money is it a scam (1)

    In case you are a bit reluctant about taking the course (like I was), here I have enlisted some of the bad doggie problems (you might see in your pet) that brain training for dogs program can resolve.

    • Digging up the ground all the time
    • Excessive jumping
    • Aggressive behavior
    • Uncontrollable barking
    • Constant whining
    • Over excitement
    • Shows off bossy attitude
    • Chewing up your shoes or furniture
    • Adding up to your stress and frustration
    • Doesn’t listen and obey any of your commands
    • Want to potty train your dog
    • You need to train your new dog
    • You crave a healthy bond between you and your pup.
    • Your dog has some kind of anxiety

    If any of the situations mentioned above sound familiar to you and you feel stuck somewhere and unable to sort out the issue, then Brain Training for Dogs is for YOU.

    After all, giving Brain Training for Dogs a try is better than leaving him in some shelter house. Agree?

    Pros and cons of brain training for dogs

    Like any other training available for dogs, Adrienne Faricelli’s Brain Training for Dogs also comes up with some advantages and disadvantages.

    Below is a quick look at some pros and cons I noticed.

    Pros Brain Training For Dogs:

    Pros - pro - advantages (1)
    • The Brain Training for Dogs is an economical dog training program that doesn’t put a hole in your wallet.
    • This Training is a Force-Free Training
    • The member’s area of the training is easily accessible no matter what place you are located at.
    • The program modules progress with a ‘basic to advance’ model
    • Stimulates the intelligence of the dog and includes behavior and obedience training
    • It’s a one-time purchase that you can take benefit for a lifetime
    • After a lot of requests, Adrienne has now included a forum inside the member’s area.
    • If you see no difference in your dog’s behavior and are unhappy with the product, you are free to claim your refund within 60 days of purchasing the program
    • Adrienne is a professional dog trainer and has 10+ years of experience.

    Cons Brain Training For Dogs:

    Cons - contro - disadvantages (1)
    • Lots of reading!
    • E-book style program, it can be difficult for some users to interpret (but, now the program has been completely overhauled, and everything is well organized in a member’s area)
    • Lacks high-quality video content as most of the content is image and text-based
    • Bad sound quality.
    • Demands unwavering commitment and hefty time from the dog owner (dog training takes time!)

    Course Structure: What is inside this Training Course?

    brain-training-for-dogs-dashboard (1)

    This Training Course is NOT a traditional dominance training where dogs are forcefully trained and punished.

    Such types of training bring no positive transformation but cause your dog to:

    • Loose self-esteem
    • Lack of trust
    • Develops a laid back attitude towards learning

    Instead of penalization, the Brain Training for dogs focuses on Positive Reinforcement.

    The training course depends on the latest scientific research on dog behaviors and follows a force-free approach.

    Another unique trait that sets this training course apart is it engages the trainee dog at his mental level.

    The course is split into 7 modules.

    Going through one module to another is like you are educating your dog from his preschool level to graduation.

    What’s inside each module?

    Here’s a breakdown of each module to give you an idea of what you can expect from it.

    Module 1: Preschool

    Preschool level builds up the strong foundation of your dog. This level lets your dog uncover his brainpower and encourages him to convert his hidden intelligence to obedience.

    In the preschool module, as you are inculcating submissive behavior to your dog, you will learn:

    • How to ‘Target Train’ your dog to get his attention
    • The ‘Magic Little Way’ to make your dog look into your eyes
    • ‘Airplane Game’

    You can successfully hook your doggo’s attention towards you, and with ‘Target Train,’ you can ask your dog to open doors, ring bells, and turn off the lights.  

    Module 2: Elementary School

    When you are done with the fundamental training, you can now focus on coordinating your dog’s senses with the skills he has mastered in level 1.

    Here you’ll get:

    • Treasure Hunt Game
    • The Muffin Game
    • The Ball Pit Game

    All three games help you channelize your dog’s energy in a fun interactive way and kick the perpetrator of wrong behavior – boredom – out.

    Module 3: High School

    The third module concentrates on patience and impulse control with the following games.

    • Jazz up and settle down
    • Bottle game
    • Bobbing for treats

    In the first game, you learn how to tranquilize your dog when he gets over-excited.

    The bottle game involves a blend of mental stimulation and physical exercise.

    Moreover, in the third game, your doggo will get a reward for displaying better behavior. This will eliminate the water-fear as well. 

    Module 4: College

    In this module, your school dog has matured enough to step forward to his college training, and that is – developing motor skills.

    Here you get to know three more games:

    • The shell game
    • The open sesame game
    • The magic carpet game

    These games formulate your pet’s agility, patience and develop skills for controlled physical movements.

    Your dog will learn to stay indoors, even if you leave the door open.

    Module 5: University

    This is an advanced part of the training where you will enhance the level of your dog’s intelligence and patience.

    Furthermore, you’ll also teach your dog impulse control.

    Again, some fun games are waiting for you. Such as:

    • Hide and seek
    • Look at that
    • Hot and cold

    These games serve three different purposes. Like say, it will help to strengthen your bond, fight separation anxiety, minimize barking habits, and uplift the confidence of your pet.

    Module 6: Graduation

    The graduation module is a more progressed section of the training.

    It includes the leveled-up drills that increase your dog’s motor skills and elevate his intelligence.

    The intelligence booster drills are:

    • Advanced leg-weaving
    • The Serpentines and spirals game
    • The name recognition game

    By practicing the first exercise, your dog will become an adept leg-weaver and will stupefy your friends with his skill.

    The rest of the two are games, one for making him super obedient – someone who always follows your commands no matter what, and the other to supercharge his cognitive abilities.

    Module 7: Einstein

    By now, you must have unleashed the hidden intelligence in your dog. Don’t you think your dog needs a graduation title to appreciate his dazzling talent?

    But wait, there’s one more step to go.

    The last module is all about arousing the genius guy inside your doggie and transferring some pro skills to him. To help, there are three activities:

    • The tidy up game
    • The ring stackers game
    • Play the piano game

    With the first skill, your dog will get used to tidying up his play area once he finishes the play. On the other hand, the ring stacker game develops patience and skill – in one go!

    Playing the piano, however, is the most exciting and mind-blowing part.

    Your dog will play the piano on cue. Amazing, right?

    When you finish all the modules successfully, you can now call your pooch an “Einstein Canine.”


    Adrienne faricelli dog training program - brain training for dogs review - is it worth your money is it a scam (4)

    My experience with brain training for dogs

    Adrienne faricelli dog training program - brain training for dogs review - is it worth your money is it a scam (3)

    Okay, now let’s talk about my journey with this Brain Training for Dogs.

    It was nothing less than FUN!

    Selma – my dog under training – and I were spending quality time together. What about his behavioral improvement?

    As soon as we started with our training, I witnessed dramatic changes in Selma. He didn’t behave like street dogs anymore.

    No yapping, no mouthing – nothing!

    After finishing the first four modules, I was dumbfounded with no more visible changes.

    Then, I videotaped the session, and when I watched the recorded clips …BOOM… there was a remarkable difference.

    Next, let’s discuss what I liked and what I disliked!

    I loved the fact that the training is easy to follow and comes with a plethora of free stuff, that too at a reasonable price. On the other hand, something that has room for improvement is its deficiency of video content and the bad audio.

    Overall, I am happy with the course as it facilitated me with wonderful content for shaping my dog’s behavior.

    I never imagined getting so much value at an affordable price like $47.

    Do I Recommend This Course?

    Adrienne faricelli dog training program - brain training for dogs review - is it worth your money is it a scam

    I definitely recommend this course. By all means!

    Just the thought of getting an all-in-one expert package for only $47 makes me feel confident that The Brain Training Course can be a major hit for dog owners who can’t afford to have a personal dog trainer.

    It’s easy to follow, loaded with beneficial content, and has a force-free strategy. Plus, you get a community to discuss things with a lot of dog owners.

    Also, you can work on your dog from the convenience of your home. No hassle of enrolling with money-grubbing trainers!

    What else do you want in a dog’s brain training program?

    There’s one thing that I can add.

    Admittedly, skipping the module and rushing towards the next seems tempting. But hold on.

    You have to suppress your urge to jump onto the next module without completing the previous one.

    The program is designed by keeping doggies in mind, and skipping any module of the course will weaken your pet’s learning progress.

    Therefore the best strategy is, going with the flow of the program. 

    From where can you Buy Brain Training for Dogs?

    Brain Training For Dogs - Adrienne Farricelli's Online Dog Trainer (1) (1)

    Buying Brain Training for Dogs is a no-brainer!

    Simply click the button above, you will be redirected to the instructor’s website,  where you’ll come across a LOT of information about the course.

    The information is a bit lengthy, but it’s worth giving a read.


    Because it includes all the details you might want to know about the training program like who is the instructor, what is she presenting in her course, and what is she expecting back from you.

    Somewhere in the middle of the information page, you’ll see an INSTANT ACCESS button.

    Click the button, and it will take you to the payment page.

    See, that’s as easy as ABC.


    Brain Training for Dogs Review 2022: Does It Work? Is it Worth the Money? 2

    In the end, what I think is providing great mental enrichment and keeping dog brains thinking is a creative approach.

    It encourages dogs to become more docile and open to learning new skills – by default.

    It’s often seen in dogs with some kind of behavioral issues that have one thing in common, lack of mental stimulation!

    When dogs have very little to do, they’ll use their energies in some negative manner. If you understand dogs’ instinctual needs, then it becomes vital to provide them with creative ways to pent up their energies.

    With the distinct and gamified mechanism of this Brain Training Program, you are more likely to transform your bad boy into a good boy soon.

    Work hard with the training.

    Be patient, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy the healthiest, and the strongest relationship with your dog like no dog owner and his doggie ever had, for it’s a unique experience for each furry and his trainer.

    Happy Training!

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