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Is Blue Buffalo good for dogs & puppies? (review)

Is Blue buffalo safe for puppies - is blue buffalo good for dogs (1)
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    Blue Buffalo dog food has been a popular choice for many dog owners. 

    They offer a wide range of products, from wet foods to dry kibble that are made with high-quality ingredients and come in different formulas to suit the needs of every type of dog. 


    Is Blue Buffalo good for dogs? 

    Yes! Blue Buffalo is good for dogs and puppies. All natural ingredients provide added health benefits while promoting good dental hygiene and helping maintain healthy skin & coat condition — all without any artificial flavors or preservatives.

    Do you want to get more information on Blue Buffalo? 

    Keep reading.

    Introduction: is Blue Buffalo safe for dogs?

    Is Blue buffalo safe for puppies - is blue buffalo good for dogs

    Are you looking for the right chow for your new pet family member? 

    If yes, how could you ever learn which one is suitable for the wellbeing of your best friend out of the overwhelming range of dog foods? 

    There are so many different brands and types of dog food out there, it can be hard to know which one is best for your pup!

    Fortunately, in this article, I’m going to help you out to choose one of the best-fit food for your faithful canine friend.

    Like most dog lovers, you want to feed a natural and healthy diet to your fido that furnishes nutrition. Well, something like that exists, and hopefully, you can also go for Blue Buffalo as the right and safe choice for your pet. 

    So, it might come to your mind why I choose Blue Buffalo for a review? 

    Ok, let me tell you the reason behind it. 

    Before launching Blue Buffalo, several dog food companies with a reasonable market share were manufacturing dog foods using corn, meat by-products, and unhealthy food preservatives

    These unhealthy food preservatives and low-quality ingredients were causing several health issues in dogs like skin allergies and stomach problems. 

    Therefore, the Blue Buffalo family started looking for healthy and SAFE dog food without unhealthy preservatives and fillers. 

    So, dogs started thriving on balanced and healthy Blue Buffalo dog food specially made for ecstatic owners and happy pets.

    So, yes! Blue buffalo is safe for dogs.

    Now let’s look together at what are the key considerations you have to keep in mind before choosing any of the blue buffalo formulas.

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    Key considerations about Blue Buffalo dog food

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    A) The formula 

    Blue Buffalo dog food formula comes in various product lines specifically designed according to the dog breeds’ different life stages and sizes. 

    This thing reflects the keen interest of the Blue Buffalo family for your canine friends’ health and wellness. 

    Following is a list of factors based on which this dog food is formulated;

    1. Age of dogs

    Blue Buffalo dog food formula is available in a different form depending upon the various life stages;

    • Puppy
    • Adult
    • Senior

    2. Breed size

    Moreover, the company has also considered the different breed sizes while manufacturing dog food. So, options are available in the form of;

    • Toy breed
    • Small breed
    • Large breed

    B) Blue Buffalo product lines

    One of the fascinating things about Blue Buffalo dog food is that the company uses no preservatives, soy, corn, wheat, poultry by-products, and artificial flavors. 

    Therefore, it has become one of the most famous and healthy dog foods. 

    Moreover, Blue Buffalo dog food has various product lines, which I’m going to describe.

    1. Wilderness

    The salient features of this line include a meat-rich, high-protein, and grain-free dog food for all dogs of various sizes and ages. 

    The high-quality protein used in this product line mostly comes from duck, salmon, and chicken. 

    Likewise, the wilderness product line of Blue Buffalo is available in both dry and wet dog foods. Furthermore, there are options for dogs of various sizes and ages. 

    2. Life protection

    To emphasize the wellbeing and health of your dog, the life protection product line of Blue Buffalo uses a recipe that results from the combination of meat with brown rice. Moreover, they include special ingredients for a stronger immune system, muscle development, and healthy teeth. 

    Likewise, you can buy this product line either in dry or wet form based on your dog’s desire. Similarly, it is also available for different life stages of dogs for convenience. However, keep in mind that this line is not grain-free.

    3. Freedom

    The freedom product line from Blue Buffalo includes dog food recipes free of grains which reflects its popularity. Moreover, you have a choice in the form of wet and dry Blue Buffalo dog food. 

    However, dry options are suitable for all sizes of dogs whereas the wet version is only beneficial for smaller dogs and toy breeds.

    In addition, the freedom line in the wet version is also evident to include turkey as well.

    4. Basics

    One of the basic features of this Blue Buffalo dog food line is that it is suitable for dogs with food sensitivities and allergies. Therefore, it contains basic ingredients recipes based on proteins and potatoes. 

    The most famous protein sources include salmon, lamb, duck, and turkey.

    However, this Blue Buffalo formula doesn’t include chicken due to its insensitivity in some dogs. Furthermore, dogs’ basic formula is not evident to contain other common allergens like dairy, beef, and eggs.

    5. True solution

    This line from Blue Buffalo is an extraordinary feeding option for your dog suffering from common health issues and ailments. Mostly, this formula comes in limited options that are specifically for your adult and senior canine best friends. However, it is available in both wet and dry forms.

    Moreover, other salient features of the True solution formula for dogs are focused on mobility, skincare, digestive care, and weight loss.

    C) Blue Buffalo food package sizes

    Undoubtedly, the amount of dog food is essential to consider before buying any dog food. 

    Concerning dry dog food, these dry dog foods will charge you less if you buy the most oversized food bag for your fido. 

    However, if you shift your dog to Blue Buffalo dog food, it would be good to buy a small package first.

    1. Dry Blue Buffalo dog food

    Dry dog food from Blue Buffalo is available in different sizes. These bag sizes directly relate to the line of Blue Buffalo dog food formula. 

    These food bags are of;

    • Small size = Around 5 pounds 
    • Medium size = Between 10 to 15 pounds
    • Large size = Between 20 to 30 pounds

    2. Wet Blue Buffalo dog food

    Wet dog foods are available in cans with minimum size options. Usually, there is an option for a single-serve in wet Blue Buffalo dog food. 

    Moreover, the shelf life of unopened Blue Buffalo canned food is exceptionally long so that you can buy it in bulk.

    • Canned dog food  = 12.5 ounce

    So, you have different size options in both dry and wet Blue Buffalo dog food, which is another bright side of this brand.

    3. Blue Buffalo treats for dogs

    The super dog food brand in Blue Buffalo also provides treats of different flavors for your fido. 

    You can select one or more according to the likeliness of your best friend. 

    The different flavors include; 

    • Banana
    • Apple
    • Pumpkin
    • Bacon

    Moreover, another positive aspect is that these treats are available in different consistencies ranging from crunchy to chewy to soft. 

    Therefore, these treats are best suitable for dogs of varying nature.

    In addition, you have to wisely select the size of treats for your dog as the larger treats may trouble toy breeds. However, these treats are not alternatives to wet or dry dog food recipes.

    Salient features of Blue Buffalo’s formulas & product lines

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    If you are still worried if the Blue Buffalo food formula is good for dogs or not, here I’ll show you why dog lovers consider it worthy for their best friends.

    Blue Buffalo formulas for puppies

    1. The Wilderness formula for puppies

    The Wilderness product line is gaining popularity daily due to its beneficial effects on puppies since its launch. This product from Blue Buffalo is rich in protein and free of grains. 


    Moreover, the wilderness dog food formula is the best solution for dog owners who want to feed their dogs like omnivores. The major reason behind its popularity is the inclusion of natural ingredients.    

    These ingredients are;

    • Carrots
    • Fish oil
    • Bison
    • Chicken
    • Sweet potatoes

    In addition, the wilderness puppy formula also fulfills all the recommendations of AAFCO for healthy puppy growth. Therefore, it contains highly digestible proteins, DHA, and the right mixture of minerals.

    Health advantages
    1. Healthy skin and coat: fatty acids like Omega 3 and 6 help improve coat and skin health and texture.
    2. Enhanced immunity: several antioxidants in this formula are responsible for boosting immunity.
    3. Strong muscles: high-quality proteins present in this formula aid in building the strong muscles of your growing puppy.
    4. Brain and retinal health: DHA plays a crucial role in healthy brain development and retinal health. 
    5. Healthy joints: an appropriate minerals and vitamins blend is responsible for imparting healthy joints and bones.
    Guaranteed Analysis
    • Crude fat — 16%
    • Crude proteins — 36%
    • Fiber — 5%
    • Moisture level — 10%
    • Phosphorus — 0.9%
    • Calcium — 1.2%
    • Choline — 2750 mg per kg
    • DHA — 0.15%
    • ARA — 0.05% 
    • Omega 3 FA — 0.90%
    • Omega 6 FA — 3% 
    • Caloric content: 3,599 kcal/kg, 409 kcal/cup

    Please click here to get the latest price updates.

    2. Life protection formula for puppies

    This recipe from Blue Buffalo is specifically focused on ensuring the essential nutrients present in fruits and vegetables. This product will help your puppy to maintain strong immunity.


    Blue Buffalo is famous for the usage of meat as a first ingredient along with other high-quality proteins. Life protection also contains ingredients that come from natural sources.

    Some important ingredients are;

    • Chicken
    • Garden veggies
    • Fruits
    • Whole grains
    • Brown rice

    Moreover, it contains a sophisticated blend of vitamins and minerals that help support your dog’s joints and bones. Most pet parents reported a healthy coat and skin with a healthy weight gain of their puppies after feeding them life protection formula.

    Health advantages
    1. Immunity booster: this formula is specifically designed to provide young puppies enough immunity for the first year of their lives.
    2. Healthy brain: fatty acids like ARA and DHA play their role in better developing your puppy’s brain.
    3. Teeth health: the presence of essential minerals that are responsible for healthy teeth imparts an extraordinary property to this recipe.

    In addition, this line also contains LifeSource bits in its recipe that are an antioxidant mixture. These antioxidants help to avoid various health problems in your furry ball. 

    Guaranteed Analysis
    • Crude fat — 15%
    • Crude proteins — 26%
    • Fiber — 5%
    • Moisture level — 10%
    • Phosphorus — 0.9%
    • Calcium — 1.2%
    • Choline — 2750 mg per kg
    • DHA — 0.1%
    • ARA — 0.04% 
    • Omega 3 FA — 0.75%
    • Omega 6 FA — 2.5% 
    • Caloric content: 3,627 kcal/kg; 378 kcal/cup

    Please click here to get the latest price updates.

    3. Basics formula for puppies

    This basics recipe for puppies from Blue Buffalo is made explicitly for dogs having sensitive stomachs. Moreover, it contains limited ingredients that your puppy can easily digest without any filler.


    In the recipe of basics formula for puppies, they use turkey as a significant protein source and potatoes – a carbohydrate source. Moreover, it does not contain allergy-causing ingredients like eggs, corn, and wheat.

    Some major ingredients are;

    • Turkey
    • Potatoes
    • Peas
    • Pumpkin

    Another essential feature of this recipe is that it contains gut-friendly probiotics that help regulate your puppy’s digestion. Moreover, LifeSource bits, as an antioxidant-rich source, come up with a healthy immune system to combat various early-life infections.

    Health advantages
    1. Smooth digestion: the presence of dog stomach-friendly proteins along with probiotics help to promote easy digestion.
    2. Solution for sensitive stomachs: this formula is best for dogs allergic to common dog food ingredients like wheat, chicken, and corn.
    3. Coat health: the presence of essential fatty acids in this formula is necessary for a healthy coat of your furry friend.
    4. Immune supporter: the correct proportion of certain minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants makes this product ideal for stronger immunity.
    Guaranteed Analysis
    • Crude fat — 15%
    • Crude proteins — 26%
    • Fiber — 5%
    • Moisture level — 10%
    • Phosphorus — 0.9%
    • Calcium — 1.2%
    • Vitamin E — 300 IU per kg
    • Choline — 2750 mg per kg
    • DHA — 0.15%
    • ARA — 0.03% 
    • Omega 3 FA — 1%
    • Omega 6 FA — 2.5%

    Please click here to get the latest price updates.

    4. Freedom formula for puppies

    You will be happy to know that there is a food recipe available for your puppy; free of grains, especially those containing gluten. As a pet parent, you might know about the harmful effects of grains on your puppy.

    Moreover, gluten content in foods of particular dogs may impose bowel irritation. These dogs have stomachs that are gluten sensitive. Therefore, there are chances of diarrhea, upset stomach, and vomiting.


    Freedom recipe from Blue Buffalo is specifically made from natural ingredients to ensure essential minerals and vitamins. Moreover, this line contains chicken as a first ingredient.

    Other ingredients are; 

    • Chicken
    • Turkey
    • Fruits 
    • Vegetables

    Like other blur buffalo’s product lines, this recipe is free of any filler and unhealthy preservatives. Moreover, the correct proportion of vitamins and antioxidants provides your fido an optimum oxidative balance.

    Health advantages
    1. Activeness: this product is suitable to make your puppy active and energetic to enjoy a good lifestyle.
    2. Eye health: the presence of essential fatty acids like DHA and ARA help to promote the eye health of your pup, thus good vision.
    3. Dental health: freedom recipe for pups ensures all the minerals and vitamins directly involved in dental health. 
    4. Shiny coat: like other Blue Buffalo lines, freedom products also assist in the shiny hair coat of your dog.
    Guaranteed analysis
    • Crude fat — 16%
    • Crude proteins — 27%
    • Fiber — 5%
    • Moisture level — 10%
    • Phosphorus — 0.9%
    • Calcium — 1.2%
    • Choline — 2750 mg per kg
    • DHA — 0.15%
    • ARA — 0.04% 
    • Omega 3 FA — 1%
    • Omega 6 FA — 2.5% 

    Please click here to get the latest price updates.

    Alternatives to Blue Buffalo: Human grade pet food brands

    How to cook Homemade Dog Food for Small Dogs 2

    No doubt, dog food like Blue Buffalo is one of the best choice for your furry fellow when it comes to commercial food. 

    However, if you want to feed your best friend a human-grade diet that ensures optimum health, you can go for certain other dog food brands. 

    Moreover, these brands are also getting popularity among dog lovers due to their bright results.

    In addition, sometimes you want to feed your puppy a natural diet, but you don’t have enough time to prepare it at home. 

    Likewise, there is a possibility that you are not able to go to pet stores to purchase food for your doggo. 

    To overcome all these troubles, you can visit these sites. 

    1. Ollie dog food
    2. Pet plate
    3. Raise right pet 
    Human-Grade Food Supplying Platform
    My Ollie - Freshly Cooked Dog Food Supplies At Your Doorstep

    Ollie is a dedicated food supplying platform where dog food is prepared with premium quality ingredients in human-grade kitchens. They deliver precisely portioned and naturally driven food to your home, such as protein, minerals, and vitamin-packed beef; chicken; lamb; turkey, etc.

    In addition, they feature many recipes suggested by nutritionists, including hormone-free meat, and healthy meals without any by-products or funky fillers. 

    • No excipients or fillers are used in the formation of pet food.
    • Customized meal plan for your dog after undergoing a short quiz.
    • Deliver fresh food in small portions.
    • Change your plan or cancel your subscription at any time.
    • The meal comes with a feeding guide and free tools such as feeding scoops, and little containers.
    • Only once a week shipping.
    What Do We Think: ​​It’s an excellent option for those who place high value on their dog’s diet plan or for dogs struggling with a certain medical condition and requiring a specific nutrition plan.
    Discover Ollie's Delicious Recipes Our Review
    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


    FAQ - What Breed is My Dog How to Identify ANY Dog Breed - Is my dog a pure breed (4)

    How do I discover if my dog is sensitive to some ingredients?

    Specific symptoms will help you out to know either your dog is allergic or not. These include excessive shedding, itching, licking, and scratching are some indications along with diarrhea and vomiting. You can observe these symptoms after a few days of shifting. Always consult your vet before changing your dog’s food formula.

    How long can my dog food last?

    As far as wet dog foods are concerned, they, once opened, can last for only a few days. Therefore, make sure its proper sealing and storage at cold places after opening. Some brands also offer wet dog foods in the form of a single-serve. 

    You can store dry dog foods for months by making sure they are stored in a dry and cool environment.

    How much dog food should I offer to my dog?

    The best answer to this question is best given by your veterinarian. The quantity of food depends upon the sex, breed, age, and state of your dog. Moreover, some dogs are obese and need to lose weight; thus, you should feed them accordingly.


    This article described how Blue Buffalo might be the best choice for your best friend. 

    Then, I explained by giving examples of how different product lines are available with additional health benefits and guaranteed analysis. 

    So, is blue buffalo good for dogs?

    Yes! Absolutely.

    Be sure to always consult your local veterinarian before making any dietary changes or adding a new ingredient to your dog’s diet.

    That being said, there is nothing left but to thank you for your attention up to this point.

    I hope I have been helpful, and I wish you many moments of joy and satisfaction in the company of your beloved dog.

    Of course, if you have any questions or concerns along the way don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Until next time!

    Good luck!

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