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You Consider Your Dog To Be Your Best Friend?

You Are Passionate About Making Your Pet’s Life Extraordinary?

Here You Will Find All The Informations Needed To Make That A Reality!

Hi, I'm Samayo, and I’m a Professional dog lover. 

I created this blog to connect with other dog lovers and to provide you the best tips, tricks, and resources for living the most peaceful life with your well behaved 4-legged friends.

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Housam Ayouni Samayo "

I am a very positive person; I speak several languages,
love writing, traveling, seeking new adventures and
Sharing moments of my life journey through photography.

I have been studying and working with dogs for over three years; I enjoy Immensely helping dog owners finding peace
and balance in their lives by sharing dog training techniques and tips that work.

Needless to say, I’m passionate about dogs and absolutely love what I do.



I am a Border collie Blue merle, I love FootballSkateboarding, and Cuddling, posing in front of a camera, and my favorite hobby is transporting leaflets in my mouth since 19 Juli 2016.

They call me, “Il Cucciolone.”

belgian shepherd malinois



I am a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, famous because a poodle dog cut off my ear. 

I’m HyperactiveTalkative, and my passion? Eating! My hobby? Destroying everything since 26 September 2018. They call me “La Terrible.”

My  Mission & Goal


I want to make the world a better place for dogs by educating people on how to care for dogs, How to be their best friends, and

how to feed them healthy homemade food.


Boost Your Knowledge

‟ Knowledge is power. Power to do better.

the possession of knowledge is always a good thing.

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