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Let’s Make the World a Better Place for Dogs!

Want actionable dog-parenting tips for your dog? You are at the right place! Thecollienois is your go-to place for tips related to dog adoption, dog care, dog nutrition and dog training.

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How The Collienois Helps You

Most dog-owners, when they look for tips and advice for a successful pup-parenting, feel strayed.

So many sites and so much information…

But they can’t find all the specific knowledge related to their breed. A big upset!

This is EXACTLY what I faced in my perplexed dog parenting period.

Luckily, the unavailability of correct guidance sparked my curiosity and pushed me to study dogs deeply.

So, I came up with the idea of spreading my word around the world through Thecollienois.com – your one-step resource for dog-parenting!

This blog is where I show you hundreds of breed guides – exclusively about Border Collies and Belgian Malinois, product reviews and comparisons, tips for beginners, training strategies, and helpful advice you need for raising your pups.

No tricky and dubious stuff. Just straightforward and actionable tips that work.

Oh, while you are here, make sure you read the below guides and get the know-how to the value I can provide you within your dog-parenting journey.

Housam Ayouni

I am the author and creator of Thecollienois.com – I am Italian – and a happy father of two gorgeous dogs!

After struggling while bringing up my two pups when I couldn’t find any trustworthy resource online, I felt a dire need to create one.

I studied A LOT about dogs, and now I enjoy sharing my knowledge, dog training techniques, and tips that work.

As I am passionate about dogs and love writing, Thecollienois.com becomes my happy place to hang out.

On Thecollienois, I translate my mission of helping canine parents into positive actions.

When I am not writing, I entertain myself with traveling, exploring different adventures and cultures with the several languages I speak, and sharing my journey with photography.

“Needless to say, I’m really passionate about dogs and absolutely love what I do.”

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History of The Collienois

Buddy & Selma the collienois

When I started Thecollienois.com in 2018, I had no idea how incredible a resource it would be for dog owners . Newbies and Seasoned alike!

But what’s the REAL inspiration behind thecollinois.com?

I have a good experience to share. ☺

The love of dogs sprouted in my heart back in my teenage years. When a two-month-old puppy crept into my apartment – from God knows where.

It touched my heart with its cuteness.

The first night, I gave him a towel to sleep in as I didn’t know what else I could use for this purpose.

And guess what..?

He destroyed the towel with his sharp teeth.

After that… began the real destruction!

He’d nibble on everything he would find – electric wires, bills, magazines, and whatnot.

That time I knew nothing about feeding him or handling him.

But I was happy and enjoying his company.

He stayed with me for two months. That was a super happy time for me. Indeed!

One day, when I accidentally left the main door open, he managed to get out and NEVER came back. ☹

I was saddened. After all, he was the cutest trouble I ever had.

But life goes on…

After some time I got busy with life, but his memories were still ALWAYS with me.

The doggie love sparked once again when I saw Buddy.

It was love at first sight (He still is a professional heart stealer). I instantly decided to adopt him.

Again, the problem was, I lacked the required knowledge. Heck!!!

The results? My doggie was often sick, and I struggled to manage my time.

Soon, the high vet bills wracked my nerves.

So, instead of making a retreat, I decided to be a responsible dog person and ended up studying dog behaviors and dog problems with my head and heart.

When I adopted Selma in 2018, I was a more mature and experienced dog father and had lesser problems raising her.

That happy dog life was the time when I felt the need to create a one-stop online resource and my place to document the life journey of my fur babies. Buddy, a 4-year male Border Collie, and Selma, a 2.5 year Belgian Malinois female

Then, I came up with Thecollienois.com.

The name of my site – Thecollienois.com – is also inspired by their unique breeds.

Isn’t that crazy, how a little trouble (my very first puppy) became a starting path to bringing two other doggies home and eventually led me to blog about them?

That really is.

But I find so much joy and peace in sharing my insights, happy tales, and sad ones with others.

Today, when Thecollienois.com completes its three-year journey, I feel so proud and humbled, at the same time, for helping many canine parents across the globe.

Since 2018 the mission of TheCollienois has been to help YOU with your dog-related issues and live a calmer life with your fur-besties.

Selma - the collienois.com

About Selma

​I am a Belgian Shepherd Malinois Lady,
I’m Hyperactive & Talkative. My Passion? Eating ! My hobby?
Destroying everything since 26 September 2018.

They call me “La Terribile.”

Buddy - The Collienois

About Buddy

I am a Blue Merle Border collie,
I love Football, Skateboarding, Cuddling and posing in front of a camera. I steal professionally Hearts since 19 Juli 2016.

They call me “Il Cucciolone.”

What The Collienois Is All About…

The Collienois is for you if you have ever wondered:

  1. How can I create a joyful environment for me and my fur-friend?”
  2. Where can I find breed-specific information for my dog?
  3. How can I provide the best nutritional value to my dog?
  4. How do I train my dog?
  5. How can I tackle my dog’s bad behavior?
  6. What dog gear is the most favorable for my dog?
  7. How do I groom my dog?
  8. How do I manage to parent a dog as a beginner?”

No doubt, dog-parenting has many joys, but all the happiness comes with great anxieties. Things can turn freaking crazy when you lack guidance and support.

  • I believe dog parenting has to be pure bliss than a struggle.
  • I want to share my knowledge that I gained throughout my experience.
  • You need authoritative and trustworthy dog-care information. I am here to help.
  • I believe you and your dog can share the best bond, even if you are a first-timer. All you need is patience and a bit of help.
  • My passion for dogs and ambition to help dog owners made me start this blog. Here I help enthusiastic dog parents – like YOU find peace and balance in their lives.

You want to be the most responsible dog parent. But you feel overwhelmed with the scattered information on the internet – That’s where I can make your life easier with everything available in one place!

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - What Breed is My Dog How to Identify ANY Dog Breed - Is my dog a pure breed (4)

Do you have questions? Here are the answers you might have been looking for.

No!!! I am not a professional trainer but a passionate dog father of two amazing dogs. I read about dogs immensely. That extensive dog study made dog training a fun and rewarding experience for me. I share my happy journey that might help many dog owners all around.

No, I am Italian and sorry if you come across some writing errors. I try my best to convey my message with ZERO errors.

However, if you find any, pardon me and feel free to let me know. I will be more than happier to correct.

No, I am not a veterinarian neither I appreciate making any diagnosis or starting any treatment plan without veterinarian consultation.

Information you read or see on Thecollienois.com is for information purpose only and is by no means a substitute for medical advice.

Thecollinois.com generates revenue by participating in several affiliate programs. When you buy through these affiliate links, your purchase earns us a small commission.

With that revenue, we keep our mission of helping out the dog parents worldwide with trustworthy tips going.

But the revenue we generate comes to us at no additional cost to you.

The dog products, training resources, or tools I recommend on Thecollienois.com are based on my personal experience or intense research.

I NEVER put your dog’s wellbeing at risk by proposing unsafe products.

Disclaimer! The information shared on the website is not a substitute for veterinary care.

Thecollienois.com is a general dog blog where I talk about dog lifestyle, dog grooming, dog nutrition, dog care, dog health, and dog products I love (and trust). I try to educate the dog owners and help them find the good in their everyday dog lives.

The advice you get on Thecollienois.com is not coming from any rookie but from a responsible dog dad, nurturing his two healthy and happy kiddos for over three years.

I immensely love dogs. And having two wonderful dogs at my side gives me the motivation to expand my knowledge about dogs, dog training,  their psychology, and dog health.

And where could I spread my vast knowledge – that very thought urged me to blog about dogs.

Since then, it has become my passion and an amazing venture where I share my stories in the form of blog posts and dog photography.

My goal with Thecollienois.com is to share with YOU all that I have learnt with my personal experience. My focus is to educate other dog owners on topics they’d like me to guide them and are passionate about.

By sharing my stories, I aim to connect with many dog parents – like YOU – that go through the same things that I face in my day-to-day life with dogs.

Suppose your dog suffers from nutritional deficiencies, and you think how in the world am I going to tackle this problem? And just then, you read a story and get to know how I managed my dog’s nutritional issues with a BARF diet.

As you read the problematic symptoms, you feel:

Oh my God!!! This is what happened to my dog as well.”

That feeling of being under the same sky connects us – as a dog owner and as a human being!

There are many. You’ll get to know:

  • What to feed them?
  • Should they sleep with you?
  • How long can you leave them alone?
  • How to housetrain them?
  • Grooming tips
  • Dog Nutrition/ Favorable dog foods/ treats/ products
  • How to train a dog
  • Puppy training
  • Dog sports
  • Handling bad behaviors/ ticks/ fleas/ allergies

And the list goes on…

In short: You’ll get help making the decisions that are in the best interests of your dog.

I am NOT an expert with 40 years of experience, but the advice I give is not coming from someone who lacks knowledge about the thing he’s talking about. I study dogs exhaustively. Churn out the finest possible information and share nothing but what I learned after my personal experiences.

Thecollienois.com is a general dog blog where I cover the broader topics – the topics every dog owner will find beneficial.

Yes, I tend to write more in-depth blog posts about the two breeds I own, Border Collie and Belgian Malinois.

But I will not leave owners of other dog-breeds behind. Never!

So, rest assured, together we’ll make this world a better place for EVERY dog that exists on the planet.

Want me to write on a specific topic that I haven’t covered yet? Leave me a comment, and I’ll come up with valuable information ASAP.

Value The Collienois Can Provide You

On Thecollienois.com my ambition is to provide you with the best possible value so that you can make the most out of it.

The biggest mistake many dog owners make is they don’t treat dogs like dogs – and this is where I come into the picture.

Dogs are the best human companions and a part of our families. For sure!


Their physical, mental, and living needs differ from our human family members.

I’ll help you from the moment you decide to bring a fluffy home to the challenges you can face at every life stage.

Here you’ll learn:

  1. How to do proper dog research?
  2. Does your dog fit into your lifestyle, and time constraints?
  3. How to nurture a happy and healthy dog?
  4. Everything you’d like to know about dog diet, stimulation, socializing, consistency, and patience.
  5. How to exercise your dog regularly?
  6. How to treat your dog at home?
  7. When to seek professional help?

Other than that…

There is another side of dog ownership, not every dog owner knows about.

That is: Some struggles and issues arise because of dog owners not because of dogs.

In case you have a lovely dog still all is not well, then maybe you are the problem.

But only a few get it.

One of my goals is to create awareness about being a responsible dog owner.

If that ever happens to you, don’t freak out, and renouncing dog ownership is not the solution. You can always reach out to me.

I’ll share with you the tips on how to establish yourselves as a great dog leader.