Kong dog bed review: are kong beds REALLY indestructible?

Kong Dog Bed Review: are Kong beds really as good as the chew-proof toys made by the same company? Read our detailed kong beds review to make a wise purchase.
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Dog parents often ask me to review products related to routine dog care, and I must say I enjoy trying tons of different items (my dogs as well!) before suggesting the best one to my fellows. 

Here I am going to unveil all secrets behind mixed reviews of dog owners who have purchased Kong dog beds for their dogs.

kong dog bed reviews - kong beds are really indestructible - chew resistant kong beds (2)

You must understand you cannot stop dogs from chewing on bedding or furniture, but you can offer them alternatives like chew toys or chew-proof dog beds like Kong dog bed – this is what the manufacturer claims. 

Is Kong dog bed really as good as the chew-proof toys made by the same company?

Forget reviews and ratings – I bought one myself and made my dogs use it so that I would be able to put forth an honest opinion of Kong chew-resistant dog bed

To my surprise, I got an unexpected performance from this buy. So I decided to pen down my personal experience with the Kong dog bed.

Read below in detail about Kong “indestructible” beds and their replacements to select a bed that would suit your dog’s needs, and teeth :)

Kong Dog Bed: Preview

4 Signs You Need a Chew-Proof Dog Bed

kong dog bed review - Indestructible Dog Beds The 7 Best Chew-Proof Dog Beds - Resistant beds for dogs (2)

Chewing comes naturally to a dog, and it’s a habit you cannot completely curb down.

Come on! You have subscribed for it when you decided to adopt a canine. 

Some dogs chew off stuff out of anxiety, stress, or pain, while others do it just because they want to. 

As a dog parent, you may find it difficult to understand why your dog is prone to chewing; however, here are some obvious signs that it is time for you to invest in a good quality indestructible chew-proof dog bed

#1 Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety

If you have to stay out for a long time due to work or whatever reason, and you leave your dog alone at home, you are causing separation anxiety in him. 

Dogs suffer from strongly felt emotions. When they are unable to see their owners for a long time, they assume something bad has happened to the master, and you two would not meet again.

Sweet, right? 

But this thought provokes uncontrollable separation anxiety in them, and they express it through chewing their belongings. 

If you have noticed chewing behavior more when you are not around, you need to replace your presence with an indestructible chew-resistant dog bed for better emotional regulation of your fur baby. 

#2 Your Dog Hates Boredom

You may have a very active dog, have a shorter attention span, and require various indoor activities before passing out on the couch. 

If you cannot give your dog an ample amount of distractions and mental stimulation, he may chew on his beddings or toys. 

#3 Your Furniture Is Damaged

The dog bed is not the only thing at risk, and your furniture also has signs of damage? Invest in a good dog bed without further a duo. 

Dogs chew on furniture and stuff around them out of pain, hunger, aggression, or stress. You might be able to save your precious furniture by providing them their own chew-proof bedding. 

#4 You Have to Invest in a Dog Bed Thrice a Year 

You are buying dog beds round the year, but your dog tears it off within months.

It’s a clear indication you are making a wrong purchase. 

Chew-proof dog beds exist, and they work at least seventy times, if not a hundred, in keeping your dog’s chewing habit at bay. 

What Is The Kong Dog Bed? 

Indestructible Dog Beds The 7 Best Chew-Proof Dog Beds -  kong dog bed review

Kong dog bed is an indestructible chew-resistant dog bed that created hype amongst dog owners due to its good price and promising claims when it first landed in the market. The Kong company makes gold-standard chew-proof toys which increased the customer’s trust in their name, however if Kong beds surpassed the quality claims or not. You are about to find out. 

Different Models of Kong Dog Bed

The manufacturers introduced two different models. Let us discuss the product specifications, pros, and cons of each in detail. 

#1 Kong Plush Lounger Dog Bed 

Kong plush lounger is a large red-colored floor bed made up of heavy-duty polyester and plush fabric. This dog bed is ideal for large breeds; however, you can use them for average or even small-sized dogs to offer more space and comfort to your dog. 

  1. The fabric is durable and ultra-tough to provide resistance against the chewing behavior of your dog
  2. Well suited for medium to large size dogs
  3. Material is comfortable enough to provide a good slumber to your dog
  4. Bolstered side walls are attached for extra support
  5. Color is bold and bright  
  1. Bedding is not mercury or lead-free
  2. Off white resting area might get stained quickly and requires repeated washing 
  3. Material is chew-resistant but not chew-proof

#2 KONG Chew Resistant Heavy Duty Pillow Dog Bed Grey

This is another chew-resistant pillow bed model by Kong. It comes in a red/grey color and suits best to large-sized dogs. This is best for dogs who have orthopedic complaints or stiff joints and they cannot jump up over elevated beds. 

  1. The cover is removable and can be washed in a machine to maintain cleanliness
  2. Fabric is chew-resistant and durable, twice as strong as the previous model 
  3. Beige color is also available for pastel fans
  4. Material is soft and offers comfortable sleep 
  5. Side handles are attached for easy mobility
  1. Bolstered sides are not available, so it is not fit for small dogs
  2. Fabric is chew-resistant but not chew-proof
  3. Has mixed reviews

Are Kong Dog Beds Really Indestructible?

kong dog bed reviews - kong beds are really indestructible - chew resistant kong beds (1)

No, the kong dog bed isn’t indestructible. Overall, the Kong beds have an average performance, and it cannot be termed as a one-time purchase for dog owners who have dogs with extreme chewing behavior. However, It is an affordable and reliable option for dog parents whose fur babies are occasional chewers.

Complaint #1: Chew-Resistant Fabric Is Not as Good as Advertised

After analysing lots of different reviews online, I found that many dog owners claim that the real fabric of the product is different from what the company advertises in terms of quality and durability. 

As a buyer, you need to understand the difference between chew-resistant and chew-proof before expecting results from any product.

Chew-resistant means the fabric can resist chewing; however, it will succumb to the pressure in case of excessive chewing. 

They claim to be chew-resistant, which means they can only survive a “few” attacks before your dog tears the fabric down completely. 

Complaint #2: Bed Only Has One Size

For owners with medium or small dogs, a Kong dog bed does not cater to their requirements. It is a large bed, acquiring much space in an area; therefore might not suit those who have apartments or confined spaces for dogs. 

What to Look for in an Indestructible Dog Bed

kong beds reviews - Different Indestructible and Chew Proof Fabrics

#1 Fabric

Look for beds that offer chew-proof fabric instead of chew-resistant fabric. Chew-proof fabric can take plenty of strikes. Occasional chewers would be unable to tear off a chew-proof fabric, whereas aggressive chewers will also require great pouncing against them. 

#2 Size

You may purchase a large bed when you have a small dog, thinking it might offer more room to your fur baby, but that’s not true. Dogs are highly sensitive beings and like customized things. 

A large bed would not give a homely feeling to a small dog; therefore, to make your dog comfortable and warm, always buy a bed of his size. 

#3 Material 

Look for lead and mercury-free material, as your dog might choke on them. Dogs tend to ingest the material while chewing on their bedding, so you need to be extra cautious. 

Mercury or lead will set in your dog’s intestine and can cause serious illnesses.  

#4 Hygiene 

Whichever dog bed you choose to buy, always look for machine washable covers. Dogs often defecate or drop the food on their beds; thus, it would be hard for you to clean the bed every time it gets a stain manually. 

3 Kong Dog Bed Alternatives 

#1 Kuranda Elevated Dog Bed

Crafted on a strong aluminum frame, this dog bed supports dogs with up to 250lbs weight. The elevated design spreads the dog’s weight evenly on the bed without taking a toll on joints, so it is safe from an orthopedic perspective.  


  1. Bite/chew-proof material
  2. Washable and easy to clean option. Wiping out with a wet cloth is enough for most days. 
  3. Heavy-duty dog bed comes with one-year warranty

#2 K9 Ballistics Elevated Dog Bed

This one is a personal favorite. It is an elevated dog bed that claims to fight against all aggressive dog habits such as chewing, biting, digging, and nesting. The aluminum frame and rip-stop ballistic fabric are highly indestructible and durable. 


  1. 120 days chew proof warranty. The company will cater for any damage caused to the bed by your dog within 120 days of purchase
  2. Suitable for even persistent chewers and aggressive dogs
  3. Has the best reviews in the market. Most dog owners claim this bed to be a one-time purchase.  
  4. It’s an eco-friendly, dirt and water-resistant dog bed 

#3 Pet Fusion Ultimate Lounge Memory Foam

Pet fusion indestructible dog beds - chew proof dog bed (1)

With a four-inch foam base and bolster support, this is an easy-to-clean bed for dog owners looking for a stylish yet durable dog bed. 


  1. Durable and soft cotton twill material
  2. Easily removable and machine washed outer cover
  3. Fabric is chew-proof, breathable, and anti-tear 

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Kong Beds

FAQ - What Breed is My Dog How to Identify ANY Dog Breed - Is my dog a pure breed (4)

How Do I Clean a Kong Dog Bed Correctly?

Kong dog chew-resistant bed has removable covers that you can wash easily in the machine. Just remove the cover and give it a good wash with cold water. Add fabric softener to increase the life of the fabric and use good quality washing liquid. 

How to Wash The Kong Dog Bed?

The fabric of the Kong dog bed is not suitable for wiping out stains and dirt. Give it a thorough rinse in a washing machine to clean it effectively.  Polyester covers cannot resist dirt, stains, and smelly odors, which is why a machine wash once every 1-2 week is a must.   

How Do I Choose The Right Kong Bed Size for My Dog?

A Kong dog bed is a heavy-duty dog bed which means it is most suited for large breeds. For a medium to large dog Kong Dog bed would be an ideal choice; however, it may not provide the required comfort to a very small dog. 

Are Kong Dog Beds Really Indestructible?

No, the kong dog bed isn’t indestructible. Overall, the Kong beds have an average performance, and it cannot be termed as a one-time purchase for dog owners who have dogs with extreme chewing behavior. However, It is an affordable and reliable option for dog parents whose fur babies are occasional chewers.

Are Kong Dog Beds Durable?

Yes! Kong beds are durable, chew-resistant (but not indestructible!), and provide the perfect amount of support for your pup’s joints. If you own a dog with extreme chewing behavior, you may want to consider a chew-proof dog bed like the K9 ballistic bed.

Do Kong Dog Beds Have a Warranty?

Kong have a 60 day money back guarantee, but covers only kong treats and toys category. After a thorough research, I have not found any viable information that indicates that kong dog beds are protected by a money back guarantee. Read more about kong guarantee here.

Can You Machine Wash a Kong Dog Bed?

Yes, you can machine wash a kong dog bed without any problem. Remove the cover, set a gentle wash setting, and give it a good wash with cold water. Add fabric softener to increase the life of the fabric and use good quality washing liquid to kill odors and insect eggs.


chew-resistant kong dog bed - Indestructible Dog Beds Top 7 Best Chew-Proof Dog Beds - Resistant beds for dogs

Kong dog bed is an easy to wash, durable, and contemporary bed for dog owners whose dogs are occasional chewers.

If your dog persistently chews on his bedding, Kong dog may not be a perfect choice for you and you may go with either a K9 ballistic bed due to its raving reviews or a Pet fusion lounge memory foam bed if you are looking for something fancy, durable, and extra-voguish. 

I personally prefer the K9 ballistic elevated dog bed because beds that do not lie on the floor make it hard for dogs to chew on them. 

Additionally, it has a highly indestructible aluminum frame and is chew-resistant. But I wouldn’t lie, and the thing that got me hooked was their 120 days warranty for any wear and tear. 

So why pay more and buy ineffective beddings when you can get an authentic one. Check out its price here and make a wise purchase now. 

Once again, I am grateful for your trust in my words. I hope to carry it forward through my honest reviews and heartfelt opinions as a personal dog products user. 

Have a good day!!

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