Why does my dog stare at the wall: 9 reasons (answered!)

Why does my dog stare at the wall? This is a popular question, and in this guide you will discover 9 potential reasons behind a dog staring at the wall.
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A dog might stare at a wall for many reasons, and it’s important to know the difference between normal behavior and a sign of illness.

If you are searching the web for the question, why do dogs stare at walls, and you are not finding a satisfactory answer, I can understand your frustration. 

But thank God you have landed on the right page. 

I have gone through the pain and nail-biting frustration to find a satisfactory answer, and I have found some reasonable answers. 

So take a back seat and discover with me why your dog stares at the wall. 

Why Does My Dog Stare at The Wall?

9 Possible Reasons Your Dog Stares at the Wall – Why do dogs stare at walls

If you’ve noticed your dog staring at the wall frequently, and you’ve wondered what on earth it is looking at, there can be a few different explanations, including the following:

#1 Pests of All Kinds on The Wall

Dogs see what humans can’t see. This is what some people believe in. To such people, the answer to why a dog stares at the wall is that it sees pests on the wall of all kinds that we cannot see.

Dogs tend not to experience arachnophobia and find it fun to chase spiders, especially when they move faster than the human eye can comprehend.

Your dog can sense rats, squirrels, termites, or anything else living inside the walls and is determined to keep an eye on these “invisible” creatures.

#2 Attention Seeking

Humans or dogs, we all want attention. So if your dog is prone to staring into space, and you do everything you can to distract him, potentially taking him for a walk, he will do it over and over again.

Also, If you’ve ever scolded your dog for staring and growling at the wall for too long, he probably knows it’s something you don’t like. So if he ever feels that you don’t pay attention to him, he may stare at the wall for you to scold him and give him attention.

To deal with a situation like this, you should start paying more attention to your dog and take him on more adventures with you.

If your dog needs to stare and growl at walls to get your attention, chances are that you are not giving him as much attention as he needs to keep him happy.

#3 Neighbors or Outside Noises

Maybe your neighbors are moving furniture, having a party, or arguing and raising their voices. Either way, they may be doing something that is getting your dog’s attention. Alternatively, there is some car, person, or dog that is passing by your house.

#4 Dog Dementia, Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

When I visited my dog’s vet, I realized he had a reasonable answer to why my dog stares at the wall. He told me that what I was telling him about my dog sounded like Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS). 

Disorientation is one of the symptoms of CDS. Disoriented dogs tend to wander, get stuck in the corners and stare at the walls. 

#5 Partial Seizure

Partial seizures can be the answer to why my dog stares at the wall. Seizures with less dramatic symptoms include wall staring. But these seizures are hard to diagnose, and only an experienced vet can help with them.

#6 Paranormal Activity

First, let’s go ahead and say that this will rarely be the reason your dog is staring at the wall. However, it would be great to think that there is a four-legged furry paranormal activity sensor in your home.

While there is no scientific evidence to prove that dogs can see ghosts or spirits in your home or walls, there is also no proof that they can’t.

However, as a thoughtful and responsible dog parent, you should probably have your dog checked out before dismissing his behavior as communicating with ghosts.

It might become a best-selling novel where the dog could see a ghost, but there is no reality in it.

#7 Your Dog Is Getting Older

Partial seizures and CDS are common for older dogs. Now that the dogs are living longer lives, these are old age diseases. Consider the age of your dog before you ask why your dog stares at the wall. If your dog is older, chances are the wall staring is because of his old age.

#8 Depression

Another reason your dog may sit and stare at the wall all day is that he is depressed. Dogs are susceptible to emotional and environmental changes, so there are various reasons why your pup may be depressed.

If there has recently been a death in your family of someone your dog was very attached to, he may become depressed. 

If someone has moved away or an older pet has died, he may become depressed at not seeing their presence. 

Another reason for depression in dogs is moving to a new home or location, where they do not recognize their surroundings.

#9 Head Pressing

If your dog is not only staring at the wall but also pressing his head against it, then this is a problem for which you should consult a veterinarian immediately. 

Pressing his head is usually a sign of a dangerous condition that should not be underlooked.

If your dog is pressing his head against the wall, he is most likely suffering from an underlying condition. 

He could have a brain tumor, encephalitis from head trauma, an infection in the nervous system, or poisoning, among other causes. He could also have recently suffered an accident or stroke that you were completely unaware of.

What to Do if Your Dog Stares Into Space?

Why Is My Dog Staring at the Wall?
  • Stay calm and composed. Do not react now that you have seen your dog staring at the wall.
  • Pay attention to details. How often does your dog stare, and for how much time? Also, note if it is a single occurring, that is a normal dog behavior or something is actually wrong with your fellow.
  • Make a video of your dog. Record a video, if possible, without bothering your dog.
  • Talk to your dog’s vet. Discuss the details that you paid attention to. Show your dog’s video that you made while he was staring at the wall. 


FAQ - Frequently asked questions (1)

What Does It Mean When a Dog Stares at Nothing?

If it isn’t normal dog behavior, chances are that he might be suffering from a disease. Generally, old age is the real culprit that causes disease in dogs. 

What Are The Health Concerns Linked to Dogs Staring at The Wall?

Unusual staring at the walls is common for older dogs who are suffering mental health issues. For example, in CDS and Partial seizures, it is common for dogs to stare at the walls.

What to Do if My Dog Is Staring at The Wall?

If your dog stares at the wall, or you notice other changes in behavior, just remember: not all of these behaviors indicate that your dog is sick.

So, take a deep breath and don’t panic!

Your dog may be experiencing boredom, anxiety, separation anxiety, or a combination of these. You can treat these behaviors by taking your dog to a vet/dog trainer in most cases.

Why My Dog Is Staring at The Wall and Growling?

Staring and growling may be the symptoms of a common mental disease that your dog is suffering from. If your dog is having recurring symptoms, take your dog to a vet. 

How Do I Stop My Dog From Staring at The Wall?

Your dog is staring at the wall because it might be suffering from a mental health condition. Take your dog to the vet and get it examined. In most cases, staring at the wall is curable with medication. 


why does my dog stare into space – What does it mean when a dog just stares at nothing?

When your dog stares at the wall, you should observe the signs that accompany that action. Therefore, you have to analyze each gesture of your pet very well so that you can draw a proper conclusion.

You must take into account the frequency with which your dog repeats this behavior. If it is a medical reason, you should definitely go to the veterinarian. 

But if there is no apparent cause for the dog to adopt this behavior so repeatedly, you could seek guidance from a canine ethologist so that you can discover the root cause of the behavior.

It never hurts to make sure that your dog has all its needs met, i.e., proper food, water always within reach, frequent walks, regular physical and mental exercise, play sessions, socialization, enough sleep, all of which are important for the dog to maintain a healthy emotional balance.

Now that you have found why your dog stares at the wall, I hope you know what to do. 

Thank you for reading the complete article and trusting me with your dog’s health. 

Good luck.

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