Pretzels for dogs: can dogs eat pretzels? (answered!)

You may want to share your pretzels with your furry pals and ask yourself, "Can dogs eat pretzels? Good question. Let's find out the answer together.
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You may want to share your pretzels with your furry pals and ask yourself, “Can dogs have pretzels?

You’re not alone.

Many owners have found themselves in this situation. After all, who can resist those puppy dog eyes begging for pretzels?

Sometimes being a good dog owner means knowing when to say “no.”

Certain human foods are completely harmful to dogs and can cause all kinds of health problems.

For example, pretzels are not recommended to feed your dog.

Let’s find out why.

Can Dogs Have Pretzels?

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It is not a good idea to give your dog salty foods like pretzels. Since pretzels are very high in salt and carbohydrates, dogs should not eat pretzels of any kind. Pretzels are unhealthy for your dog and could lead to obesity, salt poisoning, and related health problems.

Consuming too much salt can make your dog very thirsty, which could lead to dehydration.

You may ask, “what about the unsalted pretzels?

While unsalted pretzels are a better option. Pretzels pose a risk regardless of whether it is salty or not.

This makes the risk not worth taking.

Dangers of Pretzels for Dogs

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If your dog consumes too many Pretzels, he may suffer some health problems, one of which is salt poisoning.

When salt builds up in your dog’s internal system, it begins to absorb large amounts of water from the body. Thus, putting a lot of pressure on your dog’s kidneys and circulatory system.

Salt poisoning is scary and can affect both humans and dogs, but because dogs are smaller than humans and their system is also small, too much salt can cause many health complications.

They are unable to digest and process a large amount of salt in their diet. This can lead to sodium chloride poisoning, which can eventually be fatal.

So, as a good dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your furry pal does not experience any harmful effects from the food he eats.

What to Do if My Dog Eats Pretzels?

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If your dog accidentally ingests some pretzels before you got close to him, there is not much you can do or worry about. But, you need to check his behavior closely for any signs of salt poisoning:

  • Diarrhea,
  • Vomiting,
  • Tremors,
  • Depression,
  • Seizures,
  • High temperature,

You need to contact your veterinarian immediately if he shows any symptoms. Your vet will likely book an appointment to be able to check your dog’s stomach and tell you what to do.

Conclusion: Can Dogs Eat Pretzels or Not?

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Pretzels are neutral enough for dogs to eat. They do not harm your dog if they are fed in small amounts, and they do not add any nutritional value to your dog either. However, the flavorings that all pretzels have are the most significant risks for dogs.

So, you should never give your dog pretzels unless you can guarantee they contain no harmful ingredients.

That being said, there is nothing left but to thank you for your attention up to this point.

I hope I have been helpful, and I wish you many moments of joy and satisfaction in the company of your beloved dog.

Until next time!

A big hug.

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