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How much to feed a belgian malinois? (puppy and adult!)

The Belgian Malinois is a beautiful, strong, intelligent, and highly active dog breed. That’s why you need to have an in-depth knowledge of how much to feed a Belgian Malinois puppy and how many times a day if you are thinking of bringing one home.

In the following paragraphs, we will give you a comprehensive guide concerning the amount of food a Belgian Malinois should consume.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

How much to Feed a Belgian Malinois? 

How much to Feed a Belgian Malinois - Belgian Malinois feeding chart

How much to feed a Belgian Malinois? The recommended daily amount of food for a Belgian Malinois puppy is between 1 to 1.75 cups. The daily amount for an adult Belgian Malinois is between 1.75 to 3 cups. The amount of dry dog food depends on the dog’s size, weight, and activity and should decrease as the dog grows.

However, before any change in your dog’s diet, it is very important to always consult your veterinarian for more detailed information regarding your dog’s dietary needs.

Belgian Malinois feeding chart

The following feeding chart will help you take care of your new Malinois puppy for optimum health and nutrition. 

Age in monthsApprox. weightApprox. quantity per dayMeals per day
2-37-12 lbs1 cup (150-200 gr)4
4-515-22 lbs1.5 cups (250-300 gr)3-4
626-37 lbs1.6 Cups (300 gr)3
937-50 lbs1.9 cups (300-400 gr)2-3
1241-61 lbs2.2 cups (400 gr)2
16-1853-77 lbs2.5 cups (400-460 gr)2

*1 cup kibble = 180 grams approximately. I manually weighed the kibble I had at home. I strongly suggest you do the same with your dog’s kibble, as it may have a different density than what I weighed.

**These numbers are only approximations to give you an idea. Consult your veterinarian to get detailed and specific dosages for your dog.

Suggested calorie intake by weight for a high activity adult dog like the Belgian Malinois

In this table, you will find categorized in order of weight an approximate caloric intake for adult dogs that perform a high physical activity:

Weight (kg)Weight (lbs)Calories per day (Kcal)

Need more detailed information? Check out this free online calculator. 


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How much to feed a Belgian Malinois puppy?

The amount of food will start from one cup daily and reach as high as 3 cups a day as your puppy grows. It is important to note that the volume may vary depending on the Malinois puppy’s age, size, and activity level. Also, puppies require a bit more nutrients than adult dogs because they are still growing and developing. 

How often should you feed a Belgian Malinois puppy?

Puppies’ stomachs are smaller than adults, and because of this, they tend to get hungry more often than adults. That’s why you should divide their daily food intake into four equal parts throughout the day. In addition to their daily food, it is important to give them chewable snacks, multivitamins, and dietary supplements to help them grow strong and healthy.

How much to feed an adult Belgian Malinois?

According to the caloric requirements of your Malinois, you should stick to the plan prescribed by your veterinarian. This is because overfeeding would make them obese, while undernourishment would make them lethargic and prone to various diseases. As mentioned several times, consult your veterinarian for more detailed information regarding your dog’s dietary needs.

How often should you feed an adult Belgian Malinois?

Adult Malinois don’t need three or four meals a day as puppies do. Once your dog has reached one year of age, it means adulthood has begun. So from now on, you should only give your dog two or maximum three meals a day. 

When should I switch my Belgian Malinois puppy to adult food?

Puppies need more nutritious food than adults; as your pup grows one year old, you can shift them to adult food. 

What can Belgian Malinois not eat?

– Common grains 
– By-products
– Processed meals.
– Artificial additives
– Flavor and colorings
– Spices and salt
– Read this guide to find out more.

Do Belgian Malinois have sensitive stomachs?

Yes, some Belgian Malinois have a sensitive stomach, and you will know it when your dog shows signs like loose stool and vomiting. 


When do Malinois dogs stop growing - belgian malinois growth chart

If you have made it this far, you surely care for your puppy, but if you have just skipped right away to the conclusion, you are looking for the best advice you can get. 

Although the amount of dry dog food depends on the size, weight, and activity of the dog, an adult, and active Malinois usually needs approximately 2.5 to 3 cups of food per day, while a 2 months malinois puppy needs approximately 1 cup. 

If you are about to buy or adopt a Malinois, make sure you know all the important information regarding this breed. For further information about Belgian Malinois, click here.