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Do dogs like being brushed? 11 things you need to know

Do dogs like being brushed - Do dogs enjoy being brushed
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    One of the most common questions that new dog parents ask themselves is whether or not their dog likes being brushed. Of course, we know that humans like being groomed on a regular basis, but does our pet? And if so, how often do they need to be groomed?

    Let’s find out.

    Do dogs like being brushed?

    Do dogs like being brushed - Do dogs enjoy being brushed - How do you get a dog to like being brushed -

    The simple answer is yes; dogs like being brushed and groomed if they are used to it. Brushing is a special time for the dog, and they look forward to the hour when you finally sit down with them for brushing. However, we should stop assuming that every dog loves being groomed. Like us humans, some dogs need a little more convincing than others.

    Brushing keeps your dog coat free of mats, burrs, and tangled hairs and also keeps the skin free of dirt, fleas, and ticks. 

    Is brushing healthy for your dog?

    Absolutely! Regular brushing is healthy for your dog for many reasons:

    1. Removes dead hair.
    2. Cleans up your dog’s coat.
    3. Removes dead and dry skin.
    4. Saves your dogs from many skin diseases. 
    5. Natural oils essential for a clean and healthy coat get distributed evenly throughout the skin due to brushing.
    6. Just like you feel cleaner in washed clothes, dogs feel the same after brushing.

    What are the benefits of brushing your dog?

    Do dogs like being brushed? 11 things you need to know 1

    There are several benefits of brushing your dog. These are

    • You can enjoy extra bonding time with your dog while brushing his coat.
    • If there are any lumps on dog skin, these can be easily detected because of regular brushing. 
    • Any skin disease or parasite that can ail your dog is detected early, such as the incidence of fleas, ticks, and parasites.
    • You can prevent your dog from shedding everywhere because you will collect it at the time of brushing.
    • Fewer hairballs in your house.
    • A cleaner coat and cleaner skin keep your dog smell better
    • Regular brushing keeps your dog coat furry and shiny. 

    Why does my dog bite when I brush it?

    Do dogs like being brushed? 11 things you need to know 2

    If your dog starts biting you or you feel that your dog is getting uncomfortable in any way whenever you start brushing, it is because your dog has a bad memory of being brushed.

    Because of an unhappy experience, your dog might despise being brushed. It is quite possible that it may have suffered abuse before. 

    It is advised that if your dog bites while brushing, try to keep him calm before actually starting the brushing.

    Start with areas where your dog likes to be touched, and then after he is calm, you can complete the rest of the brushing. 

    If you find out that your dog is sensitive to brushing on certain areas such as the face and toes, you can skip these parts initially. And when your dog starts to become tolerant, and the experience is agreeable, you can then brush the whole of the dog. 

    Should I use a slicker brush or a pin brush for my dog’s coat?

    1. Slicker brush

    Slicker brushes are wire brushes with firm bristles. They can reach the undercoat. It takes away dry skin. If your dog has sensitive skin, it can lead to all sorts of skin problems. Slicker brushes work best on dogs that have medium to long coats. 

    2. Pin brush

    A pin brush has wider spaced pins that come in many lengths. While a slicker brush works best for dogs with a medium to long coat, a pin brush can be used for any length of coat. For dogs with small coats, a pin brush works best. 

    How should I brush a dog with a double coat?

    If your dog has a double coat, start with the undercoat using a slicker brush. Use the brush to untangle hair in the skin. If your dog has a considerably longer double coat, an undercoat rake must be used to ensure the perfect combing. After applying the slicker brush, a metal comb should be applied to untangle all the hair. 

    Frequently asked questions about dogs and brushing

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    Should I brush my dog’s skin wet or dry?

    It is advised that you should brush your dog when its coat is dry. A wet coat makes it difficult for mats, burrs, and dirt to get removed from the skin. Fleas and ticks are also difficult to remove when the dog coat is wet. If you want to brush your dog after the bath, wait until its coat is completely dry before you start brushing. 

    How often should I brush my dog?

    Regular brushing is usual for happy dog owners. There is no harm in doing it every day. Some dogs have long and thick coats and require regular brushing. Other dogs with short coats require brushing less often. Unless you are doing it multiple times during the day, brushing once a day is healthy for your dog. 

    Can I brush my dog against the grain?

    No. You should not brush your dog against the direction of the grain. Brushing against the grain can be painful for your dog. It can pull hair and, at the same time, can cause discomfort to your dog. Always brush in the direction of the grain for your dog to have an enjoyable brushing experience. 

    Can I use a human hairbrush on my dog?

    If you have no dog supplies and there is a need to groom your dog, you can use a human hairbrush on your dog’s coat. But be careful and be gentle while brushing your dog with a regular comb or brush. For regular dog grooming, you should buy a slicker brush or a pin brush. 

    Is brushing painful for my dog? 

    No, brushing is not painful for your dog. On the contrary, brushing does not hurt your dog at all, if you do it correctly. If you use a proper brush and gently brush your dog, it will stay healthy and free of any skin disease. 


    Do dogs like being brushed? 11 things you need to know 3

    Dogs love to be brushed. It keeps your dog coat combed and untangled. It also keeps ticks, fleas, burr, and dirt away. Regular brushing is necessary as it keeps your dog clean, healthy, and better smelling. Use a proper brush according to your dog coat’s length, and always remember to brush when the coat is dry. 

    If your dog bites, or you feel it is irritated when brushed, it may be because of a horrible past experience. Try and win the trust of your dog and bond together. 

    Have a great experience brushing your dog!

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