Why do dogs roll in the grass? (12 reasons)

Your dog keeps rolling in the grass. Don’t worry! Go through the guideline and explore multiple reasons why do dogs roll in the grass.
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All dogs have different hobbies. Some love to run and play outside while others lie down to sunbathe. 

But why do some dogs like to roll in grass and rub their bodies on the ground??

  • Are they stinky?
  • Scratchy?
  • Or what?

To address all your queries, I have spent a pair of days and nights researching why do dogs roll in the grass.

Finally, after burning candles at both ends and going the extra mile in research, I have come across surprising reasons that can surely enthrall you. 

Keep scrolling without any further ado and explore the 12 reasons why do dogs rub themselves on grass.

at a Glance: Why Do Dogs Roll Around in Grass?

Dogs roll on the grass for a variety of reasons, which you will find listed below:

  1. Ancestral instinct inherited from wolves
  2. Scratching an Itch 
  3. They love the stink 
  4. To express a happy mood
  5. Clean himself
  6. Territorial marking 
  7.  Getting rid of unwanted smells
  8. It feels good
  9. Relieve irritation
  10. Self grooming
  11. Camouflage 
  12. Obsessive behavior

What Does It Mean When Dogs Roll in The Grass?

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What do you think about why dogs roll in the grass? 

What does rolling on grass mean? 

The answer is quite simple… just like humans, dogs also love to walk and roll on the grass at every canine stage. 

There are multiple meanings associated with the phrase ‘dogs rolling in the grass.’ Some of the meanings are described below: 

  • Your puppy is relaxed and playful. He is stress-free and enjoying every moment.
  • This is his way of communicating his happiness with other dogs and humans.  
  • He wants to mask the scent of dead animals and poop to save himself from prey. 
  • He is undergoing severe allergic reactions and is feeling itchy.

A dog’s version of an attractive scent can range from grass to furniture, animal manure, and dead bodies. 

The simple explanation for why dogs roll in the grass is that they love the smell and want to carry it. 

12 Reasons Your Dog Roll in The Grass

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#1 Inherited From Wolves

Yes! You heard that right! 

Wolves are dog’s ancestors! 

Whenever a wolf skirmishes with a fresh novel grass odor, it sniffs and happily rolls into it, taking away the scent on its body, particularly its face and neck.  

Dogs being domestic wolves exhibit the same behavior. Their blithe soul catches the scent of feathery, emerald, springy grass and felicitously rolls over it. 

#2 Scratching an Itch

Itchy makes your pup uncomfortable, inflicting him to scratch his own skin. Sore, inflamed, raw, excruciating death, burning sensation, painful itch, or other dog allergies will make him lean over the grass and roll on it.   

Note: Dog dry skin allergies or itchiness can be caused by food, an unwanted guest in their body, environmental change, and others. You need to carefully assess the type and severity of itching to address the issue. 

#3 They Love The Stink 

Your puppy now smells like cherries and flowers after a long, pure, luxurious, and jolly warm bath. That sweet shampoo smell will make you cuddle with him. 

Unfortunately, that sweet fragrance smells like poop to your furry ball, and he may run to the stinkiest place he found, and rolling on the grass is the quickest yet safest option for him. 

Note: to discourage your pup from rolling on the grass, try using unscented shampoos.  

#4 to Express a Happy Mood

A perfect reason revealing why dogs roll in the grass?!

A lush bright green grass can make your pooch full of the joys of spring. It can turn him on and make him happy as a clam. 

A green color twinkles in his eyes, epitomizing a fresh look and a happy mood.  

#5 Clean Himself

A dog leaning, rolling, and rubbing himself on a grass emblem he’s trying to clean himself. 

Rolling around the grass can help dogs remove dirt from their skin and clean up those difficult areas to reach. 

#6 Territorial Marking 

Dogs often roll around something to mark as their assets, for instance, toys, beds, or sticks. They also stick around their favorite persons to leave a trace of their scent.  

Similarly, dogs roll on the grass to leave their scent in a particular area and mark it as their territory. 

#7 Getting Rid of Unwanted Smells

Every dog is different! 

So if you think shampoos and perfumes are a good choice to make your pup fresh and happy, you might be wrong! 

Your sniffer dog will run straight outside to the yard to lean over the grass to get rid of unwanted and unpleasant smells. 

#8 It Feels Good

Walking on a wet scant, lush hybrid, immaculate emerald grass will hijack your emotions, and you’ll momentarily remember when you were four years old. 

How does it feel? Relaxing, right? 


This is how your dog feels when he is rolling on the grass. He feels calm, good, and relaxed. 

#9 Relieve Irritation 

Red skin, rashes, eczema, and other skin allergies can be scotching. Dogs roll in the grass to relieve allergic irritation. 

Note: If your puppy is going through a severe allergic problem, quickly visit a veterinarian. 

#10 Self Grooming

Dogs normally lick and nibble for self-grooming. However, rolling on grass can also be a tactic.

#11 Camouflage 

Camouflage is a powerful tool used by animals to hide from their predators. 

Dogs, despite being domesticated, roll in the grass to disguise themselves to hide from other wild animals. 

#12 Obsessive Behavior

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a behavioral pattern in dogs that occurs with no specific purpose.

In this behavioral disorder, dogs tend to repeat their obsessive actions. Rolling on the grass can be one of the obsessive behaviors that excite them. 

However, the obsessive behavior can be fixed with constant training and keeping them engaged with fun games and rewards.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Rolling in Grass (FAQs)

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Is Rolling in The Grass Dangerous for Dogs? 

Rolling on the grass is not dangerous, but the things lurking in it can pose some risk. For instance, fleas and ticks, disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Moreover, grasses treated with fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides can be dangerous for your furball. 

Should I Let My Dog Roll in The Grass? 

Yes! Let your dog roll in the grass because it makes him happy as Larry. However, you must be mindful of potential hazards associated with the grass, such as pesticides, herbicides, and more. 

Important: Make sure your pooch has flea and tick protection. 

How to Stop Dogs From Rolling in The Grass? 

There are many ways to prevent your dog from rolling in the grass. The tried and tested method is to drop the cane of coins on the grass in front of your pooch. The noise will frighten him and barge in his grass-rolling behavior. 

It is important to reward him as he stood upright to sustain the positive behavior.

Does Rolling in Grass or Poop Make My Dog Prone to Infection? 

Luckily, dogs withstand common pathogens found in animals’ poop. However, there’s a little risk associated with dogs rolling in grass or poop, such as getting parasites or intestinal worms that may enter their bodies, making them prone to infections or other diseases. 

Important: If your pooch adores poop or grass rolling, use protection tactics to save him from harmful diseases. 

Why Do Dogs Roll in Dead Animals and Poop?

The reason is associated with the ancient times when dog’s wild ancestors would roll in dead animals and poop to mask their scent and blind fool their prey. Dogs have inherited this instinctive behavior to cover their scent during the hunt. 

Why Does My Dog Roll in Grass and Dirt After a Bath? 

Dogs often go crazy after a bath. The aromatic aroma and exotic scent that appeal to you often repulse dogs, and they run towards the yard and roll in the dirt to get their original body odor back.  

The Bottom Line

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Why do dogs roll in the grass? There are still many unrevealed secrets! 

We don’t know exactly why YOUR dog roll in the grass; however, it is recognized that dogs rolling their back on the grass helps them to lose extra and unnecessary fur, gives them a nice massage, relieves an itch, makes them smell better (in their perception), and other reasons mentioned in this article.

Dogs rolling their back on the grass is the normal behavior; however, if they frequently exhibit the same behavior, it is recommended to check its intensity and the time it lasts.

Consult a veterinarian for thorough health screening. Try different strategies and training methods to prevent repetitive grass-rolling. 

I have so much deep respect for your diligent effort and the time you have invested in reading the article ‘why do dogs like to roll in grass?’.

My gratitude to you runs very deep.

I hope this enlightenment helps you to target the exact reason why YOUR dog like to roll in the grass. 

Feel free to contact me in case of further queries or feedback.

Have a great Day!

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