What does a dog DNA test tell you (9 things you should know)

Wondering what a dog DNA test can tell you about your dog? Here are the 9 things you need to know before you buy a dog DNA kit. Read on to learn more.
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If your dog is a mixed breed, you might have asked, what breed is my dog? If this is your situation, the good news is that you are not alone in this. 

Fortunately, a dog DNA test can answer most of the questions you may have.

A dog DNA test can tell you if your dog is a purebred, what breeds it may have in its mix, and what percentage of their genes come from each. It can also help you identify any genetic anomalies that could cause health problems in the future.

In this quick guide, we’ll talk in detail about what a dog DNA test can tell you and what tests you should use.

Keep reading to find out more.

What Does a Dog DNA Test Tell You?

How can I tell what my dog is mixed with - What does a dog DNA test tell you –

From Embark dog DNA test to Wisdom Panel dog DNA test, these tests have gained popularity with their availability at-home DNA testing.

The following are 9 things a dog DNA test tells you about your dog.

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1. Ancestry and Breed Composition 

One of the main reasons for the popularity of dog DNA tests is the curiosity of dog owners to know the ancestry and breed composition of their furry pals. 

Mixed-breed owners are always being asked what type of puppy their mutt is. There is no better way to prepare for this question than knowing your mutt DNA makeup. 

A dog DNA test can give answers about your dog’s breed mix and uncover your dog family tree back to three generations. This will also let you know your dog’s health and behavior patterns and with this information, you can keep your dog healthy and happy.

2. Weight and Nutrition Recommendations

A dog DNA test can also reveal important information about your dog’s weight. The results can foretell your dog’s adult weight, which is very useful if you are testing your puppy. 

You can also get the perfect weight range recommendation to let you know how much your dog should weigh to be healthy.

Also, some DNA tests provide nutritional considerations according to your dog size and breed mix. Suggestions may include nutrients and minerals that help with joint pain, digestion, as well as skin and coat. 

This will make it easy for your veterinarian to recommend the right diet and supplements for your furry pals.

3. Potential Food Allergies & Sensitivities

A dog DNA test can spot your dog’s unique sensitivity and intolerance to approximately 100 factors, which include food, common household products, and environmental allergens. 

This test is easy and simple and takes a few minutes to run with results within two weeks or less. 

Allergens may be something in the environment and symptoms like itching, watery eyes, and vomiting can be the consequence of an allergic reaction. 

The best way to deal with allergies is to know what triggers the situation and to avoid it. 

Dog DNA tests make it easier to detect allergens that affect your dog’s health. 

4. Exposure to Health and Genetic Conditions

Some breeds have genetic mutations that expose them to various health risks. If you want to know about your dog’s genetic health risks, you can look for a dog DNA test kit (Embark) that comes with a health screening. 

These test kits can detect more than 150 genetic diseases that your dog may be at risk of according to the breed mix.

Some dog DNA can make them vulnerable to many health risks. You can test for known mutations that cause diseases that require extra care. 

In addition, some DNA tests for dogs can reveal if your furry pal might have a multidrug sensitivity.

5. Your Dog Has a Pedigree

Dog DNA test results can reveal if your dog is a purebred breed or not. Though all breeds and mixes are amazing and lovable, if you are questioning your dog breed, a DNA test can determine whether your furry pal has a purebred pedigree or not. 

The test will not only give you details about your dog breed, but sometimes it includes your dog’s family tree, showing information about your dog’s parents and grandparents. 

The test usually comes with a certificate detailing the breeds found in their DNA.

6. Determine The Dog Biological Age

A dog DNA test can also reveal the biological age of your furry pal. There is a difference between your dog’s chronological age and its biological age. 

The Chronological age signifies your dog’s real birthday, while the biological age determines how well your dog’s body adapts to the stress of life. 

Your dog’s biological age plays a very important role when it comes to a dog’s health. 

A DNA test for your dog can help determine your dog’s biological age, which can help you take better control of its aging process.

7. Reveals The Hidden Traits

It’s amazing what a dog DNA test can tell you about your dog. Your dog’s well-being becomes your major concern and revealing some of the hidden traits can be beneficial and fun. 

DNA tests allow you to understand your dog’s genetic background and act accordingly, eventually providing them with a healthier life.

According to the AKC, though your dog may have a certain coat type and color, he may be carrying genes for a different pattern, color, or texture that may show up in the puppies.

Some DNA tests can identify recessive or hidden traits in a dog.

8. Nutritional Needs

It may surprise you to know that different breeds have unique nutritional requirements. Therefore, knowing that your dog is pedigree, or a large part of a particular breed, can be very useful in choosing a diet that meets the specific needs of that breed, also, there are size-specific foods. 

For instance, puppies expected to weigh more than 100 pounds when completely grown will need a particular puppy food designed for exponential growth. 

The same goes for smaller dogs and toy breeds, which is why understanding your puppy’s size and breed is so important.

9. Personality

A dog DNA test can tell you a lot about your dog’s temperament. Dogs are individuals and they come with their individual unique personalities that can make you smile, laugh, and sometimes feel a little crazy. 

With a dog DNA test, you will understand why your dog acts the way he does.

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Can DNA Testing Determine The Breed of a Dog?

No, the DNA Breed Identification Test was designed for the sole purpose of identifying the breeds present in the genetic makeup of mixed dogs. Therefore if only one breed is discovered, it may mean that one of the parents was a mixed breed, but the pup only inherited a particular breed.

The DNA test does not determine the breed of a dog; it can only reveal the parentage of a dog and how closely they relate with the genetic features of the breed.

Can a Dog DNA Test Show if Two Dogs Are Related?

Some dog DNA kits like Embark can prove if your dog actually comes from a purebred genetic line. And if your dog’s family members also take the test and are in the database, it may be able to spot your puppy’s relatives and perhaps locate its siblings or parents.

Does a Dog DNA Test Tell The Age of a Dog?

The answer is yes, some dog DNA test kits will tell you the biological age of your dog. The Canine Genetic Age test uses your pup’s telomere measurement to provide the biological age and the breed composition of your dog.

Are Dog DNA Tests Accurate?

The result is not 100 percent accurate. According to the representatives from the three major dog DNA test kits companies, the Embark Dog DNA Test, the Wisdom Dog DNA test, and DNA My Dog. This may be due to human error or the size of each company’s breed database. 

In terms of accuracy, Embark is the most accurate. The kit provides more data than what most dog owners would want, and its medical tests alone make it worthwhile.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a DNA Test Done on a Dog?

The cost of getting a DNA test done on your dog will differ depending on the veterinary office that runs the test, but you can expect to pay around $200. The price starts from $70 to $200 and there are a few factors to consider in order to understand the price difference between the tests. All available tests involve a swab from your pet’s cheek or a blood sample taken by a veterinarian.

Are Dog DNA Tests Worth It?

This is a controversial topic in the dog’s world, although some people suggest that it is a huge waste of money with the cost of tests available at around $200 per test. 

Personally, I agree with those who would argue that there are many good reasons to have your dog’s DNA tested, from helping you to understand your dog’s behavior and personality better, to informing you of any potential illnesses and allergies they may be prone to.


What does a dog DNA test tell you – What do dog DNA tests show (3)

As you can see, the development of DNA tests for dogs has so far helped thousands of dog owners better understand their beloved pets. These tests are available at affordable prices. 

If you have a mixed breed dog and can’t figure out what breeds make up your canine family member, looking at a DNA test could be the answer to your problems.

With Embark, testing your dog’s DNA is even easier. It’s all done at home, and you get all the insights you need about your dog’s health and ancestry in an easy-to-use interface. 

Embark is offering a special deal for our readers. If you want to get a DNA test for your dog, you can do so with $50 off.

Determine your dog’s breed with a simple dog DNA test and put an end to all that wondering with the most accurate dog DNA test on the market.

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