Mental stimulation for dogs: how to stimulate your dog’s brain

Want to learn the core foundation of mental stimulation for dogs? Here you will learn everything there is to know about how to stimulate your dog's brain.
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Want to learn the core foundation of mental stimulation for dogs? Amazing! In this guide, you will discover everything there is to know about how to stimulate your dog’s brain.

Today, I will cover the following topics:

  • The benefits of mental stimulation for dogs,
  • How to mentally stimulate a dog with training and play,
  • How to use socialization and games to stimulate your dog mentally,
  • Lots of ideas and tips.


Let’s get started!


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Just like us humans, our four-legged friends need, and deserve, to have the right tools to let off steam and stay mentally active.

The ancient Latin proverb “mens sana in corpore sano” not only applies to dogs, but it also carries an ambivalent truth: 

An animal’s health depends not only on its physical condition, but also on its level of mental activity.

Proper mental stimulation allows the dog to be:

  • More responsive and receptive, 
  • Balanced in behavior and temperament, 
  • Energetic and concentrated during social activities 
  • More relaxed at the end of the day. 

Many novice dog owners make the mistake of focusing on physical exercise as a mere outlet and entertainment for the dog, thus forgetting the equally important mental exercise.

But what exactly is meant by mental stimulation?

I’ll explain it to you right now.

What Does Mental Stimulation for Dogs Mean?

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Mental stimulation or mental activity means a certain kind of exercise that encourages the dog to make connections at a logical-interpretive level. This kind of effort encourages the dog to develop healthy mental mechanisms to follow depending on the situation, accustoms him to recognize and more easily connect a stimulus to a reaction, or, even more simply, entertains him. 

What really matters is that mental activity represents to all effects an essential element in the life of a dog, a useful training to form his character and, if you want, also “professionally.”

If you are a novice dog owner and don’t have any idea about how to stimulate your dog’s brain, don’t worry: continue reading this article, and you will be able to get a pretty clear idea.

What Are The Benefits of Providing Mental Stimulation to a Dog?

Mental stimulation for dogs – how to stimulate my dog

As I have already mentioned, mental activity is a fundamental component for the growth and development of the animal, especially at a character level.

Let’s see together what are, in a general way, the benefits your dog can benefit from this kind of mental stimulation exercises:

  1. Less instinct
  2. More balanced temperament
  3. Greater self-control 
  4. Easier management by the owner
  5. Greater reactivity to stimuli
  6. Greater quality, variety, and efficiency of responses to stimuli
  7. Enlargement of the range of abilities and skills of the animal
  8. Greater ease of learning new games or commands
  9. More equilibrated balance and dispersion of energies
  10. Better mood, sociability, and open-mindedness of the dog

How to Mentally Stimulate The Brain of Your Dog?

The question arises spontaneously about “how” to effectively stimulate a dog’s mind, making him more and more aware, autonomous, and sure of his choices.

There is no single answer because, as you will see, there are many ways to achieve this goal. 

Many of these can be pursued by all owners and their furry companions; others are more suited to certain breeds of dogs than others. 

In short, there are many strategies, and it is up to you to understand which are the best for your dog and to implement them.

The important thing is not to lose heart if the first attempts do not go as you hoped: it can happen, and it is normal! 

The trick is to understand the natural predispositions of your dog and use them to keep him always well active on a mental level.

#1 Dog Training

Mental stimulation for dogs – Simple Tips to Keep Your Dog Mentally Stimulated

Dog training is undoubtedly the best way to stimulate a dog mentally.

Whether you are the dog’s owner or a professional trainer, training and exercises are perfect activities to stimulate the dog to a more intense mental effort.

Below are just a few examples of training helpful for this type of stimulation.

  1. Exercises of patience, obedience, and self-control, such as imposing the position of “Stay” despite the dog being surrounded by toys, people, other animals, or rewards.
  2. Searching exercises, such as hiding a particular object or reward after having the dog sniff it and tell him to search for it. If the search is successful, believe me: the dog will have expended a great deal of mental energy tracking it down and finding it.
  3. Physical exercises with specific challenges of adaptation and understanding, for example, agility. Agility courses, in fact, not only offer a physical outlet for the dog but are based on the animal learning how to deal with the various trials and obstacles.

Training your dog is hard; I get it. And training a stubborn dog is even harder! But luckily, there’s Brain Training for Dogs.

An online and interactive training course that will teach you how to train your dog and will make your dog listen to you.

It also helps to strengthen the emotional connection with your pet and build a stronger bond.

PS: the course is based on force-free and gentle methods.

#2 Game – Dog’s Mental Activation

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Play is, of course, another fundamental way to stimulate a dog’s mind.

Some games take obvious cues from training exercises aimed at specific purposes; however, it is also the owner’s task to interest and excites the dog to a certain type of activity. 

Here are some games that you can use to stimulate a dog mentally:

#2.1 Hide-and-seek

The game of hide-and-seek, very similar in dynamics to searching, has straightforward rules and development. All that is needed is a toy or a person who offers himself as “bait” for the dog, who hides and leaves an olfactory trace, useful to the animal to trace it. In short, a fun and stimulating activity from many points of view that can also take place outdoors.

#2.2 Games of Intelligence and Adaptation

These kinds of games are linked to the ability of a dog to solve some simple riddles to redeem a tasty reward. In fact, there are toys specifically designed, which can be purchased on the market and built at home to stimulate a dog’s imagination and critical problem-solving skills. An example is some devices containing a tasty reward inside, open only if the dog learns to make certain moves (lower a lever, press on a certain point, etc.). Besides being particularly useful for the dog’s mental exercise, these kinds of gimmicks tend to amuse and entertain these animals considerably.

#3 Socialization

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Finally, socialization is one of those activities that are extremely mentally stimulating for a dog. 

It is certainly not by chance that any serious trainer recommends socializing your furry friend from an early age so that he learns to behave in the presence of strangers and other dogs, begins to develop his character, and relates to stimuli and situations out of the ordinary.

If done in the right way, socialization is the most natural way to stimulate in your dog that game of stimuli and answers able to keep him mentally active.

Please do not neglect this fundamental component of your dog’s life: his mental, emotional and social health is at stake.

List of Mental Stimulation Toys for Dogs

Mental stimulation for dogs – Great Ways To Challenge Your Dog's Mind

#1 Snack “dispenser” Toys

These toys are usually shaped like a large ball or an oval (with a hole) and are designed to put kibble or snacks in them, which your dog will have to learn to pull out.

They are great for getting your dog to eat while having fun at the same time and also very useful for those dogs that get bored easily or suffer from separation anxiety.

If your dog/puppy eats too fast, you can even use this toy to serve meals to your pup for some time to teach them to eat more slowly.

#2 Mental Activation Toys

These types of toys will pose a problem for the dog when it comes to getting its reward.

The dog will have to think and find a way to solve the problem, training his mind accordingly.

You can purchase these games with different levels of difficulty, usually 1,2,3.

#3 Olfactory Mat for Dogs

The sense of smell is the most developed sense of our furry friends, but we often don’t let them train it.

With these mats, you will enhance your dog’s sense of smell. Then, the only thing you have to do is hiding delicious treats in the different places of the mat and let your dog’s sense of smell do the rest.

With all intelligence games, you should always start at a low level, and level up as the dog learns to find solutions more easily and without getting to the point of stress (where he starts chewing or trying to break the toy out of frustration).

It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep your dog under supervision!

Some dogs are destructive by nature and have a hard time dealing with the stress of a problem, and may start chewing and eating whatever is in front of them.

FAQs About How to Stimulate Dogs at a Mental Level

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How Much Mental Stimulation Does a Dog Need?

Most dogs should have at least 20 minutes of active stimulation each day, along with 2-3 walks. Dogs or breeds with higher energy may require more, but this can vary depending on the individual dog.

How to Mentally Stimulate Your Dog While at Work?

It’s a fact; dogs get bored while their owners are at work. Here are some tips on how to mentally stimulate your dog while you are at work:

– Offer Plenty of Interactive Toys
– Provide an exciting View (window, door, etc.)
– Offer Challenging Icy Treats 
– Leave the TV or radio on
– Get a Furbo dog camera to stay in contact with your baby
– Add a new dog member to the family
– Fill a kong, freeze it and serve it before you go
– Create a Scavenger hunt
– Hire a dog walker
– Introduce a new toy and rotate the old ones

How Do You Tell if My Dog Is Stimulated Enough?

Does your dog never sit still, bark excessively, dig holes, chase his tail, tear up your furniture, and anything else he finds around the house? These are signs that he is looking for a stimulating activity. 

Does your dog not exhibit these behaviors? Congratulations, your dog is stimulated enough.

Are Walks Mentally Stimulating for Dogs?

Yes, absolutely! One of the most exciting parts of a dog’s day is going for a walk. You can also provide them with even more mental stimulation by letting them stop and sniff around on the way.

This natural activity is what dogs would do in the wild and provides them with an excellent opportunity to explore the world around them, discover new smells, but most importantly, it is a great way to get them tired.

How Do You Mentally Stimulate a Dog?

There are many ways to stimulate a dog mentally. You can do it through games, tricks, and training.

The first way is by playing games with your dog. You can teach the game to your pet or start with a game that he already knows. This is a great way to bond with your canine companion.

The second way is by teaching tricks. This is also an excellent way to bond because you’re sharing an activity together, and you’re both learning something new!

Finally, you can train your dog to stimulate them mentally. There’s a lot of different things that you can train them in, like basic obedience commands or agility, for example.”

Other great activities are also:

– Give your dog new toys and rotate out the old ones
– Introduce your dog to new places and faces
– Have your dog work for their food
– Teach your dog the names of their toys
– Get your dog a puzzle toy
– and many others.

Are Kong Toys Mentally Stimulating for Dogs?

Yes, absolutely! Stuffed Kong toys are mentally stimulating and challenge continuously your pet’s ability to get to the treat! Kong toys are a great way to keep your dog busy while you are at work, and they will keep him entertained for hours and hours.

What Are The Best Brain Games for Dogs to Keep a Dog Mentally Stimulated?

Some of the best brain games for dogs are:

#1 Treasure hunt
#2 Hide-and-seek
#3 Food dispensing balls
#4 Stuffed Kong and similar toys
#5 Intelligence toys 
#6 Puzzle games 
#7 The which hand game
#8 Learning new tricks
#9 …and many others.


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We have reached the end of this article concerning one of the many doubts that dot the head of a good owner: how to stimulate a dog’s brain.

If you have followed carefully up to this point, you will know not only why this kind of activity is so important for the animal, but you will also have some cues and some good ideas to direct you towards some specific exercises.

In short, treasure these indications, and do not be afraid to explore them thoroughly to discover which ones your dog prefers.

If you are looking for other information about the education and training of your dog, I suggest you visit the official web page of brain training for dogs, an excellent & easy-to-follow online dog training course.

You will not regret it!

That being said, there is nothing left but to thank you for your attention up to this point: I hope I have been helpful, and I wish you many moments of joy and satisfaction in the company of your beloved dog.

Until next time!

A big hug.

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