German Shepherd Pitbull mix: Everything About The Shepherd Pit

A German shepherd pit bull mix is a dog that is a cross between a German shepherd and an American pit bull terrier. It is also called the German sheppit or German pit.

When a dog is a mix of breeds, it is hard to predict its appearance accurately. But the German shepherd pit bull mix has the characteristics of both of its parents.

German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Quick Overview

German Shepherd Pitbull mix Everything About The Shepherd Pit
Weight:45-85 pounds
Height:22-26 inches
Characteristics:Intelligent, loyal, and protective
Life expectancy:11-13 years
Coat color:Brown, tan, grey, tan, whitish black mix, and black
Breed recognition:ACHC, DRA
New owner friendly:No
Kid Friendly:Yes

The Origin of The Pitbull German Shepherd Mix Hybrid

German shepherd pit bull mix is the result of crossing two strong dogs that each desire to be the “pack leader.” The Pitbull was initially created as a fighting and baiting dog in the United Kingdom, but the German Shepherd was explicitly intended for herding and working in Germany. Both breeds of dogs are now popular in the United States. Believe it or not, the German Pit Bull Terrier may create a devoted family member with the right amount of training and discipline.

American Pit Bull Terrier

The parent of the American Pitbull Terrier is a “bull-breed” dog that comes from the United Kingdom. They were intended to be fighting dogs and were frequently used for animal baiting and amusement fighting; as a result, they are a vicious and deadly type of dog, which is why they are sometimes referred to as a “bully breed.”

They became known as American Pitbull Terrier dogs in the US and had a friendly attitude toward young kids. Because of this, people started referring to them as “The Nanny” dogs.

German Shepherd

Belgian Malinois German Shepherd Mix All You Need to Know About the Malinois X, Shepinois (1)

The German Shepherd dog (GSD) emerged in the early 20th century. A German military soldier was the one responsible for developing the breed. This dog was produced in Germany for herding and protection purposes. GSDs are intelligent, hardworking, and easily trainable dogs, which makes them perfect for guard or security dogs. 

German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix Pictures

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Three Reasons Why You Should Get a German Shepherd Pitbull Mixed Dog Breed

1. Intelligent Crossbreed

It should be no surprise that the German Shepherd Pitbull mix is an intelligent hybrid, given that both parent species are renowned for their ability. These dogs learn far more rapidly than other breeds do and are highly receptive to being instructed and following orders.

2. Affectionate and Loyal Pet Companions

When properly socialized and trained, a Pitbull-German Shepherd mix may be a very loving and friendly dog, despite the common misconception that they are combative. Although they can amuse themselves to a certain extent, these pups still like to be with their human families and make excellent family companion dogs. They are also very protective because their ancestors were German Shepherds bred to watch over and herd livestock.

3. Excellent Guard Dogs

The German Shepherd and Pitbull mix make an excellent guard dog because both of its parent breeds are good guard dogs. The German Shepherd is a breed of dog known for its intelligence, loyalty, and perhaps excessive protectiveness. Pit Bulls were initially intended to be fighting dogs and have a characteristically menacing look that helps them keep outsiders at a distance. Despite their history as fighting dogs, pit bulls are not aggressive toward humans.

The offspring of these two powerful dog breeds provide an excellent choice for a guard or watchdog that, with the proper training, will only bark when necessary.

Three Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get a Pitbull German Shepherd Cross

1. Need Daily Exercise

A German Shepherd Pitbull mix possesses a powerful body and demands much physical exercise. It will need to work out every day for at least 90 minutes.

You may maintain your dog in fantastic physical shape by taking him for a jog or a run for an hour in the morning and then walking him for half an hour in the evening. This will help release extra energy and keep him physically fit.

If he does not get the appropriate amount of physical activity, he may engage in disobedient and destructive activities such as excessive barking, digging holes, or chewing on shoes.

2. Not Suitable for Living in a Small Apartment

The German Shepherd Pitbull mix is a high-energy dog that does not enjoy spending the day confined in apartments because of its high activity level. Due to the enormous amount of energy that these dogs possess and the fact that they enjoy moving about quite a bit, they require a roomy environment. You should provide him with a backyard where he can play and run about freely.

3. Not Ideal for Young Kids

These canines may also be the ideal breed for families with children; nevertheless, close monitoring is essential for kids of very young ages. Due to the lack of training that this breed receives, they tend to bark a lot and chew on anything they can get their mouths on, making them unsuitable to be around children. In addition, young children should be taught the proper ways to care for the four-legged family members who live in their homes.

What You Should Know About The Pitbull German Shepherd Mix (a.k.a Shepherd Pit)

The German Shepherd Pitbull mix, which also goes by the German name Pit or German Sheppit, is a hybrid dog created by crossing two breeds that are both perceived due to the misconceptions surrounding them. The German Shepherd and the American Pit Bull Terrier have been bred together to produce this hybrid dog.

Both parent breeds have a poor reputation for being hostile, even though this is not true of any of them. Even though they may have a more aggressive attitude than other species, they can still be highly affectionate and lively companion creatures if they have the appropriate training and are raised in the proper setting. If you put these two breeds together, you will get a beautiful hybrid intelligent, loyal, and loving mixed dog. This dog would go out of its way to satisfy its master and enjoy his family’s company.

Pitbull German Shepherd Mix Temperament

  • ·      German shepherd pit bull mixes are intelligent, loving, and protective canines that create deep ties with their owners.
  • They get along well with youngsters, and their intelligence and athletic build make them ideal choices for obedience training and work in the field.
  • Even though it is obedient and easy to train, the German Shepherd is not recommended for first-time pet owners.
  • The strength and size of the dog make it very difficult to control, and it has a propensity for being aggressive toward other canines.
  • This mixed-breed puppy will benefit significantly from early socialization and training, enabling it to mature into a friendly, obedient, and even-tempered dog.

Pitbull German Shepherd Mix Exercise Requirements

  • To maintain their physical fitness, adult German shepherd pitbull mixes require at least one hour and a half of exercise daily, which should be broken up into two different walks.
  • Due to the dog’s agility, muscularity, and intelligence, it is well-suited for difficult sports such as agility and herding.
  • Puppies of the German shepherd pitbull mix should have at least five minutes of exercise every month they have lived.
  • A daily exercise session of ten minutes is required for a puppy two months old; however, a daily session of twenty minutes is necessary for a puppy four months old.

German Shepherd Pitbull Combination Health Problems

To ensure you get the healthiest dog possible, you must know about the parents’ medical history. The following is a list of the most widespread health concerns you should keep an eye out for in your GSD Pitbull Mix:

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • Heart disease
  • Allergies
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Bloating
  • Parvo
  • Epilepsy

All these issues can be prevented by using CBD products.

Pitbull German Shepherd Mix Food Requirements

  • Dogs of all breeds need to consume a well-balanced diet, but this is especially true for energetic dogs like the German Shepherd pitbull mix.
  • A big dog needs about 30-35 calories worth of energy for every pound of body weight.
  • The daily calorie requirements for male German shepherd Pitbull mix range from 1300 to 2700, while those for female German Pit bulls range from 1000 to 2000.
  • This can be changed based on their age, size, and how active they are.
  • This crossbreed should regularly consume three to four cups of premium dry dog food.
  • To keep your pup from getting bloated, give it two or three small meals a day.
  • Dry kibble formulated for big and energetic breeds should be given to your dog.
  • These canines should only be given small amounts of human food since many common foods are poisonous to them.

Training a Pitbull Mixed With German Shepherd

  • This breed is not easy to train and unsuitable for first-time pet owners. He’ll seek to manipulate you if you’re not a strong alpha. Try to be patient and resist the urge to give in.
  • Dogs who are socialized from a young age develop a stronger capacity for flexibility, which benefits the dog’s ability to interact successfully with other animals.
  • Socialization can also fix nervous or shy behavior and help your pup get along with other family members.
  • Because interacting with others might take up much of your time, you’ll need patience.
  • To ensure that your dog is not startled when confronted with unfamiliar people or places, you will need to socialize your puppy with many people and take it to locations you usually visit.

Shepherd Pit and Families

  • The German shepherd pitbull mix is a loving and devoted dog that takes great joy in providing its owners with attention and companionship.
  • The dog is a mixed breed, which means it is lively, full of energy, and suitable for those who lead active lifestyles. However, the canine companion is not the best choice for all families because it requires more training and bonding than other breeds.

Pitbull German Shepherd Mix Lifespan

  • If the dog maintains an active lifestyle and consumes food rich in essential nutrients, the German shepherd pitbull mix has an average life span of 11 to 13 years.
  • The longevity of a German sheppit can be impacted by a variety of hereditary illnesses and health problems, including bloat, joint disease, and heart disease.
  • Taking your German shepherd pitbull mix in for examinations at the vet regularly will help lower the likelihood of developing any health concerns.

Pitbull German Shepherd Mix Puppy for Sale

  • A German shepherd pitbull mix puppy can range anywhere from $600 to $1100 based on several factors like the dog’s age, appearance, pedigree, and overall health.
  • Adults in rescue shelters usually cost between $50 and $250 to adopt, which is much less than the price of a puppy. Rescue shelters often have German shepherd pitbull mixes that people can adopt.

Frequently Asked Questions About The German Shepherd Pitbull Mix Breed

The German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix is commonly known as the German Pit or Shepherd Pit.

Both the Pitbull German Shepherd parent breeds have a bad reputation for being aggressive, so yes, a Pitbull German Shepherd mix can be aggressive if it can not be appropriately trained.

They usually shed moderately.

No, they are not dangerous (if appropriately trained).

Try to feed them a good quality, high protein diet regularly.

You can train them with care and love by using positive reinforcement techniques.

They can grow up to 26 inches in height.

They can weigh up to 85 pounds.

They need 75-90 minutes of exercise daily.

They can live up to 13 years.

They can stop growing when they are 16-18 months old.

They can cost between $600 to $1100.

Mating GSD and Pitbull produce them.

The only way to ultimately tell that your dog is a German Shepherd Pitbull Mix is by conducting a DNA test.

Yes, they are good family dogs.

Yes, if appropriately trained, they are good with kids.

Yes, they can do well with other pets.

You should start training your GSD Pitbull mix at the age of 6-8 weeks.

No, they are not hard to train.

No, they are not hypoallergenic.


With consistent proper training, exercise, and correct socialization, German Shepherd Pitbulls are incredibly loyal, friendly, and affectionate towards family members, making them an excellent choice as a family pet. This crossbreed can even be the perfect breed for children, primarily because its parent breed Pitbull was previously known as a nanny dog.