Dog DNA tests accuracy: which dog DNA test is most accurate?

How accurate are dog DNA tests? That's the question we asked when we began researching the market. This guide is all about dog DNA tests accuracy.
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When you want to have a DNA test of your dog, you will surely ask which dog DNA test is most accurate. The manufacturer and quality define the accuracy of the dog DNA test kit. You can also get some notion about the accuracy of how much do dog DNA tests cost.

Price is not always the decisive factor for accuracy and quality. But still, it is a substantial feature that you cannot overlook. 

Here you will get valid information about the dog DNA test accuracy and associated question with a brief description. 

Let’s start our journey regarding dog DNA test kits accuracy right away.

How Accurate Are Dog DNA Test Kits?

Dog DNA tests accuracy mostly moves from 93% to 99%. The most common factors that impact the accuracy of the final result are the kit used to run the test, the size of the provider’s database, and the caution with which you collected the sample used to run the test.

The price of the kit is not the only parameter to evaluate the accuracy of it. The database of the service provider and the DNA kit quality allow you to get the most accurate result from the product.

Keep in mind that dog DNA tests do not give you a complete picture of your dog’s health, and sometimes they may give you completely wrong results.

Yes! This can happen too.

A DNA test kit is simply a better way to find out more about your dog’s ancestry and to discover the genetic health conditions of the breed(s) it came from.

Some factors that could cause inaccuracy of the final result?

  • If you have touched the swab, you have compromised the accuracy of the test before sending it to the lab.
  • If the dog has more breeds in parents or grandparents and the lab is missing the breed, you are in trouble. This trouble is caused because of a lack of information on the concerned breed in the database. With the popularity of dog DNA tests, the database of the companies is growing bigger, and there are seldom chances for such incidents. 

Which dog DNA test is the most accurate? Embark is the most advanced dog DNA test currently available in the market.

This kit allows users to find out not only the breed makeup of their pet but also gives them a heads up if their dog carries any genetic diseases that are hereditary by screening for over 200 different mutations.

Because Embark tests for over 350 dog breeds, this puts the company far ahead of its competition in terms of providing consumers with highly detailed level of information about their pup’s lineage and health.

Reliable Dog DNA Test
Embark - Discover Your Dog's Ancestry With The Help Of Professionals!

The most accurate & highest-rated dog DNA kit on the market enables you to learn about your dog’s breed, ancestry, health, relatives, and more. The Embark DNA test looks at over 350 breeds and more than 210 genetic health risks using a DNA genotypic platform.

You’ll receive all the health and breeding information of your dog within the interval of 2 weeks after taking just three simple steps. Activate, Swab, and Send. 

  • Easy to use – Simply swab your dog’s cheek, send and wait for the results!
  • Accurate and professionally concluded results – Get information about your pup’s breed and genetic health risks to help predict and prevent potential health issues.
  • Embark is backed by world-class scientists and researchers.
  • Embark is the most accurate dog DNA kit on the market.
  • The database contains over 350 dog breeds and over 210 genetic health risks.
What Do We Think: ​​Embark is the best kit for those dog parents who want to determine their puppy's breed and know their genetic health profile. Also, for all those dog owners who want to confirm the breed right after adoption, this breed test kit is for them.
Learn more about your dog's health
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How Dog DNA Kits Work?

 Dog DNA tests accuracy - which dog DNA test is most accurate - genetic testing for dogs before breeding - How can I find out the breed of my dog's DNA -

The process of getting the DNA test results start with the decision and ends with the result. 

Let’s break down the whole process in easy-to-understand steps for a better understating of how dog DNA kits work.

  • Make the purchase decision
  • Receiving and ensuring the safety of the product
  • Collect sample
  • Send to the lab
  • Receive the results

1. Make The Purchase Decision

When you have decided to know about the genetic information of your dog, you need to buy the product. 

The best way to purchase a product is Amazon or the website of your desired product. 

When you buy, you must look for reviews and other important features and considerations, which I will discuss later in a separate section in this very article. 

2. Receiving and Ensuring The Safety of The Product

You will mostly get the product in a cardboard box. The box is there to ensure that you receive the product intact. 

The swab and sample box will come in a condition that they will not compromise the integrity of the test. 

You must look for that the whole product and parts you receive are not damaged from any area. 

3. Collect Sample

The sample collecting method used mainly by the products is using a swab through the cheek. 

The swabbing time can vary from product to product. Some products require you to rub the swab in your cheeks for 20 seconds. 

In comparison, others might ask you to do that for a whole minute. 

You must read the instructions carefully and follow every step accordingly. Make sure your hands are washed, and you are not touching the swab with your fingers and hands before putting it into the mouth of your dog. 

4. Send to The Lab

Once the swabbing process has been completed for the recommended time in the mouth, now it’s time to put it into the container. 

You will have a robust container inside the cardboard box. The container will ensure that swab remains intact from other objects around. 

When you have placed it in the container, now it’s time to mail it to the lab. The facility will complete the procedure on the sample, and the data will run for a match in the database. 

5. Receive The Results

The result might take two to six weeks, depending on the queue.

If the service provider has more samples in line, you might have to wait for six weeks for the mail. And others might take two weeks to mail you the results. 

Various s companies have the facility to show you the results online on their website. 

Which Dog DNA Test Is The Most Accurate?

There are various test kits in the market, and their representatives will make you believe that they have the most accurate and top-notch product to offer you. 

But according to the reviews and results, the netizens have ranked the following two products as the most accurate and useful dog DNA test kits. 

Best Overall: Embark Breed + Health Kit

embark dna test, What Breed is My Dog How to Identify ANY Dog Breed - Is my dog a pure breed -- (1) (1)

It is a bit pricier than the other one mentioned in the list. But the instructions are clear and you won’t find any difficulty in following them. 

The easy-to-use kit is famous for providing the most accurate results when looking for dog DNA test results. 

There is only one swab in the box, but you won’t need another after following the instructions. 

The swab is soft, but its sturdiness will make it stand against the pressure of canine teeth. And you will have the appropriate sample to run the test.


  • Gentle cheek swabs
  • Easy to use and non-invasive
  • 350 breed database for more accurate results
  • Information about dog relatives
  • 200 genetic health risks checked
  • Robust online portal with a nicely designed dashboard
  • Social networks to connect with other dogs that have been tested with Embark


  • Higher price
  • Extended 6-week turnaround

Best Budget: Wisdom Panel Premium

At the most affordable price, you get one of the most accurate test kits. You can choose between the options of breed-only results, or you can go for breed plus health results. 

The database in the lab consists of 350 breeds, and you get the exact percentage of your dog’s breed. 

Despite the toothbrush-like swab, the method of collecting samples is easy, and you get the most accurate results. 

You get the results in four weeks of sending the sample through mail. 


  • 350+ breeds database
  • Breed only option
  • Breed and health option 
  • Multi-generational family tree
  • Easy to use
  • 210+ health tests to identify genetic risks related to weight, mobility, drug sensitivities, vision, and more.
  • 35+ trait tests to better understand eye colors, ideal weight range, coat type, and more.


  • Swabs can irritate gums
  • 4-week turnaround

What to Look for in a Dog DNA Testing Kit

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Dog DNA test kit is an easy to get package that comes with the swab and sample container. The swab and container help you protect the sample and send it to the appropriate body for DNA testing. 

Any mistake in tanking the sample might compromise the test. 

Knowing how much dog DNA tests cost is not the only thing you need to focus on when you want to buy this product. 

The following facts and features are also vital for looking for in a dog DNA test kit. 

  • Maximum reviews 
  • Adequate cost
  • Intact product
  • Gene’s percentage information
  • Health information 

1. Maximum Reviews 

The number of reviews on the selling website is the result of the number of users. The more positive reviews mean that the product has high-quality features to satisfy customers. 

The satisfied customer recommends new buyers to go for this product. 

Various DNA test kits in the market might not give you accurate results or added features and information that might come in handy. 

2. Adequate Cost

The cost of the product is also an important factor that helps you understand the quality of the product. 

Expensive doesn’t always mean the product will give you more than you are looking for. But there are still many products mentioned above that come at an adequate price in good quality. 

These products let you receive maximum information about the health and gene percentage of your dog. 

You gain more control over the factors, and the pro-active approach allows you to get things under control before things get worse. 

The information about the diseases is more crucial for vets and owners to have a happy and healthy dog. 

3. Intact Product

You need this consideration after you have ordered the product. The packaging of the product is of more importance here. 

When you get the product, you must ensure that the swab and container are intact. Any leak or compromised packaging will make the whole venture futile. 

The product must come with a solid stricter that can manage the strain and burden of other envelopes during mail delivery. 

4. Gene’s Percentage Information

When you ensure the reviews, you must also look for the database limit and a maximum number of data regarding the manufacturer’s breeds. 

You will also consider that the manufacturer has data of more breeds that will help you identify your dog’s breed. 

The database with a maximum number of dog DNA samples will help you know the exact percentage of the breed and parents of your dog. 

5. Health Information 

Various test kits in the database allow you to have the percentage of breeds and parents in your dog. 

Some other test kits let you know about the health condition, genetic mutation possibility, and weight recommendation regarding your mixed dog breed. 

This health information helps vets know about the potential genetic-based diseases that the dog might suffer in older age. 

The diet and exercise plan change will help the dog delay or curtail or vanish the disease’s possibility. 

Can Dog DNA Tests Help With Obedience Training?

You get the following information from the DNA test to help you manage the training:

  • Breed information
  • Percentage of the breed
  • Traits and features

The straight answer to this question is a yes. When you get the DNA test results, you know about the percentage of the breeds and parents in your dog. The information is vital in understanding the behavior of your dog in the first place. 

There are various traits and acts of your dog that might confuse you much. 

When you have a dog that looks from the breed with less energy and less stubbornness, you will treat the dog that way. 

But when DNA reveals that your dog has some percentage of terrier that makes them active and energetic towards prey and a bit stubborn, things take a dramatic turn. 

The information regarding the breeds and their percentage will make you proactive and powerful. You get a higher place in fabricating strategies to manage the behavior of your dog. 

This phenomenon helps trainers and owners a lot in managing the dog during training and everyday life. 

5 Things You Can Learn Through The Dog DNA Test 

How can I tell what my dog is mixed with - What does a dog DNA test tell you – Dog DNA tests accuracy - which dog DNA test is most accurate

DNA test lets you know about your beloved buddy’s dog breed, medical disposition, and ethnic background. 

A few years before, DNA testing was a costly endeavor. But with the latest inventions and new technology, the cost has been reduced to mere few hundred dollars. 

The process has become easy, and you don’t need experts to take samples. 

The swab testing DNA kits provide you with the answers to your significant questions. 

The most substantial things you can learn about your dog through DNA testing are:

  • Breed and traits
  • Health and genetic list
  • Weight recommendations
  • Dog’s relative
  • Contribution to the database 

1. Breed & Traits 

Mix Breed Dogs

As for the breed, you get the chance to know about the ancestry and lineage. The DNA test lets you know about how many different breeds are there in your dog. 

You can also get information about the parent of your dog. The parents and their parents are available in the results. 

Traits are the fun facts, age, and temperament of your dog. When there are mixed breeds, you get confused about how to treat your fur-ball. 

People also are unable to know what should be the right training plan for their best pal. 

The trait and habit information allows them to fabricate the training and exercise plan according to their needs. 

Pure Breed Dogs

For a purebred dog, you will receive information about how many generations have purity in mating. The pedigree dogs are sold at high prices, and with the help of this test, you can confirm that the exotic puppy is expensive. 

Pure breeds dogs have specific exercise requirements and temperament. You can learn about this information through authentic sources. 

Once you have learned that your dog hails from pure breed, managing those becomes relatively easy. 

2. Health and Genetic Risks

Some diseases are associated with specific genes. The most common one multi-drug resistance disease is quite notorious in dogs. 

This disease makes them allergic to a particular condition, and any delay after the reaction could lead to death. 

If you want to be a proactive owner, you must go for a kit that also tells about these diseases. This kit will let you know about the gene-specific diseases your dog is vulnerable to. 

You can change the diet and exercise routines or start the early medication to make things right before things get out of control. 

3. Weight Recommendations

DNA test provides information about the dog for the weight and size of your dog. The recommended weight will give you a specific limit. And if your dog crosses that weight limit, obesity and extra weight will make things quite complicated. 

An overweight dog is exposed to diabetes, arthritis, and various other medical conditions. 

When you have the exact maximum weight limit, you can take corrective measures in time. These corrective measures allow the owner and pooch to manage weight. 

You also get nutritional recommendations for the puppy and adult dog. This vital information helps you manage the health of your beloved buddy and make them live a happy and healthy extended life. 

4. Dog’s Relatives

You get to know about the siblings of your beloved friend. The information about the genes and percentage of the parents helps you identify the long-lost siblings. 

The remarkable feature here is you are notified if long-lost relatives join the database. 

When you have given the sample of your dog’s DNA, and another relative joins the test after a year or two, you will be notified about that. 

5. Contribution to The Database

This is not what you take from the test. Instead, you get the privilege to add to the database to help others know the truth. 

Your given information will prove to be a valuable resource for the researcher. 

The vets and experts will have ample information about the disease and genetic mutation in different dogs because of the diversity in genes. 


FAQ - What Breed is My Dog How to Identify ANY Dog Breed - Is my dog a pure breed (4)

What Will a Dog DNA Test Tell You?

DNA tests give you the information about:

– Genetics
– Relation
– Breed ancestors
– Health and diseases

How to Make a DNA Test on a Dog?

The most popular ones are the swab testing kits that are easy to use. Take the swab out from the kit and rub it on the cheek. Pack the sample and send it to the manufacturer. Within weeks, you will get the results. 

How Do Dog DNA Tests Work?

Some DNA tests require a professional to take blood samples. At the same time, the most common method is to take a saliva sample from the cheek with a swab. The sample is then compared from the database of different breeds. 

Can Dog DNA Tests Be Wrong?

The test has a fair percentage to be accurate. But in some cases, the test could be compromised because of the cheap quality of the kit or some mistake during sample collection. 

How Much Does Dog DNA Testing Cost?

Various dog DNA testing kits range between $40 and $300.

Are Dog DNA Tests Worth The Cost?

If you are concerned about your pup’s health and want to make changes in your lifestyle, it is worth it. It is also a good investment for the breeders interested in reducing health risks in the pups. 


veterinarian - BEST flea dog collars - tick collars for dogs - how to prevent fleas and ticks - veterinary visit

Dog DNA test kit lets you know about the purity of the breed and the parents of a dog. If the breed is not pure, you will also get the chance to know about the percentage of different breeds in your pet. 

The information from the DNA test will help you manage the health and life of your canine friend with more control and power. 

If you’re the owner of a mixed breed dog and simply cannot figure out what’s in your canine companion, getting tested by Embark is truly the answer to all of your questions.

The test itself is done at home, is easy to use, with any insights related specifically when it comes down to the health and ancestry of your dog being provided for you via an easy-to-use interface.

You can also talk with your vet and take professional (and expensive!) tests to get in-detail information about your dog’s nutrition, weight, and genetic mutation for illicit diseases and complications.

That being said, there is nothing left but to thank you for your attention up to this point.

I hope I have been helpful, and I wish you many moments of joy and satisfaction in the company of your beloved puppy.

Of course, if you have any questions or concerns along the way don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Until next time!

A big hug.

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