Do Border Collies shed a lot? (explained & answered!)

Do Border Collies shed a lot? Border Collies are known for their high shedding rate and can be quite difficult to manage. Here are some tips to reduce the shedding.

Have you just brought your little Border Collie to your sweet home? Or are you just curious about the Border Collie shedding? In this blog, I’m going to illustrate the complete Border Collie shedding process. 

So, keep on reading till the end!

Do Border Collies Shed a Lot? 

Border Collie shedding

​​Border collies typically shed a moderate amount throughout the year. However, in some cases, shedding can increase dramatically due to factors such as changes in climate or lifestyle. The dog’s shedding will reach an excessive level twice a year and need to be controlled with brushing and hair removal. 

The main reason for Border Collie’s shedding is his double coat. So let’s have a deep look at the Border Collie Coat.

Border Collie Coat Characteristics

As I have described above, the Border Collie has a double coat. The outer coat of the Border Collie is long, smooth, and feathered. On the other hand, the undercoat is shorter and rougher. 

Here are some of the Border Collie coat characteristics:

  • The coat of a Border Collie is most often black with a white blaze on the face, feet, neck, legs, and tail tip.
  • Most often, the coat is weather-resistant.
  • Brushing should be done on a weekly basis to keep the coat’s oil well distributed.
  • Brushing should be more frequent during the spring and summer.
  • Because of their double coat, Border Collies can tolerate cold weather but cannot live outside in it.

When Does Border Collie Shed The Most?

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The shedding level of Border Collies depends on various factors. Some factors are as follows:

1. Stage of Life

Border collies are a herding breed of dog, and as such, they are known to shed a lot. This is especially true during the early stages of their life when they are growing and developing their coat. 

If you have a Border Collie puppy, then you might have noticed that it has a thick and fluffy coat. This coat gives this little soul some extra warmth. However, this coat will not be with them for their whole life.

Generally, this thick and fluffy coat starts shedding at the age of 1 or 2 years. After this shedding process, Border Collie will have a new fur.

As they get older, however, the amount of shedding tends to decrease.

2. Time of Year

Border Collie shed more during two seasons in the year, So keep your brush ready during this time. The seasons in which most of the shedding takes place are as follows:

  • Spring 
  • Fall

3. Skin Conditions and Pests

The shedding of Border Collie is usually normal, but sometimes shedding can increase because of medical conditions. If you see a lot of shedding throughout the whole year, then it’s a great idea to visit your Veterinarian.

Some of the signs that a dog is shedding due to a medical condition include:

  • the sound of them constantly scratching,
  • having an ugly rash on their skin,
  • not being able to stop scratching their ear or licking their toes,
  • having pus-filled blisters on the hairless portion of their abdomen.

4. Diet and Exercise

Diet and exercises are not directly related to the shedding of Border Collie. However, it can increase shedding indirectly. 

For example, if your dog’s diet is unhealthy, it will eventually lead him to some medical condition that will cause a lot of shedding. That’s why taking care of the diet and exercise is also important to prevent future issues.  

11 Tips to Reduce Shedding of a Border Collie

Do Border Collies Shed Excessively

Now, we have learned a lot about the shedding of a Border Collie. Let’s have a look at the tips that you can follow to prevent abnormal or excessive shedding of a Border Collie:

Tip #1:  Brush Your Dog

My first recommendation for reducing a Border Collie’s shedding is to regularly brush your dog. This is the easiest step any dog owner can take in less than ten minutes.

Note: Kindly see my recommended Tools and Equipment section below to see my recommended tools to reduce shedding.

Tip #2:  Pick The Right Dog Food

Sometimes unhealthy food can also cause excessive shedding. So, try to pick the right healthy and digestible food for your dog.

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Tip #3:  Add a Fatty Acid Supplement to Your Dog’s Diet

According to experts, giving your dog some fatty acid supplements can reduce shedding. I give this supplement to my Border Collie, but it’s entirely up to you to choose the best brand for your workaholic dog.

Tip #4:  Exercise Your Dog

Exercise is also very important for reducing Border Collie’s shedding. Regular exercise will help to keep your dog’s muscles and joints healthy, which will, in turn, reduce the amount of hair that he sheds.

Tip #5:  Use The Right Brush

Different brushes have been designed for different breeds, don’t purchase any brush you see. Take time to research whether this brush is the right choice for your dog or not. 

Tip #6:  Choose a Shedding Tool

Shedding tools can work magically to reduce the shedding process. Some of these tools are pretty expensive, but you will have to do some little research to find the best tool for your dog. This shedding tool has excellent value for money.

Tip #7:  Increase Water Intake

Less water intake can increase dryness and shedding. So, frequently check your dog’s water bowl and make sure that whether your companion is taking enough water or not.

Tip #8: Bathe Often

Bathing can also help in reducing the shedding process. Give him a bath at least once a week and choose a shampoo that can reduce shedding without drying the skin of your dog. 

Tip #9: Remove Hair From Upholstery and Your Dog’s Bed as Soon as Possible

As I said earlier, upholstery works as a magnet for dogs’ hairs. So, clean the upholstery and dog’s bed regularly. 

Tip #10: Take Control of Fleas

Fleas are not only responsible for the shedding, but they can also cause some serious medical issues to your dog’s health. That’s why taking fleas away from your dog is your responsibility.  

Tip #11:  Cover Your Furniture and Car Seats

Sometimes upholstery works as a magnet for dog hairs. That’s why covering it could be the best step that you can take to reduce the shedding of your Border Collie.

Tools and Equipment to Help Combat Border Collie Shedding

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Using tools and equipment can help combat Border Collie Shedding. Here are some of my recommended products that you can use to reduce Border Collie shedding:

Nutri-Vet Shed Defense: These Soft Chews for dogs helps to protect skin and create a shiny, healthier coat. If your Border Collie shed quite a lot, then it’s a must-have product for you!

Pet Grooming Kit: It’s a complete pet grooming kit that you can use to reduce the shedding of your Border Collie. 

Coastal Pet Dual-Sided Dog Shedding Blade: This shedding blade is best for you if you have a medium to large size Border Collie. It will help you keep your dog and home clean by removing excess hair.


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What Can Cause a Border Collie to Shed More?

Here are some of the things that can cause your Border Collie to shed more:

Changes in weather and season
Physical or emotional stress
Medical Issues or allergies
A change in routine

Are Border Collies Considered a Hypoallergenic Dog Breed?

No, Border Collies are not considered hypoallergenic, but it is always best to consult a vet before introducing a new dog into the home. Some of the allergens that can cause problems for people who are allergic to dogs include dander, saliva, and hair.

Does Border Collie Need Haircuts?

No. Border Collies usually look prettier even without a haircut. By giving them haircuts during the winter season, you could damage their coat and unknowingly impact their warmth and protection. If you still want to give him a haircut, you should get help from professionals.

How Long Does Border Collie Shed?

Border Collie shed at a moderate rate most of the time. However, during Spring and Summer seasons, the shedding process increases to prepare for the upcoming season.

Why Is My Border Collie Shedding so Much?

Usually, the shedding of Border Collie is normal. But if your Collie shed a lot more than normal, then there could be a couple of reasons behind it. Some of them are as follows:

Time of year
Skin Conditions & pests
Diet and Exercise
Stress and medical issues

Final Thoughts

How bad do Collies shed

Now you might have a clear understanding of shedding in Border Collies. We have discussed the various reasons behind excessive shedding in border collies and some tips to reduce shedding in Border Collies. 

Do Border Collies shed excessively?

Border Collies are considered to be medium to high shedding dogs. Most of the year, Border Collie shed at the moderate level. However, during Spring and Summer, the shedding process speeds up to prepare for the upcoming season. 

However, If you still have some questions about Border Collies, please let me know. I would love to hear from your side.

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