Are border collies good with cats? (answered!)

If you’re a pet lover, you may want to consider owning more than one pet. Owning a cat and dog together can be really challenging and demanding, but some people have successfully done it by training their dogs to be good with cats.

Docile cats and dogs can do better with each other. But, it becomes more challenging when you are dealing with Border Collies. The tussle between dogs and cats is very well known, but domestication has significantly reduced their aggression.

Now, with a little effort, you can efficiently train your Border collie and cat not to fight with each other. Mostly your dog has to be taught not to chase the cat. 

In this article, you will find 10 ways to train your dog not to chase your kittie.

Let’s get started.

Are Border Collies Good With Cats?

Although Border Collies are generally good with other pets, they are high-energy dogs and love to chase other animals, so it can be difficult to have them spend time with cats. While it can take time for them to get used to each other, there are many great ways to discourage your cat from harpooning your dog when it moves and vice versa.

How to Safely Introduce a Border Collie to a Cat?

Are Border Collies Cat-Friendly

Some people think that it is impossible for a Border Collie (or any dog for that matter) to co-exist with a cat, but nothing is further from the truth. 

Yes, the Border Collie can chase the cat and vice versa, but with proper training and supervision, these can become great friends.

Certain ways can help you introduce a border collie with a cat. First of all, you should get each other used to the companion’s body scent. You can rub the cloth on each other bodies and put this piece of cloth into the other’s bedding.

Let collie and kittie roam and search out the living place of each other. You can introduce them through a door or a baby gate. In addition, you can also introduce each other with your dog on a leash.

How to Cat-train a Border Collie

Border collies are very affectionate and sensitive dogs. You can easily train them to make peace with your kittie. Here are the supplies and guidelines you will need to train your border collie.

Training Supplies You Will Need to Cat Train a Dog

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You will need the following supplies for training.

Things to Consider When Cat Training a Border Collie

You need to create love and peace between your two special furry friends. Your border collie and kittie can get along better if you introduce them at an early age. 

Here are some tips and guidelines that will be effective for a healthy bond between them.

10 Tips and Techniques to Keep The Peace Between a Border Collie and a Cat

Are border collie good with cats

There are a few things that you can do to help keep the peace between a border collie and a cat. 

1. Introduce Them as Early as Possible

It would be better for you to introduce your dog and cat at an early age. Puppies and kitties have better tendencies to learn and adopt new things and new behaviors. Puppies and kitties can better manage with each other and make a better relationship.

2. Encourage Socialization

You should encourage socialization between the two. You can start by getting them used to each other’s scent; you can introduce them with your dog on a leash or even try to get them involved in fun activities where they can participate equally.

3. Cat Heaven

Your kittie should have a place to run and hide from border collie. This place will be your kittie’s heaven where she can save herself and feel comfortable.

4. Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities help your furry friends utilize their energies and keep calm. You can indulge your dog and cat in playing fun games, learn obeying commands. You can take your dog for a walk once or twice a day. It is better to go for a walk in the morning and play in the evening. It will keep their focus and energies diverted from the cat. A tired dog is a happy dog!

5. Tug of War

Playing tug of war greatly reduces aggression and rage and keeps your furry friend relaxed and calm. A few minutes of tug of war is enough. It will make your furry friend tired, and he will not think of chasing your kittie. 

6. Rewarding

Nothing is possible without a proper incentive or a reward. Whenever your dog behaves in a good manner with kittie, you should reward him with a treat or pat him with affection. Your furry friend will take this as a compliment and repeat the same afterward.

7. NO

Dogs listen to their owners and look for their acknowledgment. You should train your border collie to listen to your commands. Every time your collie does something you disapprove of, you should react with a straight “NO”. then he will listen to your command and try not to repeat the same again.

8. Out

If you find your dog misbehaving with a cat, you need to grab him by the collar move him out of the room. Let your furry friend stay out for a few minutes so that he can learn not to repeat the same behavior. Border collies are very sensitive, and therefore they can easily get if you are not happy with their behavior.

9. Try Not to Punish Him

You should not terrify or punish your border collie when he is aggressive or chasing your kittie. It will make him defensive. You try to remove him out of the scene, maybe out of the room, to make him calm and learn that he is not supposed to repeat the same behavior again.

10. Consistency

You must keep your attitude consistent because only then can your collie understand and start behaving according to your choice. If you remain confused and change your attitude and behavior now and then, your border collie will not be able to learn correctly.

Final Thoughts

Can border collies get along with cats

Are Border Collies cat-friendly?

Border collies have instincts to herd and work, and therefore they may not get along with cats in a better way. However, their sensitivity and obedience allow them to be trained to have a good relationship with the cat. 

With the help of the guidance mentioned above, you can train your border collie to get along with the cat efficiently.

Do you have a cat at home and would like to adopt a Border Collie?

Border Collies are active, wide-ranging herding dogs. A Border Collie wants to be a working dog. If you bring this breed into your home without a suitable outlet for its working instincts, you have a recipe for disaster. 

The Border Collie is not a “dog for the family who just wants a pet.” Border Collies are beautiful, intelligent dogs, but they are not for everyone.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article; I hope it has been useful to you!