When do belgian malinois stop growing? (detailed answer!)

You have just bought a Belgian Malinois puppy, or you are planning to buy one. The first thing that comes to your mind is how large do these dogs grow, and when do Belgian Malinois stop growing? 

Great question! Without much ado, here’s the answer.

When Do Belgian Malinois Stop Growing? 

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Belgian Malinois attain their adulthood around 12 to 18 months, and this is the time when they stop growing further. The Belgian Malinois, in general, reaches the height of 22 to 26 inches (55.8 to 66 cm) while they gain weight around 53 to 77 Ibs (24 to 35 kg) when they reach an adult stage of life. 

Belgian Malinois dogs have a muscular frame and look athletic. They are usually confused with German Shepherd at first glance because of their appearance. But if you look closely, there are quite a few differences between the two. 

If you are curious to know about the growth journey of a Belgian Malinois, keep reading this blog post till the end. You will get to know about the growth of male and female Malinois and the factors affecting their development and growth. 

Belgian Malinois Weight Chart

The following table describes the weight of a Belgian Malinois between 1 to 12 months of age. 

Age of Belgian Malinois (months)Weight – Low average (Ibs) Weight – High average (Ibs)
1 month4 Ibs8 Ibs
3 months15  Ibs22 Ibs
6 months26  Ibs37 Ibs
9 months37 Ibs50 Ibs
12 months41 Ibs61 Ibs
16-18 months53 lbs77 lbs

Growth of a Male Belgian Malinois

According to the stats, male Belgian Malinois dogs are expected to gain weight around 15.6 to 37.2 lbs (7.1 to 12.2 kg) at the age of three months. While the expected weight gain at the age of six is around 26.6 to 40.3 lbs (12.1 to 18.3 kg). The growth of a male Malinois dog is expected to stop between 16 and 19 months of age. 

Growth of a Female Belgian Malinois

According to the stats, female Belgian Malinois dogs at the age of three months are expected to gain weight around 14.9 to 22.4 lbs (6.8 to 10.2 kg). While a female dog at the age of six weighs around 25.7 to 37.2 lbs (11.7 to 16.9 kg). The growth of a female Malinois dog is expected to stop at 16 months. 

Factors That Can Affect a Belgian Malinois Puppy Growth


Belgian Malinois naturally possess a strong and muscular frame, but a few factors influence their growth, which are;

  • Bloat – It is also called gastric dilation. It happens because of the filling of gas in the stomach. Bloat can be fatal in severe conditions. 
  • Obesity and weight gain  – Malinois dogs are prone to obesity and extra weight gain that can lead to different health problems like joint and back pain, heart issues, etc. 
  • Thyroid problems Malinois dogs are also prone to a metabolic disorder called hypothyroidism. These medical conditions affect the growth, weight, and behavior of the dog. 


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When Do Male Belgian Malinois Stop Growing?

Belgian Malinois dogs will usually stop growing when they reach their full size that is usually around 15 to 18 months. Smaller Malinois dogs will reach their growth end-point earlier than larger Malinois dogs.

When Do Female Belgian Malinois Stop Growing?

Female Malinois are smaller in size than their male counterparts. This is the reason why they stop growing earlier than male dogs. Usually, female Malinois reach their estimated height around the 11th or 13th month. This is the time when they generally stop growing. However, they may gain some height until they reach 16-18 months of age.

At What Age Is a Belgian Malinois Full Grown?

Generally, Belgian Malinois dogs attain their approximate height around the 11th month, but they keep on gaining weight until they reach 18 months of age.  Around the age of 1 year, most Belgian Malinois have gained about ninety percent of their adult weight. However, in rare cases, some Malinois dogs keep on putting on weight (muscles) until they reach three years of age. 

How Big Does a Female Belgian Malinois Grow?

A female Belgian Malinois gains an average maximum weight of 53 to 66 Ibs (24 to 29.9 kg) at 16 months of age. Generally, a fully grown female dog is expected to be around 63 (28.5 kg) Ibs at one year with an average height of 22 to 24 inches (55.8 to 60.9 cm). 

How Big Does a Male Belgian Malinois Grow?

A male Belgian Malinois grows to a limit of having approximately 77 Ibs (34.9 kg) weight at 18 months which is their adult age. At one year, the expected weight is around 60-70 Ibs (27.2 to 31.7 kg). The typical height of a male Belgian Malinois is 24-26 inches (60.9 to 66 cm). 

How Much Should a 2-month-old Belgian Malinois Weigh?

The weight of a 2-month-old Belgian Malinois puppy is around 6.6 to 13.2 Ibs (3 to 6 kg). This is the time when the pup’s body is under development. He develops muscles to run and stand. 

How Much Should a 6-month-old Belgian Malinois Weigh?

A six-month-old Belgian Malinois is 26.4 to 27.4 Ibs (12 to 17 kg). At this age, the pup is under training hence needs ample playtime and exercise. 

How Much Should a 12-month-old Belgian Malinois Weigh?

The expected weight of a 12-month-old Malinois dog is around 41.8 – 61.7 Ibs (19 – 28 kg). At this age, the Malinois generally reaches adult age and stops growing. This is when male and female dogs take on different shapes due to hormonal changes. 

Tips & Ways to Ensure a Healthy Growing Period for Your Belgian Malinois?

If you own a Belgian Malinois, here’s what you can do to ensure the healthy growth of your dog. 

  • Healthy diet: The growth of a Belgian Malinois is mainly impacted by diet and nutrition. Avoid poor-quality food that lacks nutrition and contains harmful ingredients. Make sure to give healthy food such as Ollie or Orijen puppy food
  • Physical activities: Belgian Malinois dogs are active and alert by nature. They are full of energy, so ample exercise and playtime are needed, which keep the dog happy and healthy. 
  • Improved well-being: A regular exercise schedule helps to build stronger bones and keep the body fit. It also enhances the overall well-being of the dog. 


When do Malinois dogs stop growing - belgian malinois growth chart

Malinois dogs grow until their adult age, usually around 18 months for a male dog and 16 months for a female dog. During this time, the average weight of a Malinois is between 53 lbs-77 lbs (24-35 kg), while the height is 22-26 inches (55.8 to 66 cm). Different factors affect the growth of Malinois; hence the height and weight can vary. 

Since they are highly energetic, Malinois dogs are not certainly suitable for every family. If you are about to buy one make sure you know all the important information regarding this breed, including the height and weight as discussed in this blog. For further information about Belgian Malinois, click here.