Malinois shedding: do belgian malinois shed a lot?

Do Belgian Malinois shed a lot of hair? No, not much! One of the things about the Belgian Malinois that has made it such a popular working dog is the fact that it is low shedding and easy to maintain! In the event that a Malinois does shed, the coat is very fine and can be easily brushed out of clothes, fabrics, and furniture. 

The coat of the Belgian Malinois is a single layer of short hair that just requires a quick brushing once or twice a week to remove the loose hair and to maintain the dog’s handsome look.

I asked many malinois owners and got their opinions about the shedding of their dogs’ hair. All the knowledge and information I have gathered from interviewing several malinois owners are arranged in this article in the form of questions. You may have similar questions in your mind.

Let’s get started.

What Kind of Coat Does a Belgian Malinois Have?

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Belgian Malinois has comparatively short and straight hair. These dogs have a double coat that sheds moderately during the year except two times when the temperature changes. The outer coat has short and straight hairs that are dense and weather resistant. At the same time, the inner coat is soft, thick, and highly insulating.

Do Belgian Malinois Shed a Lot?

Belgian Malinois shed moderately throughout the year. However, when molting increases, they shed a lot to replace the old hairs twice a year (in winter and spring). Shedding becomes necessary when the temperature starts to change. New hairs help them better cope with the changing environment.

How Much Does The Belgian Malinois Shed?

If you are conscious about dog hairs spread all around the home, you may not find a hard time going with Belgian Malinois. Belgian Malinois don’t shed much; they are moderate shedders throughout the year. However, during the molting season, twice a year, they shed more than usual, and you need extra care to avoid Belgian malinois shedding.

When Does The Belgian Malinois Shed The Most?

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Belgian Malinois shed a lot only twice a year. However, during the whole year, they remain a constant shedder.

Let’s take a closer look and see when and how much the Belgian Malinois shed.

1. Stage of Life

One question that comes to mind before buying this breed is: does the Belgian Malinois lose more hair during the adult age or the senior age? The answer is in neither of the two life stages! The Belgian Malinois is a constant shedder throughout the year, throughout its whole life. Except for two times during a year when molting is increased.

2. Time of Year

During the spring and fall season, Belgian Malinois shed more than usual. This is the season when they cope with the changing environment. Therefore they freshen up their protective coat to survive the temperature change.

3. Skin Conditions and Pests

Disease conditions affect a lot in Belgian malinois shedding. Most commonly, skin disease increases the tendency of shedding. In addition, the infestation of pests also increases the incidence of shedding.

4. Diet and Exercise

As diseases increase the tendency of shedding, good diet and exercise decrease the incidence of shedding. In actuality, exercise improves health, and diet fulfills the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. Both these factors reduce the shedding.

How to Reduce The Shedding of a Belgian Malinois? 

Throughout the year, Belgian Malinois are moderate shedders, and you don’t need to do much care to control shedding. However, you should groom your Malinois to carry out the same prevention strategy to prevent your furry friend from shedding. 

  • Use a furminator brush to remove dirt, dander, and loose hair before it ends up on your carpet or clothes.
  • Brushing your pet regularly will help keep the shedding in control and help keep the coat in good shape.
  • Wash your dog every 2/4 weeks with a shed control shampoo to remove dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that could cause shedding to increase.
  • Have the dog professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks to remove loose hair.
  • Ensure that you provide your dog with an appropriate diet, exercise, and grooming to minimize the shedding. Reduce the shedding of your Belgian Malinois by feeding them a high-quality diet that contains all the nutrients they need.


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What Can Cause a Belgian Malinois to Shed More?

Belgian Malinois, if they are fit and healthy, moderately shed their hairs. However, shedding may also be fluctuated by maintaining hygienic conditions or grooming your furry friend regularly. However, twice a year, they need some extra care during the period of changing temperature.

If the dog is molting, which is when the dog loses their fur all at once, it will shed more. A dog that is healthy usually loses less hair simply because it is not losing it. A dog that is older will usually shed significantly more than younger dogs because their hair is thinner.

Is The Belgian Malinois Hypoallergenic?

Simply no! Belgian Malinois are not hypoallergenic. The Belgian Malinois tends to shed from light to medium levels throughout the year. Although groomed and brushed daily, the dog continues to shed hair, and people that suffer from allergies may be affected by pet hair in their homes. 

Do Belgian Malinois Need Haircuts?

Belgian Malinois don’t have long hair and nor are they curly. Therefore, you don’t really need a haircut for a Belgian malinois. However, during fall and spring, twice a year, they shed a lot. At that time, they need regular brushing to avoid hair shedding all around the house. Otherwise, weekly grooming is enough to maintain your Belgian Malinois.

How Long Does Belgian Malinois Shed?

Belgian malinois shedding lasts for only two to three weeks. Therefore they are considered moderate shedders. The Belgian Malinois have a short, straight, and thick coat. In addition, they possess an outer layer of relatively long hair and a layer of short and thick hair underneath. Both the layers don’t shed much all year-round; however, they shed a lot during the season of molting, spring and fall. 

Why Is My Belgian Malinois Shedding so Much?

The Belgian Malinois doesn’t shed a lot throughout the year. The reason for their heavy shedding during the spring and fall season is molting. They need a fresh and thick coat to cope with the environmental temperature changes. Therefore they shed the previous coat and develop a new one.


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The Belgian Malinois is not a problem as far as shedding goes. You can manage a Belgian malinois doing regular grooming once a week throughout the year and daily during the weeks of shedding. Being a  moderate shedder, Belgian Malinois are not hypoallergenic. Therefore, a person with a strong allergy should avoid the Belgian Malinois as a pet dog.

I hope this information has helped you figure out if you really want to live with a Belgian Malinois for the next decade of your life. I appreciate you for your concern and for staying so long on this article.

If you are about to buy or adopt a Malinois, make sure you know all the important information regarding this breed.

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