Can a Dog Get a Cat Pregnant and Have Offspring? 

Can a dog get a cat pregnant? In this blog post, you will discover if a dog can mate with a cat and have an offspring, or vice versa.
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Can a dog get a cat pregnant? It’s a question that many pet owners ask and the answer may surprise you. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the facts surrounding this topic and provide you with a definitive answer.

Can a Dog Get a Cat Pregnant?

No, a dog cannot get a cat pregnant. A dog’s sperm cannot impregnate a cat and in the same way, a cat also can’t impregnate a dog. Cats and dogs are not the same species and cannot mate with each other. If they did, they would not be able to produce offspring.

Why Can’t a Dog Get a Cat Pregnant and Have Offspring?

Can Dog Mate With Cat and Have An Offspring

There is a lot of scientific evidence that proves that a dog can’t get a cat pregnant. Here are some of the major biological differences:

1. They Belong to Different Species.

There are a lot of species that can mate with animals of similar species. This process is known as hybridization and the offspring that are produced by this process are known as “hybrids”.

Have you ever heard of ligers (“LI” as in “Lion” and “GER” as in “TiGER”) and tigons (“TIG” as in “TIGer” and “ON” as in “liON”)? These are produced by a lion and a tiger mating. Moreover, wolfdogs are a mix between wolves and dogs and grolars are a combination of grizzly and polar bears.

Have you ever thought about what the hybrid of a cat and dog would look like? 

Learning about the process of hybridization makes us curious to see the hybrid of a dog and a cat. But the fact is that, unfortunately, they could not produce a hybrid. Since cats and dogs belong to different species, they can’t produce a hybrid. The hybridization of cats and dogs is not even possible in a laboratory setting because only animals of similar species can impregnate each other.

2. Different Reproductive Cycles 

Because dogs and cats belong to very different species, their reproductive cycles are different. In fact, cat sperm cannot enter a dog’s egg cell and dog sperm cannot enter a cat’s egg cell.

3. Different Number of Chromosomes 

The number of chromosomes in cells plays an important role in reproduction. Cell division can’t take place if the numbers of chromosomes are different. 

In the process of cell division, DNA should remain intact and evenly distributed among cells. Chromosomes are the main part of this process which ensure that DNA is accurately copied and distributed during the process of cell divisions.

Cats have 38 chromosomes, including 18 autosomal pairs. The remainder are sex chromosomes (X and Y). On the other hand, dogs have 78 chromosomes. That is why it’s impossible for a dog to impregnate a cat.

4. Different Mating Rituals 

The mating rituals of cats and dogs are also very different from each other. In fact, they are considered enemies and so would never even try to mate with each other.

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6 Reasons Dogs Try to Mount and Hump Cats 

How to stop the mounting and humping behavior between your dog and cat

There could be a lot of reasons that your dog is trying to mount and hump your cat.

I researched a lot about the humping habits of cats and dogs, and I also talked to the vet about this issue. During this process, I learned lots of things that I’m going to share with you in the next paragraphs.

The following could be the reason behind that act of humping:

1. Asserting Dominance

Dogs habitually try to show their dominance. I have seen female dogs try to hump other female dogs, but it doesn’t mean that they are trying to mate with each other. 

Usually in a pet fight, if you take the side of the cat, the dog might be angry with you. So, they then try to prove their dominance. This behavior of asserting dominance could be removed to some extent by following some processes that we will discuss later in this blog.

2. Boredom

Some dog breeds are quite energetic. They want to play all day and if you don’t give them enough attention, they will get bored. That’s why they display unethical behavior to seek attention.

3. Stress

Stress could also be the reason behind the act of humping. If your dog is stressed, then it might be facing some mental problems. 

There are a few ways that a dog can show you that he is facing some mental problems, such as:

  • Humping
  • Inappropriate mounting
  • Bad behaviors
  • Excessive barking
  • Pacing back and forth
  • Eating less than usual
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Losing interest in toys or other activities

4. Medical Issues

Just like humans, testosterone plays an important role in dogs’ lives, and they may face some medical issues in this regard. In an intact dog, testosterone concentrations can range from 0.4 to 6.0 ng/ml over a 24-h period.

If this level is too high, the dog may become agitated. In these cases, spay-neutering is the best measure to take. However, you should always ask your veterinarian before making any decision.

5. Play

Dogs need time and attention. Taking care of two pets at the same time is not easy. You might not be giving each pet enough time. 

If this is the case, your dog might get bored. Dogs are one of the most energetic species out there and they need attention to survive. This is why they will perform other activities like humping and mounting to keep themselves busy.

6. Excitement

When dogs get excited, they try to find ways in which they can show their dominance. That’s why in excitement they usually do inappropriate things like humping and mounting.

When Does Cat and Dog Humping Become a Problem?

Normal moments for humping include when dogs and cats are playing. For example, when running, a dog might turn and mount the cat as a harmless expression of excitement. You might laugh the first time you see this. But then, if it lasts a long time, you might find it disgusting. 

You need to remove this bad habit on your dog’s part. Some cats don’t like humping or mounting. In the initial stages, you can easily stop the mounting and humping. However, if it becomes an established habit, it will be more difficult for you to stop them.

How to Stop The Mounting and Humping Behaviors Between Your Dog and Cat?

can a male dog get a female cat pregnant

Here are some of the best steps that you can take to stop the mounting and humping behavior between your dog and cat:

1. Stop Taking The Side of Your Favorite Pet

During a pet war, don’t take either side. If you take the side of the cat, the dog might get disappointed. In this situation, their need to assert dominance will lead them to do unexpected things like humping and harming the cat.

Moreover, it will also create a never-ending war between your pets. Just give them some time to solve their issues and they will be fine.

2. Resolve Medical Issues 

As I described earlier, medical issues could lead to your dog adopting bad habits. If your dog is facing some type of medical issue then it’s best that you talk with your veterinarian about it.

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3. Play With Your Pets

Keeping pets is not just a hobby, it is a responsibility! Give your pets enough time every day and it will solve 90% of the issue.

4. Remove The Habit of Asserting Dominance

You can’t completely remove the habit of asserting dominance in dogs as it is part of their nature. 

However, you can reduce the habit to some extent by giving them proper obedience training. This type of training includes some basic home rules that every dog should learn. Teach them how to behave with humans and other animals.

5. Discourage Bad Habits 

If you allow your dog to perform inappropriate acts then they will do it again and again. So, whenever you see them doing something inappropriate, you should always discourage them. It will help the dog to understand that it’s a bad habit and they should stop it.


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Do Cats Like Humping Too?

It depends on the situation. Cats also have a habit of humping and mounting. Just like dogs, cats don’t necessarily hump because they are trying to mate with others. I have seen neutered cats try to hump other cats and dogs. 

Here are some of the reasons your cat might hump other cats or dogs:
Reinforcing social ranking.

– Boredom.
– Excitement.
– Stress and anxiety.
– Medical Issues like increased testosterone level. If this is the case, you should contact a veterinarian. They may diagnose the problem and will suggest some solutions for it. 

Can a Female Dog Get Pregnant by a Male Cat?

No, a female dog cannot get pregnant by a male cat. Both dogs and cats belong to different species and the reproductive systems of both species are very different. 

Can a Dog Mate With a Cat in a Lab?

No, a cat and dog cannot mate in a lab. It has been proven many times that animals that belong to different species can’t get one another pregnant. That’s why it’s also impossible in a lab.

Can Cats Mate With Dogs?

The likelihood of a cat mating with a dog is extremely low, as the two species have very different reproductive systems. In addition, the genomes of cats and dogs are about 98% different, making crossbreeding unlikely.

Can a Boy Dog Get a Girl Cat Pregnant?

No, a boy dog can’t get a girl cat pregnant because they belong to different species and have different reproductive systems.

Can a Dog Give Birth to a Cat?

Since the reproductive system of a dog is different from a cat and they belong to different species, a dog can’t give birth to a cat. 

Can a Cat Give Birth to a Dog?

No, a cat can’t give birth to a dog. There are some differences between these species, such as the different number of chromosomes and reproductive systems, which prevent this from happening.

What Would Be The Result of a Cat and Dog Mating?

Nothing would happen because a dog’s sperm can’t impregnate a cat  and a cat’s sperm cannot fertilize a dog’s egg.

Can Cats Mate With Other Animals?

Cats cannot mate with other animals because they are genetically different, belong to different species, and have different gestation periods. However, cats can mate with other cats if they are in the same genus or family. Some examples of cat hybrids are Bengal cats, savannah cats, Chausies, and Toygers.

Why Is My Dog Mounting My Cat?

There are a few reasons why your dog might be mounting your cat. One possibility is that your dog is trying to assert dominance over the cat. Another possibility is that your dog is simply playing and doesn’t realize that the cat isn’t enjoying it. If your dog has been neutered or spayed, hormones may also be a factor. If you’re concerned about your dog’s behavior, talk to your veterinarian.

Final Thoughts

can a male cat get a female dog pregnant

I hope this article has your questions about cats and dogs mating and helped you in preventing your dog from humping cats.

If you find this information interesting, please share it with your loved ones. It will help me to reach more people that are facing this problem.

Feel free to ask any other questions you have in the comment section. I would love to hear from you.

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