Best Flea Collar for Dogs: 6 Flea Prevention Products [Review]

Tick and Flea collars are a safe and effective way to control pests on dogs. Here you will find the top 5 best and effective flea collars for dogs.
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Let’s face it: Being a dog parent, we often have to come across nasty and problematic creatures such as fleas and ticks.

Yes, they are small but don’t let their small size fool you. 

These little brutes are hell irritating. They cause itching, discomfort and lead to numerous diseases.

Fleas and ticks, once contracted to your dog, keep on enjoying the blood beverage. Hence, they gulp a large number of red blood cells from your doggo’s blood leaving him in a miserable anemic state.

Not only these bugs are injurious for your dogs, but they are also harmful to humans. So, it’s crucial to get rid of these bloodsuckers as soon as possible.

You might have tried anti-flea medications or topical creams. Have you?

We know they suck. Medicines are hard to administer. 

Those creams? They smell bad and are greasy.

Luckily, flea collars are savvy. They are easy to use, pet-friendly, have no smell, keep fleas at bay, and are not oily.

Want to avail of all these perks? Invest in the best flea and tick collar.

In case you are unfamiliar with flea collars and don’t know how to find the best flea collar for dogs, we’ll help.

Best Flea Collars: Our Top Picks

What Is a Flea Collar?

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Flea collars are encircling bands that pets wear around their necks to keep pests like fleas and ticks at bay. These neck strips usually feature plastic as their manufacturing material. By combining viable pesticides with plastic resin and molding the mixture into a thin band, flea collars are designed to rebuke the attackers like ticks and fleas.

Why Should You Use a Flea Collar for Your Dog?

Why should you use a flea collar for your dog

Admittedly, flea and tick preventive treatments like using the best flea shampoo for dogs, topical creams, anti-flea drops, and the best flea spray for dogs; all are practical preventative measures.

But there’s one problem with each of these precautions.

They demand attention and time. For busy dog parents, it’s hard to spare some time for administering medicines or applying them. And worst of all, because of your busy routine, you can also miss the medical dosage or can forget to spray or shampoo your dog.

This negligence can bring health perils.

Keeping all these points in mind, flea collars appear more affordable, effective, outlasting, and outperforming options.

How to Choose The Best Flea Collar for Dogs?

How to choose a flea collar for your dog

So, now has come the time to select one flea collar for your dog, and it has to be the best one, right?

There are a few factors to consider before you choose the best flea collar for your dog.

1. Flea Collar Type

Although, the purpose of a flea collar is to keep the pest away and every flea collar does so. But you have the freedom to choose from a few different types of collars that use distinct methods to fight off pest infestation.

Pesticides Flea Collars

These types of flea collars kill existing pets intact with your dog and might repel the newcomers from encroaching upon. Such collars work either by putting in pesticides in your dog’s fatty tissues through close interaction with your dog’s skin and coat, or function by blending in your dog’s natural body oils.

In the first approach, fleas and ticks are killed upon biting. While in a second way, only the pests in touch with your furry’s skin get killed.

Repellent Flea Collars

Repellent Flea Collars are gas-based. They emit gases that are toxic to fleas and other parasites. They are the best option to prevent pests from coming close to your pet and eventually bite.

Ultrasonic Flea Collars

Such flea collars use high-frequency ultrasonic waves that interrupt and distract fleas and ticks. Resultantly, the parasites stay away from your pooch.

These are chemical-free anti-flea collars and are an ideal choice for those who want something safe but effective.

2. Active Ingredients

No doubt, beating ticks and fleas is important, but don’t overlook any product’s ingredients before you opt for it.

Some products may contain toxic ingredients that may pose serious threats to your pet’s health.

Never go for any flea collars that use Propoxur, Carbaryl, Tetrachlorvinphos, or Amitraz as their active ingredients. These are highly hazardous elements. They can damage pets and humans’ nervous systems and also can cause cancer.

3. Size

Another important factor that you can’t skimp through while shopping for a flea collar for your dog is its sizing guidelines.

A flea collar should comfortably fit your dog.

An appropriately fit dog flea collar should neither be too tight to choke your dog to death nor should it be too loose to hang through and give your dog a chance to chew it.

One hot tip to check if your dog’s collar is of desirable fit or not is, put the collar on your dog’s neck and insert two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. If you can do so easily, the collar is well-fitted.

4. Other Features

Some other noteworthy features and dog flea collar can be:


Normally, the dog flea collars are made with plastic as it holds up well. Furthermore, it’s capable of carrying and dispensing the pesticide ingredients very well.

However, you can also find fabric and leather flea collars. They might be more convenient to wear for some dogs because of their soft textures.

Whatever material you choose, make sure you get a flea collar with rounded edges, because such a flea collar is gentle on your dog’s skin.

 Protection Duration

Each tick and flea collar comes with some definitive duration. Some are useful for only 30 days, some for six months, and some for nine months.

The protection duration of every collar brand differs. So, it’s compulsory to replace the collar after the said protection period is over.

Protection Against Other Pests

Most dog collars are useful against warding ticks and fleas off. However, you will also find some products that eliminate and protect against other pests like lice and mosquitoes.


Flea and tick collars for dogs have to be waterproof. After all, taking the collar off every time your pet takes a bath and putting it back sounds like a great hassle.

Apart from that, certain accidents like rain or sudden water interaction can happen at any time.

Therefore, for flea and tick collars, a water-resistance feature is a must. 


Dog flea collars cost somewhere between $5 and $60. But, most of the inexpensive options may include deadly ingredients.

For a safe and healthy anti-flea collar, expect to pay within $35 to $60.

Top 5 Best Flea Collar for Dogs

what is a flea collar - what is a tick prevention collar

No matter if you are looking for a one-for-all flea collar, dog-sized specific flea collar, or maybe a product with natural ingredients, we looked upon all.

Here we have reviewed some of the best flea collars for dogs keeping multiple options in mind.

Read on to explore all the picks one by one.

1. Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

Does constant scratching and twitching of your dog make you worried? It’s annoying!

No need to worry anymore. Bayer Seresto is one of the best flea and tick collars. Not only it repels fleas and ticks but also kills them. It means the bugs will leave your pet forever. 

No coming back!

Plus, it will keep your dog flea-free for the upcoming eight months.


  • Features sustained release technology
  • Seresto’s active ingredients are imidacloprid and flumethrin (both effective to kill parasites)
  • Flea and tick killing action happen through contact – no need to put your dog at the risk of a flea biting to eliminate them!
  • It’s non-greasy. No messy monthly treatments are required!
  • Vet recommended anti-flea treatment
  • Also controls mange and lice


  • Easy to apply
  • Eight-month protection
  • Swift action
  • Water-resistant
  • Convenient
  • Non-greasy
  • Safe ingredients that are odorless
  • Snug and comfortable fit with collar easy to put on.
  • Works safely within 48 hours


  • Can cause irritation and nausea
  • Bit pricey

2. Arava Flea and Tick Prevention Collar

If you are looking for some chemical-free flea and tick prevention solution, Arava got you covered.

It’s all-natural, safe, and effective. Thanks to its active botanical ingredients!

Arava comes with a sweet-smelling natural scent to repel bugs. In case, you don’t find the odor pleasant, there’s a way out. Just keep the collar outside for 24-48 hours. 


  • Contains active and herbal ingredients
  • Essential oils form an extra security layer to protect your four-legged from parasites
  • Features unique patented micro-injection technology and a slow-release process
  • MSDS tested and FDA certified
  • pH balanced
  • Contains no hazardous chemical pesticides
  • Carries light and soothing smells used in aromatherapy such as Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Clove, Thyme, Rosemary, and many more


  • Provides 24/7 pet protection for six months
  • Pet-safe and human-safe
  • Affordable
  • 100% natural
  • Waterproof
  • Avail of a 30-day free trial and get a refund if not satisfied
  • Can be used on dogs of all ages
  • Repels over nearly 500 species of insects
  • Natural scent
  • Adjustable size
  • Portion of proceeds donated to support animal welfare


  • May work slower than chemical products
  • Some users may not like the essential oil fragrance.

3. Hartz Flea and Tick Puppy Collar

Puppies can pick up fleas, ticks, or lice from a young age. And it’s harder to select the best anti-flea collar for pups.

The fresh-scented Hartz kills adult fleas. Also, it doesn’t set free the larvae or premature fleas. 

If you find the fragrance strong, air it out for a few days. That’s it. 

Word of caution: Read the product label before use. It contains cancer-causing chemicals acknowledged by the State of California.


  • You can put it in with your doggo’s regular ID collar
  • Water exposure won’t compromise the effectiveness of the collar
  • Suitable for pup necks measuring up to 26”
  • Includes an adulticide to kill adult fleas and an insect growth regulator to eliminate immature stages


  • Pest-protection will last for seven months
  • Water-resistant
  • Budget option
  • Effective


  • Only for use on puppies of 12 weeks of age and older
  • Contains a chemical known to cause cancer

4. SOBAKEN Flea and Tick Prevention

Are you scratching your head to find one Perfect flea collar that works well on dog breeds of all sizes and is efficient on small puppies? Stop wondering!

With no strict age or size restriction, SOBAKEN can probably be the best bet. 

However, you must not use the collar for puppies below age three weeks.


  • Protect your dog from ticks and fleas 24/7 a week (for the next eight months) after putting the collar on
  • The collar features a new and more powerful formula to stop bugs
  • Designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions
  • No matter your pet is a SMALL, MEDIUM, or LARGE dog, it’s safe t use
  • Works efficiently even after bath and rain stroll
  • Every SOBAKEN purchase, they donate $3 for animals saving organizations


  • Hypoallergenic and Non-toxic
  • Waterproof
  • Vet-recommended
  • Provides 8-month long protection
  • Flexible and easily adjustable
  • Effective and safe
  • Protects fleas and ticks naturally without chemicals and toxins


  • Expensive
  • Some dogs fell ill after using the collar

5. Adams Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

Fleas and ticks can invade any dog, but your small fur friend is at a big risk. How?

Your little buddy is small in size and relatively close to the ground. So, fleas and ticks can take a small flight and get intact with your little boy.

The hazard can turn larger if your dog loves outdoor trips. If so, you need a flea collar that provides fast relief. Isn’t it?

Rest assured! Adams Flea and Tick Collar will take care of your fur buds with its big action.


  • Puts fleas and ticks to death through contact for the next seven months of use
  • Kills all three stages of ticks and fleas – eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults – by breaking their life cycle
  • Has a one-size-fit-all design with comfort fit, suitable small and large dogs
  • The outer shield of the collar reflects direct light up to 450 feet
  • Wetting will not impair the effectiveness of the flea and tick collar
  • Also, you can put it on along with your pet’s regular collar


  • Rapid action
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable
  • Affordably priced
  • Reflective
  • Low cost
  • Combats fleas during all life stages


  • Doesn’t work for the advertised period
  • Might cause some reactions

Frequently Asked Questions About Tick and Flea Collars for Dogs

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Every flea collar works according to its design. Some collars work by giving out poisonous gases that have harmful effects on pests but are non-toxic for pets and humans. Another type works by transmitting medication into your dog’s skin and killing parasites when they bite your dog and ingest the infused pesticides.

Yes, they do.

Flea collars serve two basic purposes. Either they repel pests, or they treat existing infestations with medications absorbed in your dog’s fatty layer.

New flea collars with the latest technology emit active ingredients that eliminate unwanted bugs before they bite.

There are many effective and working flea collars for dogs, but what works for YOUR dog will be the most effective. Sure!

To find a suitable treatment particularly for your dog, always talk to your vet and plan per your dog’s needs and the environment he lives in.

Vinegar or vinegar solution might help to repel the fleas, but they will NOT kill the fleas. You might have heard that spraying vinegar is an effective remedy for fleas, but the truth is, it’s only a mild repellent, not the best anti-flea treatment.

Never!! Although fleas and ticks have a relatively short life cycle, that by no means should convey the thought that they will go on their own.

You’ll have to treat your pet with some regular grooming, medication, or use some flea collar to get rid of them.

It depends!

The brand and type of the flea collar will decide how long will it take to work? Some products are fast-acting, and they start working instantly while others have their own mentioned procedure and work accordingly.

Check the product’s label and read reviews to know the exact timeframe the product needs to start practical action.

Not EVERY flea collar is suitable for pregnant or lactating females. In case you need some preventative flea and tick collar for your pregnant or nursing bitch, seek guidance from your pet. This will ensure the best treatment according to your dog’s present state.

Conclusion: Our Top Pick

Conclusion best flea collar for dogs

All the products we mentioned in our review section are our favorite. Sure!

But there is always one winner. In our list of the top 5 best flea collars, our top pick is Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

How does this product defeat its rivals and becomes the best flea and tick collar?

First and foremost, it has no toxic ingredients, so your dog is safe from potential health stakes. 

Secondly, besides treating fleas and ticks, it also takes quick action against lice. The highly adjustable design fits most of the dogs.

Also, it doesn’t lose its effectiveness if, gets wet.

Odorless, non-greasy, and potent, Bayer Seresto has the true power to keep your pet flea-free!

The few downsides are its pricey tag and sensitivity issues witnessed in some dogs.

For the price, all we can say is, paying a bit high for your dog’s well-being won’t hurt if you get better results. 

Lastly, for sensitivity, we recommend taking your vet’s advice before adopting any anti-flea treatment is always the WISE move.

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