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Heavy Duty Dog Crate: 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates in 2022

If you’ve been looking for the best heavy duty dog crates, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you choose the perfect indestructible dog crate.

If you’ve been looking for the best indestructible dog crates, you’ve come to the right place.

Heavy duty dog crates are designed to stand up to a canine Hercules: not only are they tough enough to withstand a wrecking ball, but they also have air vents to keep your pup from overheating, and they’re equipped with a wide door to make it easier to get your pooch inside.

To find the strongest dog crates, I did a detailed 16-hour search, thoroughly analyzed most of the customer reviews at the biggest online dog stores, and studied the specifications of the various products, one by one.

The crates I selected are the best of the best—they’re durable, versatile, easy to clean, and roomy enough also for the biggest breeds.

If you are looking for the strongest dog crate for your dog Pro Select Empire Dog Cage is the best overall choice.

But every dog is different. So I’ve included reviews of the best heavy duty dog crates in every category.

Let’s get started.

Best heavy duty dog crates: Our top picks

  1. Best Overall: ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
  2. Best Runner Up: LuckUp Heavy Duty Dog Crate
  3. Most Strong: Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal Single Door
  4. Most Popular: SMONTER Heavy-Duty Strong Dog Crate
  5. Most Economical: Lemberi Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate
  6. Most Portable: Gunnel Kennels G1 Intermediate Dog Crate 

Who needs an indestructible dog crate?

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates in 2021 (6)

There are a few different types of dog crates on the market, but not all of them are created equal. If you have a particularly rowdy or destructive dog, you may need a heavy duty crate that can withstand their strength.

These crates are usually made from stronger materials like metal or reinforced plastic, and they often have extra features like escape-proof latches.

If you’re not sure whether your dog needs a heavy duty crate, consider their size, strength, and activity level.

If they’re large and strong, or if they tend to get excited and destructive when left alone, a heavy duty crate may be the best option for keeping them safe.

How do dogs typically escape standard crates?

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates in 2021 (1)

Standard crates are usually constructed from aluminum, reinforced plastic, or steel wires.

They are finished with small metal locks to hold the bars and door in place.

Dogs have heavy jaws, and they can easily manipulate sleek rods and fine materials; therefore, a standard dog crate often fails in restraining the dog from escaping the bars.

You must know that your fur baby is far more intelligent than you think.

Dogs are witty creatures, and they easily learn to steer the latch, which is another reason for dog-escape from the crate.

Features you want in a heavy-duty, escape-proof dog crate

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates in 2021 (4)

No matter how calm and trained your dog is, at some point, every dog tries to escape the bars either out of boredom, aggression, or excitement.

So if you want to avoid ending up with an empty crate while your dog is roaming around freely, look for these features in a heavy-duty dog crate.

1. Indestructible dog crate

the crate you will buy must be built from metal so that your dog remains confined and only comes out when you want him to.

2. Automatic latch for extra safety

Traditional latches can be easily manipulated by dogs. For extra safety, ensure that your heavy-duty dog crate has an automatic slam latch.

3. Removable base

Probably the hardest thing is to clean the floor of a dog’s kennel or crate. A removable base is easier to clean and allows you to prevent dampness inside the crate, which helps in providing a hygienic and comfortable environment for your dog.

4. Removable food pan

A heavy-dog crate that has a removable food pan is more ideal and convenient. Often a dog jumps out in excitement when you open the door to serve food; thus, it is better to slide in the pan with food instead of opening the latch.

5. Proper ventilation

Never compromise on your dog’s comfort and check the dog crate properly before purchasing. A good crate must be designed in a way that provides proper ventilation to the dog, otherwise your furry friend will be utterly uncomfortable. Proper ventilation is essential for the dog’s health.

The 6 best indestructible dog crates for escape artists

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates in 2021 (5)

Here are some of the best heavy-duty dog crates available to buy.

1. Best Overall: ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

This is known as a one-of-its-kind heavy-duty dog crate. It has a sleek design approved by renowned veterinarians and offers the utmost comfort to your dog.

The material used in making this crate is heavy-duty stainless steel, which not only terminates the chances of your dog escaping the crate but also promises durability by restricting the rust.


  • It is a 20-gauge steel cage with the strongest rods of 0.5-inch diameter.
  • It is available in two sizes, medium and large, so that you can select according to the size of your dog.
  • It has a heavy-duty door with dual latches to ensure an escape-proof dog-crate experience.


  • It has a removable steel tray beneath the floor, making it easy to clean up the mess and spills.
  • It comes with four detachable casters, making it easier to move if you want to shift it to places.
  • The material is highly chewed proof
  • The hammer tone finish keeps the rust at its bay
  • The bars-like design gives the best ventilation option


  • This heavy-duty dog crate is a bit on the pricier side
  • The floor of the cage may leave your fur baby a bit uncomfortable

Even though the ProSelect empire cage heavy-duty crate seems expensive, its features are worth the money, hence will prove to be a long-term investment.

2. Best Runner Up: LuckUp Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Metal Kennel and Crate

If you belong to the category of people who like to play safe and opt for products that have the best customer reviews, Luckup heavy-duty dog crate would then be the right option for you.

This crate is mostly out of stock due to its high demand amongst pet lovers, and buyers often have to pre-book.

It is constructed with durable corrosion-resistant steel.


  • It comes with an easy installation guide.
  • The company gives 3-years warranty in case of any damage
  • It comes in three different sizes (38 inches, 42 inches, 48 inches) and two different colors (black, silver)
  • The particular crate has two doors; a front door to provide the dog easy access to go in and out and a top door to help you want to interact with your dog without letting him out


  • It has four detachable and rotatable caster wheels to move the crate wherever and whenever
  • The front door has escape-proof heavy-duty dual metallic locks
  • Luckup dog crate comes with two removable plastic trays that catch any mess or spill and provide an easy-to-clean solution
  • It also has a feeding window so that you can supply your dog the food without opening the front door


  • It quickly goes out of stock
  • Customer care support is not directly accessible, and you will have to contact them via Amazon in case of any damage
  • The floor of the crate may require bedding for extra comfort

Luckup heavy-duty indestructible dog crate outshines other strongest dog crates in the market due to its top door and food window.

The 3 years warranty is also attractive for customers and makes it a more credible option.

3. Most Strong: Frisco Ultimate Heavy-duty Steel Metal Single Door Dog Cage

Best indestructible dog crate - heavy duty dog crates (1) (1)

One of the most robust dog crates in the market is Frisco’s ultimate heavy-duty dog crate.

Forget those shabby-looking crates made up of plastic or aluminum wires and invest in this steel crate.

It is a premium quality dog crate made up of 20-gauge heavy-duty steel rods, which means that neither your dog cannot easily break it open nor can chew on the bars.


  • Built with high-grade steel, the tubings are ½ inch in diameter, providing the strongest dog crate ever.
  • Medium and large sizes are available to choose from.
  • The door has sturdy dual metallic locks, which ensure a fool-proof latch and maximum security to your pal


  • It has a sleek design with a modern look due to a hammer tone finish.
  • Rustproof, heavy-duty metal is used to increase the durability
  • It comes with a removable floor tray to provide easy clean-up
  • The crate is though heavy but has four removable casters so that you can move it easily


  • You may need people to assemble and move it due to heavyweight
  • You will have to put a mattress or blanket inside the crate to make its floor more comfortable

Frisco’s ultimate steel metal single-door dog cage must be your go-to option if you have a giant size dog who can easily escape the traditional dog crates.

4. Most Popular: SMONTER Heavy-Duty Strong Dog Crate

This is one of the best indestructible dog crates with a heavy-duty metal frame and welded steel bars.

Unlike other simple crates, this one has a very unique Y-shaped bite-proof design, which provides class and comfort at the same time.

This heavy-duty remote kennel is an ideal option for dog owners who have easily distractible dogs and makes it difficult for owners to confine their movements outside.


  • It is an easy to install playpen dog crate.
  • The company offers 3 years warranty which shows how sure they are regarding the durability of their product.
  • It comes in two sizes (38 inches, 42 inches) and two different colors (dark silver, brown) to choose from
  • The anti-collision door locks and heavy metal frames provide enough security to even the most aggressive dogs and prevent escapism.


  • The metal frame has a non-toxic finish to ensure your dog’s health if he chews on it or licks it.
  • It has four 360 degree rotating universal caster wheels that are easy to fix and remove
  • The slide-out plastic tray at the bottom allows sturdy cleaning
  • The unique Y-shaped metal frame provides optimal ventilation to your dog


  • Only two sizes are available and are not suitable for very large dogs
  • It does not have a top door or feeding window, unlike other premium-quality indestructible dog crates

SMONTER dog crate gives a very trendy look and is ideal for those pet parents who have medium to large dogs who try to escape standard kennels.

5. Most Economical: Lemberi Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate

Lemberi dog crate is one of the strongest and well-built heavy duty dog crates that offers optimal features at a minimal price, so buyers largely opt for this indestructible pet kennel.  This crate deserves to be called the master of all indestructible dog crates due to its capacity to en-cage even a 300 pounds large fur buddy


  • Sleek design with heavy metal tubing that is finished with anti-corrosion coating
  • Open only from outside locks, which prevent your dog from manipulating the latch.
  • It comes in two sizes (42 inches, 48 inches)
  • 2.5 years warranty is available for utmost customer satisfaction


  • Front and top door options are available to enjoy hassle-free interaction with your dog.
  • Four 360 degree rotating caster wheels can be attached at the bottom with locks to move the crate in every nook and corner.
  • Sturdy frame design offers excellent ventilation to your dog and exposure to the environment so that your buddy does not get bored
  • Removable tray makes the cleaning of crate easy


  • Multiple color options are not available, and it only comes in dark black color
  • In case of any damage, you can contact customer care support only through Amazon, which makes it slightly harder in case you need immediate consultation.

Overall, the Lemberi dog crate is the best solution for those who have huge dogs. It is one of the most cost-effective yet durable crates for dogs.

6. Most Portable: Gunnel Kennels G1 Intermediate Dog Crate

If you are looking to buy a compact dog crate that you could safely use during traveling and your dog would not be able to escape through, then look no further and pick Gunnel Kennels G1 intermediate dog crate. 

It is a portable crate that has a heavy-duty escape-proof door to keep your fur baby in place.

Check Price on Amazon


  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Kennel’s wall are double-paneled and rotomolded to ensure maximum protection against seasonal effects, accidents, or mishandlings during traveling.
  • Walls are designed in a specific way to keep your dog cooler in summers and warmer in winters.


  • The escape-proof door has an in-built hexagonal design and aluminum frame to prevent chewing damages.
  • The safety lock is well-framed and powerful
  • It is very economical


  • Size variants are not available
  • It goes out of stock quickly

With reference to protecting your dog from escaping, the G1 crate can prove to be your best travel buddy.

It is one of the best portable dog crates available in the market at a fairly competitive price.

Buyer’s guide: what to look for in a heavy duty dog crate

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates in 2021

A wide variety of heavy-duty dog crates is available in the market. If you start looking for dog crates without evaluating your personal preference and your dog’s needs, you will end up confused.

Before making a final decision, answer these questions and make a list of features you wish to have in an indestructible dog crate. 

1. What’s your dog’s breed and size?

Narrow down your search for dog crates by sorting out those heavy-duty crates that are fit for your dog’s breed and size.

If your dog is medium-sized, buying a large dog crate will not only take a lot of space but will cost you a fortune as well.

However, if you plan to buy more pets in the future and are not sure about the breed yet, go for a large kennel.

Remember! Smaller dogs can easily live inside a large dog crate, but for a large dog, spending time in a medium-sized dog crate would be very difficult and uncomfortable. 

So invest in a dog crate after carefully taking into consideration the dimensions of a dog-crate. 

2. What kind of lock do I need?

The kind of lock you need depends upon how aggressive, excited, jumpy, and escape-maestro your fur buddy is.

Most of the premium quality heavy-duty dog crates offer advanced locks which provide secure latch, so do not opt for standard dog crates and better invest in an escape-proof indestructible dog-crate.

Dogs are very smart and quick learners. They can learn to exploit the latch if the lock is accessible to them.

If you know your pal is a fast learner, look for a dog crate with heavy metallic locks welded on the door in an unapproachable way for your dog when it’s crated inside. 

3. Is this crate easy to clean?

Cleanliness must be your top priority before buying a dog crate.

Choosing an easy-to-clean heavy-duty crate with a slide-out tray must be your ultimate choice to provide your dog a hassle-free and hygienic crate.

When dogs eat inside their crate, they spill the food and water, leaving a dirty dog crate floor.

A removable tray can help you clean the crate without taking the dog out.

Just slide out the tray, wash off all the gunk, place the tray again, and voila. You have a sparkly clean dog crate instantly.

4. Do I need my crate to be portable or stay firmly in place?

Keep your options open and pick a two-way dog crate with detachable caster wheels so that you can convert it into a portable one when you and your buddy need some fresh air, and keep it static at home when movement is not required. 

Always remove the wheels of your dog’s crate when your dog is not crated and is freely roaming around because your dog might push the crate and injure itself.

Frequently asked questions about heavy-duty dog crates

FAQ - Frequently asked questions (1)

If you have an escape artist dog that is particularly strong, energetic, or aggressive, then you may need to invest in a heavy-duty dog crate.

These crates are designed to be much stronger and more durable than regular crates, making them ideal for dogs who are known to escape, chew through or break standard crates.

Heavy-duty dog crates can also be a good option for dogs who are particularly anxious or stressed (separation anxiety), as they provide a safe and secure space for your pet to retreat to.

There are a few types of dog owners who should not buy a heavy-duty dog crate. The first type is someone who does not have a lot of space in their home, apartment, or vehicle.

A heavy-duty dog crate can take up a lot of space, so if you live in a small home or have a small vehicle, it might not be the best option for you. The second type is someone who has a small dog that does not require much space to move around, then a heavy-duty crate would be overkill and a waste of money.

The third type is someone who does not have a lot of money to spend on a crate.

Invest in a heavy-duty dog crate that has sturdy locks. You can also train your dog to avoid escaping behavior.

The most common types of dog crates are heavy-duty dog crates, plastic portable dog crates, soft-sided dog playpen, folding wire dog crates, and fashion crates (also called furniture dog crates).

Not more than 6 hours a day. An adult dog can be crated for 6 hours but not puppies and older dogs; their crating time must be even shorter.

It is strictly not recommended to crate a dog for more than 6 hours.

If you need to go somewhere and don’t want to leave the dog open unattended, then dog-proof the room instead of crating.

Train your dog through rewards. When you see the dog chewing his crate, just say “No” assertively and give the dog a treat to chew on once it stops chewing the crate. Remember! Rewarded behaviors are repeated behaviors.

YES! Heavy-duty dog crates are best for big and strong dogs, provided the selection has been made according to their size.

Even smaller dogs can chew on standard wire crates, and a heavy-duty dog crate is a better option for any size or breed.

Yes, a good portable and compact, heavy-duty dog crate can easily be placed at the back seat. Secure it with a belt, and you are good to go.

There are a few different ways that dogs typically escape standard crates. The first way is by pushing or pulling the crate until it tips over. This can be particularly common with larger or stronger dogs.

The second way is by chewing through the crate walls or bars. This is more common with dogs who are anxious or stressed, as they may try to escape in order to find their owners. The third way is by opening the door of the crate, which can be done if the latch is not secure enough.

When choosing a heavy duty dog crate, size is an important consideration. You want to make sure that the crate is large enough for your dog to be comfortable, but not so large that they can easily escape. The best way to determine the right size crate for your dog is to measure them from nose to tail and from shoulder to floor. Once you have these measurements, you can consult a sizing chart to find the right size crate for your pet.

There are a few things to consider when determining if a dog crate is too big. The first is the size of the dog.

The crate should be big enough for the dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably.

If the dog is able to stand up and turn around but not lie down, then the crate is too small. The second thing to consider is the dog’s activity level.

If the dog is very active, they may need a larger crate so they can move around and not feel cramped.

Finally, consider the dog’s behavior. If the dog is anxious or stressed, they may benefit from a larger crate that provides more space to move around.

Also worth your time:

Conclusion: our top pick

Conclusion best flea collar for dogs (1)

Our top pick is none other than LuckUp Heavy-duty dog cage.

Some indestructible dog-crates do not have a top door, feeding window, and 3 years warranty while others offer all these features but are not economical and cost a fortune.

LuckUp heavy-duty dog crate provides premium quality features at minimal charges; therefore, you can get your dog an amazing, well-framed, and strongest heavy-duty dog crate without breaking your bank account.

Additionally, the company gives its customers a 3 years warranty to deal with any kind of damages, increasing customer satisfaction and making the product more credible.

So far, it has good customer reviews as well.


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