Indestructible Dog Crate: 6 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates in 2024

If you’ve been looking for the best heavy duty dog crates, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you choose the perfect indestructible dog crate.
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If you’ve been searching for the best indestructible dog crates, you’ve come to the right place. Heavy-duty dog crates are designed to withstand even the toughest of canines. Not only are they tough enough to survive a wrecking ball, but they also have air vents to prevent overheating, and a wide door to make it easier to get your pooch inside.

To find the strongest dog crates, I conducted a thorough 26-hour search. I analyzed most of the customer reviews on the largest online dog stores and studied the specifications of each product one by one.

The crates I selected are the best of the best: durable, versatile, easy to clean, and roomy enough for even the largest breeds.

If you’re looking for the strongest dog crate for your furry friend, the Pro Select Empire Dog Cage is the best overall choice. However, every dog is unique, so I’ve included reviews of the best heavy-duty dog crates in every category.

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Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates: Our Top Picks

  1. Best Overall: ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
  2. Best Runner Up: LuckUp Heavy Duty Dog Crate
  3. Most Strong: Frisco Ultimate Heavy Duty Steel Metal Single Door
  4. Most Popular: SMONTER Heavy-Duty Strong Dog Crate
  5. Most Economical: Lemberi Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate
  6. Most Portable: Gunnel Kennels G1 Intermediate Dog Crate

Here is a detailed and rich data table comparing the 6 heavy-duty dog crates mentioned:

Heavy-Duty Dog CrateMaterialSizeBar SpacingFloorLocking MechanismRemovable TrayCasters
ProSelect20-gauge steelMedium and Large2.25 inchesGrated with trayDual latchesYesYes
LuckUpCorrosion-resistant steelMedium and Large2 inchesSlide-out plastic trayTwo locks with safety bucklesYesYes
FriscoSteel metalLarge2 inchesRemovable plastic trayTwo latchesYesYes
SmonterHeavy-duty steelMedium, Large, and X-Large2 inchesGrated with trayThree locksYesYes
LemberiHigh-quality steelLarge2 inchesGrated with trayTwo latchesYesYes
Gunnel G1Heavy-duty aluminumIntermediateN/ASolid with drain holesSingle paddle latchNoNo

Features to Look for in a Heavy-Duty, Escape-Proof Dog Crate

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates in 2021 (4)

No matter how calm and well-trained your dog is, at some point, every dog will try to escape its crate due to boredom, aggression, or excitement.

To avoid coming home to an empty crate and a roaming dog, look for the following features when purchasing a heavy-duty, escape-proof dog crate.

1. Material

The first thing to consider is the material of the crate. It should be made of high-quality and sturdy materials that are resistant to wear and tear.

The most common materials used for heavy-duty dog crates are steel, aluminum, and reinforced plastic.

Steel is the strongest and most durable option, while aluminum is lightweight and easy to transport. Reinforced plastic is also a good option, as it is resistant to impact and chewing.

2. Size

The size of the crate is also important. It should be large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down comfortably. If the crate is too small, your dog may feel cramped and uncomfortable, which can lead to anxiety and stress. On the other hand, if the crate is too large, your dog may use one side as a bathroom, which can be difficult to clean and maintain.

3. Design

The design of the crate is another important factor to consider. It should have a sturdy frame and reinforced corners to prevent your dog from breaking free. The door should be secure and lockable, and it should open smoothly and quietly.

4. Portability

If you plan on traveling with your dog, you should also consider the portability of the crate. It should be lightweight and easy to transport, with handles or wheels for easy mobility. It should also be collapsible, so you can store it easily when not in use.

5. Chew-Proof

If your dog is prone to chewing, look for a crate that is chew-proof. It should have a solid frame and be made of materials that are resistant to chewing and scratching. The door should be reinforced with steel bars or heavy-duty mesh to prevent your dog from breaking through. You’ll want a crate that provides a strong and secure enclosure, ensuring that the door cannot be easily opened.

6. Removable Food Pan

A heavy-duty dog crate that has a removable pan is more ideal and convenient. Often, dogs jump out in excitement when you open the door to serve food; thus, it is better to slide in the pan with food instead of opening the latch.

7. Proper Ventilation

The crate should have good ventilation to ensure proper air circulation and prevent overheating. Look for crates with multiple vents or mesh windows.

8. Automatic Latch for Extra Safety

Traditional latches can be easily manipulated by dogs. For extra safety, ensure that your heavy-duty dog crate has an automatic slam latch.

9. Removable Base

Cleaning the floor of a dog’s kennel or crate is often the hardest task. A removable base makes it easier to clean and allows you to prevent dampness inside the crate, which helps in providing a hygienic and comfortable environment for your dog.

10. Easy to Clean

Finally, you should consider how easy the crate is to clean. It should have a removable tray or floor that you can easily clean and sanitize. The materials should be resistant to odors and stains, and the crate should be easy to wipe down and disinfect.

The 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates for Escape Artists

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates in 2021 (5)

Here are some of the best heavy-duty dog crates available to buy.

1. Best Overall: ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

This heavy-duty dog crate is one-of-a-kind. Its sleek design has been approved by renowned veterinarians, and it offers the utmost comfort to your dog.

The material used in making this crate is heavy-duty stainless steel, which not only eliminates the chance of your dog escaping but also promises durability by resisting rust.


  • It is a 20-gauge steel cage with 0.5-inch diameter rods, making it one of the strongest dog crates on the market.
  • It comes in two sizes, medium and large, so you can choose the appropriate size for your dog.
  • The heavy-duty door has dual latches to ensure that your dog stays securely inside the crate.


  • It has a removable steel tray beneath the floor, making it easy to clean up messes and spills.
  • It comes with four detachable casters, making it easy to move.
  • The material is highly chew-proof.
  • The hammer tone finish prevents rust.
  • The bars-like design provides excellent ventilation.


  • This heavy-duty dog crate is more expensive than others on the market.
  • The floor of the cage may be uncomfortable for your pet.

Even though the ProSelect Empire Cage Heavy-Duty Crate is pricier than other dog crates, its features make it a worthwhile investment for long-term use.

2. Best Runner Up: LuckUp Heavy Duty Dog Cage Strong Metal Kennel and Crate

If you prefer to play it safe and choose products with excellent customer reviews, the Luckup Heavy-Duty Dog Crate is an excellent option for you. Due to its high demand among pet lovers, this crate is often out of stock, and buyers may need to pre-book it.

The crate is constructed with durable, corrosion-resistant steel.


  • It comes with an easy installation guide.
  • The company offers a three-year warranty in case of any damage.
  • It comes in three different sizes (38 inches, 42 inches, and 48 inches) and two different colors (black and silver).
  • This particular crate has two doors: a front door to provide easy access for the dog to go in and out, and a top door to allow you to interact with your dog without letting him out.


  • It has four detachable and rotatable caster wheels, making it easy to move the crate wherever and whenever.
  • The front door has escape-proof heavy-duty dual metallic locks.
  • The Luckup dog crate comes with two removable plastic trays that catch any mess or spills and provide an easy-to-clean solution.
  • It also has a feeding window so that you can provide food to your dog without opening the front door.


  • The crate quickly goes out of stock.
  • Customer care support is not directly accessible, and you will have to contact them via Amazon in case of any damage.
  • The floor of the crate may require bedding for additional comfort.

The Luckup Heavy-Duty Indestructible Dog Crate stands out from other strong dog crates in the market due to its top door and feeding window. The three-year warranty also makes it a more credible option for customers.

3. Most Strong: Frisco Ultimate Heavy-duty Steel Metal Single Door Dog Cage

Best indestructible dog crate - heavy duty dog crates (1) (1)

Frisco’s ultimate heavy-duty dog crate is one of the most robust dog crates on the market. Say goodbye to shabby-looking crates made of plastic or aluminum wires and invest in this steel crate.

This premium quality dog crate is made of 20-gauge heavy-duty steel frame rods, ensuring that your dog cannot easily break it open or chew on the bars.


  • Built with high-grade steel, the tubing is ½ inch in diameter, providing the strongest dog crate ever.
  • Available in medium and large sizes.
  • The door has sturdy dual metallic locks, ensuring a fool-proof latch and maximum security for your pal.


  • It has a sleek design with a modern look due to a hammer tone finish.
  • Rustproof, heavy-duty metal is used to increase durability.
  • It comes with a removable floor tray for easy clean-up.
  • The crate is heavy, but it has four removable casters to make it easy to move.


  • You may need help assembling and moving it due to its weight.
  • You will need to add a mattress or blanket inside the crate to make the floor more comfortable.

If you have a giant-sized dog who can easily escape traditional dog crates, Frisco’s ultimate steel metal single-door dog cage should be your go-to option.

4. Most Popular: SMONTER Heavy-Duty Strong Dog Crate

This is one of the best indestructible dog crates with a heavy-duty metal frame and welded steel bars. Its unique Y-shaped bite-proof design provides both style and comfort.

This heavy-duty remote kennel is an ideal option for dog owners with easily distractible dogs, making it difficult to confine their movements outside.


  • It is easy to install and doesn’t require any special tools.
  • The company offers an impressive 3-year warranty that reflects their confidence in the product’s durability.
  • It comes in two sizes (38 inches and 42 inches) and two colors (dark silver and brown) to choose from.
  • Its anti-collision door locks and heavy metal frames provide enough security to even the most aggressive dogs and prevent escape.


  • The metal frame has a non-toxic finish to ensure your dog’s safety if they chew on it or lick it.
  • It has four 360-degree rotating universal caster wheels that are easy to fix and remove.
  • The slide-out plastic tray at the bottom allows for easy cleaning.
  • The unique Y-shaped metal frame provides optimal ventilation for your dog.


  • Only two sizes are available and are not suitable for very large dogs.
  • It does not have a top door or feeding window, unlike other premium-quality indestructible dog crates.

The SMONTER dog crate has a trendy look and is ideal for pet parents with medium to large dogs that try to escape standard kennels.

5. Most Economical: Lemberi Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate


  • The heavy metal tubing has a sleek design and is finished with an anti-corrosion coating.
  • The latch can only be manipulated from the outside, preventing your dog from opening the crate.
  • The crate comes in two sizes: 42 inches and 48 inches.
  • 2.5 years of warranty is available for customer satisfaction.


  • The crate has front and top door options, making it easy to interact with your dog.
  • Four 360-degree rotating caster wheels can be attached to the bottom with locks, allowing the crate to be moved around easily.
  • The sturdy frame design offers excellent ventilation and exposure to the environment, keeping your buddy from getting bored.
  • The removable tray makes cleaning the crate easy.


  • The crate is only available in a single color, dark black. Other color options are not available.
  • Customer support can only be contacted through Amazon in case of any damage, which may make immediate consultation difficult.

Overall, the Lemberi dog crate is a cost-effective and durable option for those who have large dogs. This heavy-duty crate is an excellent choice for many situations.

6. Most Portable: Gunnel Kennels G1 Intermediate Dog Crate

If you’re in the market for a compact dog crate that’s suitable for travel and escape-proof, look no further than the Gunnel Kennels G1 intermediate dog crate.

This portable crate features a heavy-duty escape-proof door to keep your furry friend secure on the go.


  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Double-paneled and rotomolded walls provide maximum protection against seasonal effects, accidents, or mishandlings during travel.
  • Walls are designed to keep your dog cool in summer and warm in winter.


  • The escape-proof door features an in-built hexagonal design and aluminum frame to prevent chewing damage.
  • The safety lock is well-framed and powerful.
  • It is very economical.


  • Size variants are not available.
  • It goes out of stock quickly.

When it comes to protecting your dog from escape, the G1 crate can be your best travel buddy. It is one of the best portable dog crates available on the market at a competitive price.

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Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Heavy-duty Dog Crate

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates in 2021

A wide variety of heavy-duty dog crates is available in the market. If you start looking for dog crates without evaluating your personal preference and your dog’s needs, you will end up confused.

Before making a final decision, answer these questions and make a list of features you wish to have in an indestructible dog crate.

What Is Your Dog’s Breed and Size?

Narrow down your search for dog crates by finding those that are suitable for your dog’s breed and size. If your dog is medium-sized, buying a large dog crate will not only take up a lot of space but also cost you a fortune.

However, if you plan to get more pets in the future and are unsure about the breed yet, go for a large kennel.

Remember! Smaller dogs can easily live inside a large dog crate, but for a large dog, spending time in a medium-sized dog crate would be very difficult and uncomfortable. So, invest in a dog crate after carefully considering its dimensions.

What Kind of Lock Do I Need?

The type of lock you need depends on how aggressive, excitable, jumpy, and skilled at escaping your furry friend is. Most high-quality heavy-duty dog crates offer advanced locks that provide secure latching, so do not opt for standard dog crates. Instead, invest in an escape-proof and indestructible dog crate.

Dogs are intelligent and quick learners. They can learn to exploit the latch if the lock is accessible to them. If you know your pal is a fast learner, look for a dog crate with heavy metallic locks welded on the door in an inaccessible way for your dog when it’s crated inside.

Is This Crate Easy to Clean?

Cleanliness should be your top priority before buying a dog crate. Choose an easy-to-clean heavy-duty crate with a slide-out tray to provide your dog with a hassle-free and hygienic crate.

When dogs eat inside their crate, they spill food and water, leaving a dirty dog crate floor. A removable tray can help you clean the crate without taking the dog out. Just slide out the tray, wash off all the dirt, replace the tray, and voila! You have a sparkling clean dog crate instantly.

Do I Need My Crate to Be Portable or Stay Firmly in Place?

Keep your options open and choose a two-way dog crate with detachable caster wheels so that you can convert it into a portable one when you and your buddy need some fresh air, and keep it static at home when movement is not required.

Always remove the wheels of your dog’s crate when your dog is not crated and is roaming freely because your dog might push the crate and injure itself.

How Do Dogs Typically Escape Standard Crates?

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates in 2021 (1)

Dogs can be quite crafty when it comes to escaping their crates. There are several ways that dogs can escape from a standard crate, including:

  1. Using their mouths or paws to manipulate locks or latches – some dogs are quite adept at using their mouths to unlock or manipulate the latch on a crate. Others may use their paws to push down on the door or latch to escape. Some may even scratch or dig at the bottom of the crate, causing it to weaken or break open.
  2. Squeezing through gaps or weak points – determined dogs may try to push or squeeze through bars or wires that are too far apart or too weak. Any gaps or holes in the crate may provide an escape route for a dog that is able to manipulate them.
  3. Using brute force – a strong or determined dog may be able to push or tip over a crate that is not sturdy enough or securely fastened to the ground. Alternatively, a dog may be able to bend or break the bars or wires of the crate to escape.
  4. Chewing or scratching through the walls of the crate – some dogs are powerful chewers and scratchers, and may be able to break through the walls of a crate, particularly if it is made of a weaker material like plastic.
  5. Moving the crate – if a crate is not secured to the ground or is on wheels, a dog may be able to move it to create an opening or escape route.

To prevent dogs from escaping their crates, it is important to choose a sturdy, secure, and appropriately sized crate. Supervision is also crucial when dogs are in their crate. Providing dogs with plenty of mental and physical stimulation can help prevent boredom and frustration, which may contribute to escape attempts.

Overall, it is essential to take the necessary steps to ensure that your dog is safe and secure in their crate, so they do not harm themselves or others when trying to escape.

Why Do You Need an Indestructible Dog Crate?

Heavy-Duty Dog Crate 6 Best Indestructible Dog Crates in 2021 (6)

There are several reasons why you might need an indestructible dog crate, including:


An indestructible dog crate can keep your dog safe from household hazards, such as electrical wires, poisonous plants, or sharp objects. It can also prevent your dog from escaping and getting lost or injured.


In addition, a dog crate can provide a comfortable and cozy space for your pet to relax and nap. By creating a den-like environment, it can help reduce stress and anxiety, especially if your dog suffers from high anxiety or noise phobia.


An indestructible dog crate can also make your life easier by keeping your dog contained when you are away from home or unable to supervise them. It can also facilitate house training by encouraging your dog to develop good potty habits and preventing accidents.

Types of Indestructible Dog Crates for Separation Anxiety

When it comes to choosing an indestructible dog crate, there are several types to consider. Each type has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your needs.

1. Heavy-Duty Metal Crates

Made of steel or aluminum, heavy-duty metal crates are some of the most durable dog crates on the market. They are designed to withstand heavy chewing and scratching and are great for aggressive chewers or escape artists. They are also ideal for travel, as they can be easily collapsed for storage.

2. Plastic Crates

Lightweight and easy to transport, plastic crates are a popular choice for travel. They are easy to clean and can be used indoors or outdoors. However, they may not be as durable as heavy-duty metal crates and may not be suitable for aggressive chewers.

3. Soft-Sided Crates

Made of lightweight materials, soft-sided crates are easy to set up and take down. They are also comfortable for dogs to sleep in and can be used as a cozy retreat at home or on the go. However, they may not be durable enough for aggressive chewers and may not provide enough ventilation for hot weather.

4. Wooden Crates

A stylish option for indoor use, wooden crates can be customized to match your home décor and can double as furniture, such as an end table or nightstand. However, they may not be as durable as heavy-duty metal crates and may not be suitable for aggressive chewers.

When choosing an indestructible dog crate, consider your dog’s specific needs. A heavy-duty metal dog crate may be the best option for an aggressive chewer, while a soft-sided crate may be perfect for a small dog that needs a cozy place to sleep. Choose the crate that provides the best combination of durability, comfort, and convenience for both you and your furry friend.

Tips for Using an Indestructible Dog Crate

Here are some tips for using an indestructible dog crate:

1. Introduce Gradually

When introducing your dog to the crate, it’s important to do so gradually. You don’t want to overwhelm your furry friend with a new and unfamiliar environment. Begin by letting your dog explore and sniff around the crate before closing the door. Start with short periods of time and gradually increase the duration. This will help your dog acclimate to the crate and view it as a comfortable and safe place.

2. Make It Comfortable

To make the crate more inviting for your dog, it’s a good idea to place a soft and cozy bed or blanket inside. This will make the crate more comfortable and provide a warm place for your dog to rest. You can also include a familiar toy or two to help your dog feel more at ease.

3. Don’t Use as Punishment

It’s important to never use the crate as a form of punishment or isolation. This can create negative associations and cause anxiety for your dog. Instead, make the crate a positive place by using it for short periods of time when you’re home and gradually increasing the duration. You can also use treats and toys to entice your dog to go in the crate.

4. Don’t Leave Your Dog for Extended Periods

While the crate can be a great tool for keeping your dog safe and secure, it’s important not to leave your dog in the crate for extended periods of time. This can lead to boredom, stress, and even health issues. Instead, use the crate for short periods of time when you’re not home, and provide plenty of exercise and mental stimulation when you are home.

5. Provide Toys and Treats

To keep your dog entertained and happy while in the crate, it’s a good idea to provide them with toys and treats. This will help to keep them occupied and make the crate a positive place. You can try stuffing a Kong toy with peanut butter or freezing a wet washcloth for your dog to chew on. Just make sure to supervise your dog while they’re playing with toys or eating treats in the crate.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Heavy-Duty Dog Crates

FAQ - Frequently asked questions (1)

When it comes to dog crates, there are various types available in the market. However, it is important to note that not all of them are created equal. Depending on your dog’s behavior, you may need to opt for a specialized crate that can cater to their specific needs.

One such type of crate is the heavy duty crate. These crates are designed to withstand the strength of particularly rowdy or destructive dogs. They are usually made from stronger materials like metal or reinforced plastic, and they often come with extra features like escape-proof latches to ensure your dog remains safe and secure.

If you are unsure whether your dog requires a heavy duty crate or not, there are a few factors you can consider. One important factor is your dog’s size and strength. If your dog is large and strong, they may require a stronger crate to keep them from escaping.

Additionally, the level of activity of your dog is another crucial aspect to consider. If your dog tends to get excited and destructive when left alone, a heavy duty crate may be the best option for keeping them safe and secure.

Heavy-duty dog crates are important because they provide a safe and secure place for dogs to rest, relax, and travel. They are typically made of stronger and more durable materials than standard crates, which makes them better suited for dogs that are prone to chewing, scratching, or escaping from their crates.

Yes, heavy-duty dog crates are generally more expensive than standard crates because they are made of higher quality materials and are designed to be more durable and long-lasting.

It depends on the specific crate and its design, but in general, heavy-duty dog crates may be slightly more difficult to assemble than standard crates because they often have more pieces and require more strength to put together.

The weight capacity of heavy-duty dog crates can vary widely depending on the specific crate and its design. Some heavy-duty crates can support dogs up to 100 pounds or more, while others may have lower weight limits.

Yes, heavy-duty dog crates can be used for training purposes. In fact, many trainers recommend using a heavy-duty crate for dogs that are prone to escaping or destroying their crates.

Yes, it is generally safe to leave a dog unattended in a heavy-duty crate, as long as the crate is properly secured and the dog has access to food, water, and a comfortable place to rest.

Heavy-duty dog crates are typically made of strong and durable materials like steel, aluminum, or reinforced plastic. Some may also feature additional reinforcement or coating to make them even more resistant to damage.

The lifespan of a heavy-duty dog crate can vary depending on the specific crate and its usage, but most high-quality heavy-duty crates should last for several years or even longer.

Yes, many heavy-duty dog crates are designed to meet airline regulations for pet travel. However, it’s important to check with the specific airline for their requirements and guidelines.

One way to prevent your pup from scratching the flooring underneath the crate is to place a mat or rug underneath the crate to provide a buffer. You can also try using furniture sliders or other protectors to prevent scratches.

It depends on the size of the crate and the size of your dogs. Some heavy-duty crates may be large enough to accommodate multiple dogs, but it’s important to make sure that each dog has enough space and that the crate is properly secured.

The warranty for heavy-duty dog crates can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific crate. Some may offer warranties for a few months or a year, while others may offer longer warranties.

The weight of a heavy-duty dog crate can vary widely depending on the specific crate and its materials. Some heavy-duty crates may weigh as little as 20-30 pounds, while others may weigh 100 pounds or more.

Yes, heavy-duty dog crates are generally more difficult to move than standard crates because they are heavier and more durable. However, many heavy-duty crates come with wheels or handles to make them easier to move when needed.

Yes, heavy-duty dog crates can be used for puppies, but it’s important to make sure that the crate is the right size for your puppy and that it is properly secured to prevent escapes or injuries.

To choose the right size crate for your dog, measure your dog from the tip of their nose to the base of their tail and add a few inches for extra room. The crate should be tall enough for your dog to stand up, wide enough for them to turn around, and long enough for them to lie down comfortably.

No, heavy-duty dog crates are suitable for any dog that needs extra durability and security. They can be particularly helpful for dogs that are prone to chewing, scratching, or escaping from their crates.

To make your dog feel more comfortable in a heavy-duty crate, provide plenty of soft bedding, toys, and treats. You can also cover the crate with a blanket or towel to create a cozy, den-like environment.

To prevent your dog from chewing on the crate’s bars, provide plenty of toys and chews to keep them occupied. You can also try covering the bars with a chew-proof coating or barrier.

Yes, heavy-duty dog crates can be used for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or picnicking. However, it’s important to make sure that the crate is properly secured and protected from the elements.

If you have a strong, energetic, or aggressive escape artist dog, investing in a heavy-duty dog crate may be necessary. These crates are designed to be much stronger and more durable than regular crates, making them ideal for dogs who are known to escape, chew through or break standard crates. Heavy-duty dog crates can also be a good option for dogs who are particularly anxious or stressed (suffering from separation anxiety), as they provide a safe and secure space for your pet to retreat to.

There are a few types of dog owners who should avoid purchasing a heavy-duty dog crate. Firstly, someone who does not have a lot of space in their home, apartment, or vehicle. Heavy-duty dog crates can take up a lot of space, so if you live in a small home or have a small vehicle, it might not be the best option for you. Secondly, someone who has a small dog that does not require much space to move around would find a heavy-duty crate overkill and a waste of money. Lastly, someone who does not have a lot of money to spend on a crate.

Invest in a heavy-duty dog crate that has sturdy locks. You can also train your dog to avoid escaping behavior.

The most common types of dog crates are heavy-duty dog crates, plastic portable dog crates, soft-sided dog playpens, folding wire dog crates, and fashion crates (also called furniture dog crates).

No, you should not put your dog in a crate for more than 6 hours a day. An adult dog can be crated for 6 hours but not puppies and older dogs; their crating time must be even shorter. It is not recommended to crate a dog for more than 6 hours. If you need to go somewhere and do not want to leave the dog open and unattended, dog-proof the room instead of crating.

Train your dog through rewards. When you see the dog chewing on its crate, say “No” assertively and give the dog a treat to chew on once it stops chewing the crate. Remember, rewarded behaviors are repeated behaviors.

Yes, heavy-duty dog crates are best for big and strong dogs, provided the selection has been made according to their size. Even smaller dogs can chew on standard wire crates, and a heavy-duty dog crate is a better option for any size or breed.

Yes, a good portable and compact heavy-duty dog crate can easily be placed at the back seat. Secure it with a belt, and you are good to go.

There are a few different ways that dogs typically escape standard crates. The first is by pushing or pulling the crate until it tips over. This can be particularly common with larger or stronger dogs. The second is by chewing through the crate walls or bars. This is more common with dogs who are anxious or stressed, as they may try to escape to find their owners. The third is by opening the door of the crate, which can be done if the latch is not secure enough.

When choosing a heavy-duty dog crate, size is an important consideration. You want to make sure that the crate is large enough for your dog to be comfortable, but not so large that they can easily escape. The best way to determine the right size crate for your dog is to measure them from nose to tail and from shoulder to floor. Once you have these measurements, you can consult a sizing chart to find the right size crate for your pet.

There are a few things to consider when determining if a dog crate is too big. Firstly, consider the size of the dog. The crate should be big enough for the dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. If the dog is able to stand up and turn around but not lie down, then the crate is too small. The second thing to consider is the dog’s activity level. If the dog is very active, they may need a larger crate so they can move around and not feel cramped. Finally, consider the dog’s behavior. If the dog is anxious or stressed, they may benefit from a larger crate that provides more space to move around.

Conclusion: Our Top Pick

Conclusion best flea collar for dogs (1)

Our top pick for an indestructible dog crate is the LuckUp Heavy-duty dog cage. Unlike some other dog crates, the LuckUp model includes a top door, feeding window, and a 3-year warranty, all at an affordable price.

With the LuckUp heavy-duty dog crate, you can provide your dog with a well-framed and sturdy home without breaking the bank. The 3-year warranty offered by the company also ensures customer satisfaction and adds credibility to the product.

Overall, the LuckUp heavy-duty dog crate has received positive customer reviews, making it a great choice for pet owners looking for a durable and affordable dog crate.


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