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Backpacking With Dogs [Tips And Ideas]

backpacking with dogs - camping with dogs
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    Traveling and backpacking with a dog? This is, in my opinion, the best activity you can do with your dog, Keep reading to discover the best things to do outdoors and my most recommended tips.

    If you are an adrenaline junkie, then you will know the joys that exploring new frontiers will bring to you.

    But instead of going around the trips by yourself, why not bring along your dog on your backpacking trip?

    The experience can be rewarding and refreshing for you and your dog, and it will really broaden your horizons and create new bonds between you and your beloved furry companion. And one such activity that you can try out is by backpacking with your dog.

    Road trips with your dog can be really amazing, and here are some suggested activities that you can do when you bring your dog along for your backpacking trips.

    Backpacking Ideas With Dogs :

    backpacking with dogs - camping with dogs (3)

    1. Hiking in the mountains

    Your dog is your best friend, and when bringing them along for a backpacking trip, one of the most natural activities that should come to your mind is to hike with them in the mountains.

    Imagine being able to view the vast horizons beyond the Grand Canyon, or to view the majestic water body at the Niagara Falls. The sight is too amazing, and let your friends envy while you take those Instagram-worthy pictures with the sights in the backdrop with your dog.

    If you have yet to try camping with your dog, you might want to do so when you are going on a trip with them. The experience can be really therapeutic, even for the dog.

    And while camping may seem passé, it will not be if you have an amazing view of the night sky. From viewing the Milky Way or even the famous northern lights, there are absolutely many reasons that are compelling enough to bring your dog for a backpacking trip.

    But backpacking through the mountains does require doing outdoor camping with your dog, and it is another amazing thing to do! Have you tried gazing the stars at night in a tranquil place with your dog before?

    “The feeling that you can get when you view the Milky Way with your dog while being in the mountain, is serene!”

    2. Outdoor barbeque with the dog While backpacking

    backpacking with dogs - camping with dogs (4)

    This can be done alongside the camping while backpacking across the country. You can do it the army way. Dig a hole in the ground, place your solid fuels and barbeque the food for you and your dog. Just remember to do this only at approved campsites, and make sure you douse the fire thereafter.

    3. Backpacking…and paragliding

    For the adrenaline junkies, you can always explore bringing your dog on a paragliding trip. Just ensure that you fix on a GoPro onto them as well as providing them with a good harness for paragliding.

    This is not suitable for timid dogs though. This is perhaps the most extreme of sports that you can do with your dog while backpacking

    4. Longer backpacking trips with your dog 

    backpacking with dogs - camping with dogs (2)

    If you are planning for a backpacking trip that is longer, say a few months or so, then you can really consider some adventurous activities. This includes going on extended trips to explore islands with your dogs.

    You should totally try island hopping as there are many activities that you and your dog can do while backpacking to the islands.

    You can bring your dog to the beach and, guess what, camp there too! Let your dog roam around on the sandy beaches while you conjure up a nice warm meal for your beloved furry friend.

    If your dog loves the sea, then another truly amazing experience that you and your dog can do is to swim in the sea too.

    You can spend some quality time in the sea with your dog while you kayak too. In some cases, the islands might have beautiful waves that you and dog can ride on. Dog surfing can be fun for them too.

    But before you go island hopping, you should always check if the island is pet-friendly. Not all islands accept pets on them.

    Backpack TIPS With Your Dog:

    backpacking with dogs - camping with dogs (1)

    While backpacking can be fun, there are still certain things that you will need to be mindful to ensure that the entire experience is an amazing one for your dog. 

    Tip 1: Find A Dog-Friendly Trail.

    Not all trails are dog-friendly. Trails that are used by heavy vehicles or other sporting events should not be recommended at all.  This is really because the trails are dangerous, or the soil has been loosened by the frequent activity. 

    Trails that are peppered with rocks should be avoided, as the terrain will cause irreversible damage to your dog’s legs. 

    A good dog-friendly trail should be shady and with a terrain covered with lots of leaves. This allows the adequate protection that your dog needs.

    Always check out the local listing for dog-friendly trails in order for a good and safe hike with your companion when you backpack with your dog.

    Tip 2: Ensure Adequate Necessities In Your Backpack 

    Never go hiking with your dog without basic necessities. There are several of these which are important, which includes:

    Dog’s medication: This will be important if your dog has an existing condition and needs constant medication. Bring along a first aid kit too. 

    Food and water bowl: While you should obviously bring adequate food supply, you should aim to bring along their regular food and water bowl too. 

    Adequate water supplies: Trust me, when it comes to backpacking, most owners negate the need to bring adequate water supply. This is indeed important as the dog and you will consume a huge amount of water during the backpacking trip. 

    Tent: Bring a tent that could fit you, your dog as well as your items!

    Safety light: This is just for emergency uses at night. 

    Dog coat and collar: The temperatures in the country can drop pretty drastically at night, and hence it might be good to bring along their coat in case the temperature gets too extreme for your dog. 

    Boots: While backpacking across the country, the terrain might get too testing for your dog. In this sense, it will be good to bring along their boots so that their paws are protected against the rough terrain.

    Satellite phone: If you are planning for an extended period backpacking trip with your dog, we strongly urge you to bring along a satellite phone if the area that you are going to has little mobile coverage. 

    Tip 3: Always Keep A Leash On

    This is one of the most important things to take note of when you bring your dog for backpacking trips.

    Often, owners tend to let the dog wander off on its own without a leash. This has in fact led to many unwanted mishaps. Without a leash, your dog can potentially slip off the edge of the trail, hence resulting in injuries or even death.

    You should tie the leash to yourself. This will help to ensure that your dog is properly anchored during the entire hiking experience.

    Of course, you should get yourself a pair of good trekking shoes too. It wouldn’t be of much help if your dog is anchored to you, but you do not have a stable footing!
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